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Susan Ayasse Grand
Current Position:
    Research Data Archivist

Academic Degrees:
    University of California at Berkeley: M.A. Demography
    University of Massachusetts: B.S. Mathematics

Research Interests:
    Welfare Policy, Administrative Data Systems, Delivery of Data Services

Susan Grand joined UC DATA in 1993. She worked with the California Department of Social Services, the Joint Center for Poverty Research, the Child Welfare Research Center at UC Berkeley, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation. Ms. Grand was responsible for two large statewide samples of public assistance recipients, each containing over a million observations, constructed of data from the Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System (MEDS). This was part of the California Work Pays Demonstration Project, a effort of the State of California to determine the effects of changes in AFDC (now TANF) regulations.

During a several year hiatus from the University, Ms. Grand, in addition to raising two kids, provided consulting services in survey development, data collection, project management, community organizing, and strategic planning.

Since returning to UC DATA in 2007, Ms. Grand has been working with UC DATA's Director of Archive Services, Dr. Jon Stiles, on the archive's mission to deliver social science data. Ms. Grand and Dr. Stiles are working to assess the data support needs and resources of a broad range of academic and research departments across the UC Berkeley campus. Ms. Grand is updating the web site. If you have any comments or suggestions about this web site please send email directly to Susan Grand.
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