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Activity Pattern Survey of California Residents, 1987-1988

The 1987-88 Activity Pattern Survey of California Residents was designed to measure exposure to airborne toxics in the home and the workplace and to obtain information about the respondents' opinions and behavior. The survey was funded by the Air Resources Board of the State of California. The Survey Research Center of the University of California, Berkeley, contracted to design a sample of households, assist in questionnaire construction, conduct the interviewing, and prepare the data for analysis. Non-metropolitan areas were oversampled, in order to cover as wide a range of climatic zones as possible.

One dataset (with PDF codebook) contains the main interview dataset, which includes a large number of variables that summarize for each adult and youth respondent the minutes spent on activities reported in a 24 hour activity diary. A separate dataset (with PDF codebook) contains the original 37,160 detailed records of individual activities reported in the 24 hour activity diaries.

Dataset Description:

Observations 1579 Households
Sample Random Digit Telephone Sample of the State of California
Source Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
Data Collection Period October 17, 1987 to October 6, 1988


Codebook for Diary Data (PDF)
Codebook for Main Interview Data (PDF)


Diary Data (ASCII)
Main Interview Data (ASCII)
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