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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1946-1954

Field Poll Press Releases 1946-1954

12/28/1946 || California Poll's First Report Will Deal With State Taxes
01/04/1947 || Would Pay More Tax For Better Highways Californians Say
01/11/1947 || No State Bonus At Present Time Californians Say
01/18/1947 || Warren Leads Presidential Candidates In This State
01/25/1947 || California Citizens Oppose Easier Divorce Requirements
02/01/1947 || Compulsory Food Sale By Bars Does Not Have Public Support
02/08/1947 || Most California Voters Okay 15 Pct. Boost In Rent Ceilings
02/15/1947 || Public, Union Members Vote For Outlawing Closed Shop
03/01/1947 || Law Enforcement, Better Roads Accident Cure, Citizens Say
03/08/1947 || Majority Of Citizens Support Gov. Warren's Health Program
03/15/1947 || Keep Closing Bars, Night Clubs At Midnight, Californians Say
03/22/1947 || One Out Of Three Consider Communism Problem Serious
03/29/1947 || Race Track Revenues Should Go To State, Citizens Say
04/05/1947 || Public Says Parking Problem Serious Throughout State
04/12/1947 || Almost 50 Pct. Of Families Say Present Homes Unsatisfactory
04/19/1947 || Collier Bill Gas Tax Boost Does Not Have Public Support
04/26/1947 || Greek-Turkish Loan Endorsed By Majority Of Californians
05/03/1947 || Daylight Saving Time Favored By Majority Of Californians
05/31/1947 || Motorists In This State Approve Of Parking Meters
06/07/1947 || Legalize And Tax Bookmaking, Majority Of Californians Say
06/14/1947 || Overwhelming Public Support For Old Age Benefit Increase
06/21/1947 || National Divorce Law Wins Support Of California Public
06/28/1947 || Public Sentiment Opposes Prohibition For California
07/05/1947 || Baseball Fans Vote 10-1 For Major League Teams On Coast
07/12/1947 || Only 16 Pct. Of Public Think Legislature Did Good Job
07/19/1947 || Truman, Dewey In Lead For 1948 Presidential Race
07/26/1947 || San Francisco And ,Mountains Lead As Vacation Retreats
08/02/1947 || Californians Not Anticipating Any Local Gasoline Shortage
08/09/1947 || Public Approves Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance
08/16/1947 || Two-Thirds Of Voters Declare Governor Has Done Good Job
08/23/1947 || Most Californians Unaware Of Discrimination Against West
08/30/1947 || Third Party Strength In State Not Serious Threat For 1948
09/06/1947 || Home Building Not Fast Enough To Satisfy Most Californians
09/15/1947 || Public Want More Emphasis On 3 R's For Better Education
09/20/1947 || High Prices Blamed On Public, Business, Gov't., War, Labor
09/27/1947 || Jobs Getting Harder To Find In California Says Public
10/04/1947 || Un-American Ideas Are Taught In Schools, Some People Say
10/11/1947 || Majority Of Both Sexes Dislike New Styles In Women's Clothes
10/18/1947 || California Majority Apathetic Toward Taft-Hartley Law
10/25/1947 || Credit Control Lifting Viewed As Good, Bad By Californians
11/01/1947 || Housekeeping More Important Than Beauty, Say Husbands
11/08/1947 || Californians Anticipate War With Russia Before 10 Years
11/15/1947 || Warren, Eisenhower Leading '48 Presidential Candidates
11/28/1947 || Californians Would Like To Raise Larger Families
11/29/1947 || Housing Shortage, High Prices Biggest Problems In California
12/06/1947 || Public Favors Strengthening Armed Forces, Survey Shows
12/13/1947 || Eisenhower, Truman Lead In Statewide Popularity Poll
01/07/1948 || Parking Solution City Responsibility, Says Public
01/10/1948 || Public Shows Tendency To Disapprove Of Today's Films
01/12/1948 || Ingrid Bergman And Clark Gable Leading In Popularity Poll
02/24/1948 || Marshall Is Man Of The Year With Californians, Polls Shows
02/31/1948 || Californians Uncertain About Palestine Dispute, Polls Shows
02/07/1948 || Public Wants Fast Government Action To Curb High Prices
02/14/1948 || Public Votes To Lower Income Tax By Two- Thirds Majority
02/21/1948 || Keep Rent Control, Don't Change The Law, Says Public
02/28/1948 || Bar Women From Bars And Nightclubs, Says Public
03/06/1948 || Truman, Warren Hold Lead In 1948 Presidential Race
03/18/1948 || Public Against General Wage Boost, Fear Higher Prices
03/20/1948 || Californians More Favorable Toward Vet Bonus, Poll Shows
03/27/1948 || Californians Ready To Back Alaska, Hawaii Statehood
04/03/1948 || Stassen Campaign Gaining With California Republicans
04/10/1948 || Macarthur Campaign Hope Still Hold In California
04/17/1948 || Dewey Making Slight Gain Among California Voters
05/01/1948 || Warren Outruns All Opponents In Pre-Election "Trial Heat"
03/08/1948 || Taft Lags Far Behind Truman In Pre-Election Vote Contest
05/15/1948 || United Nations Organization Has Poor Record, Public Says
05/22/1948 || Public Reveals Confidence In News Reporting Accuracy
05/29/1948 || Wallace Campaign Still Same After Nine Months, Poll Shows
06/05/1948 || Truman Faces Uphill Fight To Hold California Votes
06/12/1948 || Importance Of Veteran Vote Analyzed For 1948 Campaign
06/19/1948 || Dewey First 'Choice, Warren Second, Say State Republicans
06/26/1948 || Vacation Plans Show Caution In Spending, Survey Reveals
07/03/1948 || California Public Against Peacetime Draft, Want Universal Military Training Instead
07/10/1948 || California Democrats Name President Truman As Party's Strongest Hope For 1948 Campaign
07/17/1948 || Civil Rights Splits State Democrats, Wide Sympathy For South Revealed
07/24/1948 || Peace Talks Between Truman And Stalin Get Strong Approval From Californians
07/31/1948 || Higher Living Costs Expected By Most Of State 'S Citizens
08/07/1948 || Third World War Coming Before Ten Years, Peace For At Least One Year, Public Says
08/21/1948 || Dewey-Warren Ticket Takes Lead Over Truman As Democratic Strength Wanes In California
08/28/1948 || Men, Not Issues, Attracting Votes In 1948 Campaign, Survey Shows
10/09/1948 || Californians Back U. S. Remaining In Berlin
10/14/1948 || Public Favors Tougher Action In Spy Hearings, Poll Shows
10/21/1948 || Voters Want Taft Law Continued, Issue Losing Force In Campaign
10/23/1948 || Voters Want Taft-Hartley Continued, Polls Says
11/04/1948 || Public Sees Fire Through Smoke Of Howser-Crime Commission Feud
11/11/1948 || Comic Books Okay For Children Most Fathers And Mothers Say
11/18/1948 || War With Russia Anticipated Before Ten Years, Poll Shows
11/25/1948 || Public Favors Dropping Daylight Saving Time
12/09/1948 || Drivers Bare Bad Record On Highway, Poll Shows
12/16/1948 || Women Don't Like Men Who Wear Mustaches
12/23/1948 || Truman, Marshall Head List Of Choices For Man 'Of Year
01/06/1949 || Truman Campaign Promises Bad Minor Effect On Voters
07/07/1949 || Fear Of War Remains High
01/11/1951 || Californians Evenly Divided On Troops In Korea
01/18/1951 || All Out War With Russia Close At Hand, Public Fears
01/25/1951 || Wage Price Freeze Strongly Approved By Majority Of Californians
02/01/1951 || Truman Administration Doing Poor Job, Large Group Of Californians Say
02/08/1951 || Acheson Should Be Replaced Say Majority Of Californian In Poll
02/22/1951 || Small Majority Favor Continuance Of Cross-Filing Primary Elections
03/01/1951 || Californians Split Evenly On Dropping A-Bomb In Korea
03/08/1951 || Sentiment In California Is Against Lowering Draft Age
03/15/1951 || Californians Think West Coast Cities More Likely Bomb Targets
03/22/1951 || Most Californians Say They Are Willing To Serve In Civilian Defense Program
03/29/1951 || Majority Of Californians Against Moving Into North Korea
04/12/1951 || Statehood For Hawaii And Alaska Overwhelmingly Endorsed By Californians
04/19/1951 || Artie Samish Not Known To 4 Out Of 10 Californians
04/26/1951 || Rank And File Californians In Favor Of Loyalty Oath
08/07/1952 || Eisenhower Takes Lead Over Stevenson In First Test Of Strength In California
08/14/1952 || Select Candidates By Nationwide Primary Instead Of Political Conventions, Say Californians
08/21/1952 || International Issues Most Important To Californians; Economic Problems Second, California Poll Finds
08/28/1952 || Democratic Party Is Believed Is Be Better Party For Peopled In Most Kinds Of Work
09/04/1952 || Protect Job Seekers Of All Races With Anti•Discrimination Legislation Say Majority Of Californians
09/11/1952 || Sentiment In California Running In Favor Of State Control Of Tidelands
09/18/1952 || Taft-Hartley Sentiment Almost• Evenly Divided; A Few More Approve Of The Law Than Disapprove
09/25/1952 || General Eisenhower Continues To Hold Substantial Lead Over Governor Stevenson
10/02/1952 || Nixon “Clean” As A Hound's Tooth In The Eyes Of Most Californians
10/09/1952 || Eisenhower Maintaining Lead In State, California Poll Finds
10/16/1952 || Taft Helps Ike More Than Truman Helps Stevenson, Californians Say
10/23/1952 || California Poll Finds Stevenson Gaining In State's Urban Centers
10/30/1952 || Eisenhower Still Leads Undecided Voters Hold Key To Ike Landslide At One Extreme Or Close Win For Stevenson At The Other
11/03/1952 || Adlai On Crest Of Trend, Even With Ike; Toss-Up For State's 32 Electoral Votes
11/13/1952 || California Poll Analyzes State Voting Pattern Of Eisenhower Sweep
11/20/1952 || Make Electoral College Presidential Vote Proportionate To Popular Vote Say Californians
11/27/1952 || Thanksgiving 1952: Californians Thankful For Health And Happiness Majority Have Turkey On Dinner Table.
12/04/1952 || California Public Approves Of Ike's Trip To Korea, Poll Finds
12/11/1952 || Present Length Of Lame Duck Period All Right With Californians
12/18/1952 || Typical California Family Spends $75 To $100 On Christmas
12/25/1952 || California Poll Reports On Christmas Customs And Traditions
01/01/1953 || New Year's Celebration At Home Favored :By Most Californians
09/23/1954 || Voters Gives Knight Edge Over Graves In Early Stages Of Campaign
09/30/1954 || Kuchel And Yorty Deadlocked In Tight Race For Senator
10/15/1954 || Democrats Show Gains In State Congressional Races
10/29/1954 || Latest Survey Shows Knight Position Secure
10/31/1954 || California Poll…Kuchel Leads Yorty
11/18/1954 || Pre-Election Reports Good Barometers Of Voter Sentiment
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