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Federal Judicial Center
Here you will find the Federal Judges Biographical Database. Users can create customized lists of judges based on multiple categories, including nominating president, type of court, dates of service, and demographic groups.

Bureau of Justice Statistics, Department of Justice
Crime & Justice Electronic Data spreadsheets found here are intended for analytic use and include crime, justice and sociodemographic variables. These often contain data over time and by jurisdiction.

National Juvenile Court Data Archive
The National Juvenile Court Data Archive (Archive) houses the automated records of cases handled by courts with juvenile jurisdiction. The Archive was established by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, within the U.S. Department of Justice, to promote access to automated juvenile court data sets for juvenile justice research and policymaking efforts. This web site was developed to inform researchers about the available data sets and the procedures for use and access.

State Supreme Court Data Project
The State Supreme Court data base contains information on State Supreme Court decisions in all fifty states during their 1995 through 1998 sessions. This archive contains 21,000 decisions reached by over 400 state supreme court justices seated during those years.

U.S. Supreme Court Datasets
Datasets for the U.S. Supreme Court, compiled by Harold J. Spaeth, include five sets of variables that bear on the vote and opinion data that the specific dataset contains: identification, background, chronological, substantive, and outcome.
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