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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1955-1960

Field Poll Press Releases 1955-1960

02/24/1955 || Californians Favor Use Of Reserve Funds To Meet Any Budget Deficit, But Approve Cigarette Tax If Needed

03/24/1955 || Teach Facts Of Communism In Colleges And High Schools Majority Of Californians Say

04/07/1955 || California's Political Scoreboard Eisenhower And Knight Lead In Public Approval. Strongest Disapproval Expressed Of Job Nixon And Knowland Are Doing

11/10/1955 || Warren And Stevenson Strongest Candidates For 1956 Cross Section Of California Public Says

11/17/1955 || Poll Shows Warren Only One Of California's Native Son Candidates Who Could Carry State Agaitlst Leading Democratic Contenders If Presidential Election Were Held Today

12/08/1955 || Free Versus "Fee" TV Poll Finds Weight Of Sentiment In California Is Against Idea Of "Pay-As-You-See" Television

01/06/1956 || San Francisco To Los Angeles Idea Of State Toll Road Gets Mixed Reception Among Californians

03/05/1956 || The California Poll Tests Voter Sentiment The Public Appraises Nixon's Role As A Vice Presidential Candidate: Also Indicates That Stevenson And Kefauver Are Strongest Democrats But Eisenhower Still Commands Majority Voter Support

03/29/1956 || Kuchel Leads Both Yody And Richards For United State. Senator In First Test Of Strength

05/04/1956 || Party Members Speak Out On Issues Peace, Prosperity, Personality Best Campaign Points Say Republicans. Democrats Offer Farm Issues, Help For The "Little Man", And Ike's Health As Vote. Getting Issues.

05/24/1956 || Latest Word On Important California Primary " Kefauver Showing Strength But Stevenson Still Has Edge For The State's Delegates To Democratic National Convention

06/08/1956 || Early Test Of Strength Despite Landslide Primary Victory Stevenson Still Trails Eisenhower In Voter Favor

08/02/1956 || Capital Punishment:Pro And Con Weight Of Opinion Among California Public Favors Retention Of Death Penalty

08/30/1956 || Do Political' Party Conventions Change Votes? Post-Convention Survey By California Poll Finds Few Votes Changed But High Degree Of Exposure To Conventions On TV, Radio, And Newspapers

09/20/1956 || Presidential Race Narrows: Eisenhower Top Choice Of Voters But Edge Over Stevenson Is Smaller Than At This Time In 1952

09/27/1956 || Ike’s Health…. Poll Finds Health Issue Is An Important Factor Among Key Groups Of Voters

10/11/1956 || The Senatorial Race: Kuchel Still Leads Richards By Narrow Margin As Final Month Of Campaign Begins

10/28/1956 || Presidential Race: Eisenhower. Nixon Still Lead Stevenson.Kefauverin California. But Margin Has Been Narrowed

11/01/1956 || Ladies Like Ike: Presidential Election Toss-Up Among Male Voters But Big Eisenhower-Nixon Edge Among Women Provides Overall Edge For Republican Candidates

11/05/1956 || Final Pre-Election Survey Eisenhower-Nixon Ticket Well Ahead Of Stevenson-Kefauver Kuchel Maintains Slim Lead Over Richards Undecided Voters Hold Key Voter Sentiment Running Strongly Against Proposition 4

12/13/1956 || Election Returns Confirm Value Of Pre-Election Polls As Opinion -Measuring Technique

02/14/1957 || The Gubernatorial Race: Trial Heat Shows Knight, Knowland Have Edge Over Brown For Governorship At This Time

02/28/1957 || Senatorial Race: Democrats Show Early Lead In Test Of Strength Among Possible Contenders For Senate Seat In 1958

09/19/1957 || Gubernatorial Race: Knowland Gains Edge Over Knight In Nip•And•Tuck Nomination Battle For Governor

09/26/1957 || Senatorial Race: Wide Open Race In Prospect As Candidates Jockey For Position In Early Stages Of Campaigning

10/03/1957 || Westward Ho The Major Leagues : Poll Finds Lots Of Support For Major League Baseball In The West

11/14/1957 || California Senatorial Race Democrats Have Good Chance To Capture U. S. Senate Seat Next November

11/20/1957 || California Governor Race Dramatic Shift In Gubernatorial Standings As Brown Assumes Lead Over Knowland

11/27/1957 || Attorney-General Race Democrats Mosk and McCarthy Lead In Early Stages Of-Race For Top State Law Enforcement Post

12/04/1957 || Right To Work" Issue Controversial Measure Has Slight Edge In Public Sentiment At This Time --Only Minority Have Clear Idea Of Issues At Stake

03/12/1958 || U S. Senatorial Race Knight Maintaining Strong Lead Over Christopher Among Republicans Engle Continues To Hold Slight Edge Over Knight Among All Voters

03/19/1958 || California Governor Race 'Brown Holding On To Substantial Lead Over Knowland

03/26/1958 || Attorney General Contest McCarthy And Hillings Lead In The Race For Nomination; Democrats Have Edge In General Election Race

04/02/1958 || Right-To-Work 'Issue: "Right-To-Work" Law Presently Favored By Narrow Margin

05/15/1958 || The Gubernatorial Race Brown Leads Knowland In Governor Race

05/20/1958 || Knight Maintains Lead Over Christopher For Republican Nomination: Democrat Engle Still Running Ahead Of Both Republicans

05/22/1958 || Attorney General Race McCarthy Leads Most For Democratic Nomination; Hillings Over Weinberger For Republicans -Democrats Hold Edge In General Election Race

05/28/1958 || "Right-To-Work Issue: Controversial Measure Continues To Divide Public Opinion In State

06/11/1958 || Post-Primary Election analysis "Democratic Tide" Revealed Pre-Election Surveys Shows Itself Clearly In Primary Election Returns

07/22/1958 || California Pubic Favors Statehood For Hawaii And A Traditional Design For New "Old Glory"

07/29/1958 || Senatorial Race Democratic Tide Continues To Roll As Engle Maintains Margin Over Knight

08/05/1958 || Gubernatorial Race Latest Survey Of Public Sentiment Shows Brown Increasing Lead Over Knowland

08/13/1958 || Attorney-General Race Mosk Heads Hilling sin Attorney general Race -Democrats Could' Make Clean Sweep Of Major State Offices In November

08/20/1958 || "Right-To-Work" Measure Weight Of Public Opinion Today Favors "No" Vote On Controversial Proposition 18

09/18/1958 || Gubernatorial Race Brown Maintains Majority Vote Over Knowland As Campaign Tempo Increases

09/24/1958 || Senatorial Race Engle Still Holds Lead Over Knight-Undecided Voters Hold Key To Victory At This Point

09/25/1958 || Right-To-Work Measure Latest Survey Shows Growing Sentiment On "No" Side Of Proposition 18

10/01/1958 || Propositions No. 16 And No. 17 Statewide Poll Shows Sentiment Today Favoring Defeat Of Religious School Tax Measure Sales And Income Tax Proposition Vote A Standoff

10/02/1958 || Attorney-General Race Mosk Retains Wide Lead Over Hillings --Large "Undecided Bloc As Campaign Swings Into Final Weeks

10/16/1958 || The Gubernatorial Race Brown Holds Strong Lead Over Knowland As Election Nears

10/17/1958 || Senatorial Race Engle Strengthens Lead Over Knight As Senatorial Race Enters Final Weeks

10/22/1958 || "Right-To-Work" Measure Trend Against Passage Of Proposition 18 Continues To Mount

10/23/1958 || Propositions No. 16 And No. 17 Latest Poll Reveals Upsurge Of Opposition To Sales And Income Tax Measure--Growing majority Vetoes Religious School Tax

10/24/1958 || Attorney-General Race Mosk Maintains Substantial Lead Over Hillings In Race For State's Top Legal Post

10/29/1958 || Gubernatorial Race Brown Maintains Commanding Lead Over Knowland As Election Day Approaches

10/30/1958 || Senatorial Race Engle Still Has Over All Lead But Knight Gaining In Southern California

10/31/1958 || Attorney-General Race . . Mosk Has Decisive Lead Over Hillings --Democratic Victory Seems Likely In Contest For State’s Top Legal Post

11/03/1958 || Pre-Election Poll Roundup Democrats Are Strong Bet To Sweep Governor, Senator, And Attorney-General Races --Big “Big” Vote Indicated For Propositions 16, 17, And 18

11/13/1958 || Post-Election Analysis California Poll Analyzes Vote Trend In Democratic Sweep Of State Offices: Summarizes Pattern In Defeat Of Propositions 16, 17, And 18

11/13/1958 || Field Work Pays Off Director Of California Poll Announces Important New Staff Addition

02/24/1959 || Capital Punishment Majority Of Public Favor Retention Of Death Penalty Despite State Officials' Support For Moratorium

02/26/1959 || Divide The Golden State? Californians--North And South -Overwhelmingly Reject Notion Of Division As Solution To State's Problems

03/03/1959 || 1960 Presidential Timber California Republicans Favor Nixon As 1960 Candidate: Democrats Divided At This Stage With Stevenson, Kennedy Leading

03/05/1959 || Presidential Trial Heats Kennedy And Rockefeller Show Strength In Early Tests Of Presidential Candidate Popularity In California

03/10/1959 || Voter Turnout Despite Poor U.S. And California Voter Turnout Record In Elections, Most Californians Reject Idea of Changing Vote Day From Tuesday To Sunday


04/02/1959 || “ Play Ball” Baseball Interest In California Reaches New High

04/08/1959 || Fepc Law …California Public Favors Law To Prevent Discrimination In Hiring Because Of Race, Religion, Or Color

04/16/1959 || Today's Small Car Boom: Interest In Small cars High Among Californians

06/03/1959 || Republican Presidential Nominees: Nixon Gains In Favor Among California Republican Rank And File As Strongest Candidate For 1960

06/04/1959 || Democratic Presidential Hopefuls; Kennedy Gains Strength Along California's Democrats As Candidate Most Likely To Win For'rhem --Stevenson Still Also Leads In Popularity

06/09/1959 || Trail Heats…Kennedy And Stevenson Lead In Statewide Popularity For Presidency Over Nixon And Rockefeller

06/11/1959 || Brown Receives Vote Of Confidence From Public, But Many Have Formed No Opinion

06/16/1959 || Kuchel And Engle Get Approval From Most Californians Who Have An Opinion Although Majority Of Public Withhold Judgment' At This Time

09/22/1959 || Nixon Remains The Favorite For Presidential Nomination Among Rank And File California Republicans

09/24/1959 || Kennedy Strongest Candidate, Stevenson Most Popular, Brown Important Contender Say California Democrats

09/29/1959 || Nixon Pulls Ahead Of Stevenson And Kennedy In Statewide Popularity

10/01/1959 || Nixon-Rockefeller Ticket Favored Among California Voters For President, Vice-President In 1960

03/15/1960 || Nixon Popularity Slipping As Stevenson And Kennedy Lead Vice-President In Trial Heats

05/19/1960 || Stevenson Continues To Lead Nixon In California Presidential Race

09/06/1960 || Nixon Takes Lead In California Voter Popularity

09/08/1960 || Republican Vote Intentions Firm Today --Democrats Less Sure

09/12/1960 || Amid Increasing Controversy, Majority Of State's Voters Still Favor Water Plan Bond Issue: One In Four Undecided

09/06/1960 || Opinion Still Largely Unformed On State Senate Reapportionment Proposition --Balance In Favor At This Time

09/06/1960 || Lodge Lends Greater Strength To GOP Ticket In California Than Johnson Brings To Demos

09/06/1960 || National Defense Seen As Most Vital Election Issue By Californians Of Both Parties

09/21/1960 || Nixon Would Handle Foreign Affairs Better Than Kennedy Say Majority Of Californians

09/23/1960 || Public Rates Both Nixon And Kennedy High On Intelligence, Sincerity And Idealism. Kennedy Has Greater Warmth--Nixon More Experience

09/28/1960 || California Democratic And Republican Party Members Compared

10/03/1960 || First Nixon-Kennedy Debate Seen By Two-Thirds Of California Electorate: Viewers Give Kennedy Edge In Favorable Impression

10/05/1960 || Kennedy And Nixon In Virtual Deadlock Among California Voters

10/31/1960 || Kennedy Holds Narrow Lead In California As Campaign Enters Final Stages

11/01/1960 || Religious Issue Has A Pronounced Effect On Presidential Race In California

11/07/1960 || Plurality Of Voters Still Favor Passage Of Propositions 1 And 15 But Large Segments Of Public Will Be Making Late Hour Decision

11/07/1960 || Kennedy Has Edge In Latest Poll -Late Trend Could Result In Democratic Landslide Or Close Republican Margin If Nixon Support Surges In Closing Days"

11/25/1960 || Pre-Election Poll Results Very Close As California Swings To Nixon On Absentee
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