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Social Insitutions, Culture & Behavior
The General Social Survey (GSS)
The GSS is an almost annual "omnibus," personal interview survey of U.S. households conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) since 1972. The GSS contains a standard 'core' of demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal questions, plus topics of special interest: respondent and parental characteristics; behavorial items such as group membership and voting; personal, psychological evaluations, happiness, misanthrophy, life satisfactions; and attitudinal questions on such public issues as abortions, crime and punishment, race relations, sex roles, and spending priorities. Many of the core questions have remain unchanged since 1972, or have been replicated in a rotation pattern, to facilitate time-trend studies. Modules have been concurrently fielded in many other countries since the mid-1980’s, see ISSP.

Do on-line analysis of the General Social Survey (GSS) with SDA. This link directs you to the SDA Archive, which includes a preliminary version of the GSS data through 2008 as well as earlier cumulative files.

Visit the official GSS web page to learn about other ways to access the GSS.

See what FiveThirtyEight has to say about the GSS.

Pew Internet & American Life Project- Data
Pew provides raw survey data to scholars for their own research, in the hopes that it will be useful in furthering our collective understanding about how Americans use the Internet. Recent surveys include questions about how people research, buy and evaluate products they purchase online; about the writing teens do for school and for personal enjoyment; teen and parent attitudes towards technology; attitudes towards technology and teen experiences online; about online video and how internet users are affected by spam email; about how individuals use the internet to search for health information and resources.

The Pew Hispanic Center - Datasets
The Pew Hispanic Center/Chronicling Latinos' Diverse experiences in a changing America. PHC regularly conducts public opinion surveys on: the patterns of Hispanic population growth and settlement across the United States; the wealth, well-being and wages of Latinos over time and in comparison to others; educational outcomes and the factors that produce them; identity attitudes; immigration; Hispanic's role in the labor force and the impact of business cycles on their employment and wages; political participation, views on policy issues and partisan loyalties; and remittances.

The Pew Research Center's Social & Demographic Trends Project - Datasets
This project studies behaviors and attitudes of Americans in key realms of their lives, including family, community, health, finance, work and leisure. The project explores these topics by combining original public opinion survey research with social, economic and demographic data analysis. The Pew Research Center's Social and Demographic Trends is pleased to provide raw data to scholars for their own research. Recent topics include: Mulism Americans; Marriage and Parenthood; Personal Finance and Social Trust; Work, Optimism and Cars; Diet, Gambling and Movies; and Family Bonds.

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