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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1961-1963

Field Poll Press Releases 1961-1963

10/12/1961 || Nixon Dominates Republican Preferences For Governor: Brown Challenged By McCarthy In Democratic Voter Choices Today

10/13/1961 || Nixon, Knight Both Lead Brown In Early Test Of Voter Popularity"

10/18/1961 || Large Number Of Californians Still Feel Nixon May Run In 1964

10/20/1961 || California Public Opinion Sharply Divided Over Job Brown Is Doing As Governor

10/25/1961 || President Kennedy's Popularity Still High In California But Signs Of Growing Criticism Visible"

10/27/1961 || Majority Of Californians Do Not Expect All-Out War In Near Future Although Many Expect To Be In Target Area If It Should Occur

11/02/1961 || Poll Finds California Public With Some Doubts About Fallout Shelters But Preferring Community Over Private Types'. Few Have Taken Any Preparedness Steps So Far

02/12/1962 || Brown's Voter Image Improving

02/13/1962 || California Republicans Continue To Favor Nixon By Wide Margin In Race For Gubernatorial Nomination

02/14/1962 || Brown Gains On Nixon In Latest Poll Of Public Opinion'

02/15/1962 || Public Today Has Doubts About Nixon's Plans In 1964 Which Could Affect His Chances In 1962

02/16/1962 || Poll Finds John Birch Society Support A Liability To Gubernatorial Candidates

02/17/1962 || Public Rates Performance Of California's U.S. Senators And Attorney-General Favorably In Poll

02/20/1962 || California Republicans Favor Christopher For Lt. Governor Nomination At This Time

02/21/1962 || Kuchel Leads Richards In Race For U.S. Senate Seat

02/22/1962 || Poll Shows Christopher L:Lading Anderson For Lt. Governor Post

02/23/1962 || Early Trial Heats Show Mosk Leads Republican Contenders For Attorney general Post

02/27/1962 || President Kennedy's Performance Rates High With Majority Of Californians But Slow Drop In Favorable Rating Continues

03/01/1962 || Nixon Still Top Choice Of California Republican's Statewide For President In 1964 -Goldwater Strong

04/09/1962 || Shell Narrows Gap But Nixon Still Maintains Commanding Lead For Republican Gubernatorial Nomination

04/10/1962 || Brown Edges Nixon For First Time Since Start Of Campaign

04/12/1962 || Kuchel Maintaining Wide Margin Over Wright And Jarvis For Senate Nomination

04/16/1962 || Kuchel Leads Richards For U.S. Senate Seat

04/18/1962 || 'George Christopher Leads Republican Preferences For Lt. Governor Nomination: Also Leads In Test Match Against Anderson At This Time"

07/23/1962 || 'Latest Poll Finds Brown Popularity Level Only Slightly Improved. Kennedy Standing Has Dropped But Still Remains High"

07/24/1962 || Brown Maintains Slight Lead Over Nixon In Latest California Poll Survey

07/25/1962 || Brown And Nixon Both Face Problems Following Primary Race Results

07/26/1962 || Richards Runs Neck-And-Neck With Kuchel In Race For U. S. Senate Seat

07/27/1962 || Anderson Takes Lead Over Christopher In Lt. Governor Poll

07/30/1962 || Mosk Leads Coakley By A Two To One Margin

07/31/1962 || Richardson Leads Rafferty At This Time For Superintendent Of Public Instruction Office

08/02/1962 || South Favors Reapportionment But North Opposes It"

08/06/1962 || Brown's Image With Voters Assessed"

08/07/1962 || Poll Highlights Public Image Of Nixon"

08/14/1962 || Preview Of 1964: Shell Trails Engle In Trial Heat For Senate Seat"

09/26/1962 || Public Interest High In Brown-Nixon Debate -Feels Nixon Would Do Better Than Brown"

09/27/1962 || Brown Leads Nixon In Latest Statewide Survey Of Voter Opinion"

09/28/1962 || Christopher Takes Lead In See-Saw Lt. Governor Race

10/01/1962 || Kuchel Tops Richards In Statewide Test Of Strength"

10/02/1962 || Attorney General Race Narrows But Mosk Still Has Big Edge"

10/03/1962 || Richardson, Rafferty In Neck And Neck Race For State's Top Education Post: Large Undecided Group Holds Key"

10/04/1962 || Reapportionment Continues To Have Majority Voter Support -Opposition Declines

10/05/1962 || Francis Amendment Has Big Lead In Voter Favor At This Time"

10/08/1962 || Cross-Filing Return Favored By Many In California Today"

10/18/1962 || Brown-Nixon "Debate Reached A Majority Of Voters. More Give Edge To Nixon"

10/19/1962 || Nixon Gains On Brown. Gubernatorial Race A Standoff Today

10/22/1962 || Kuchel Maintains Lead Over Richards In Senate Race

10/23/1962 || Christopher And Anderson Still Closely Matched In Lt. Governor Race

10/24/1962 || Mosk Keeps Large Lead Over Coakley For Attorney-General

10/25/1962 || Richardson Has Slight Edge Over Rafferty In State School Superintendent Race --Many Voters Still Undecided At This Time

11/05/1962 || Brown Leading Nixon In Poll Completed Five Days Before Election

11/05/1962 || Kuchel Tops Richards In Contest For U. S. Senate Seat

11/05/1962 || Lt. Governor Race A Toss-Up In Final Week

11/05/1962 || Mosk Has Big Lead In Attorney-General Race

11/05/1962 || School Superintendent Race Very Close With One-Third Of Voters Undecided

11/05/1962 || Reapportionment Has Plurality In Favor. Wide Sectional Differences In Vote. Undecided Group Still Very Large

11/05/1962 || Proposition 24 Ahead, But More Voter Information In Closing Days Could Change Balance

03/19/1963 || Majority Of California Public Still Favors Death Sentence But Public Evenly Divided On Governor's Moratorium Proposal

03/21/1963 || California Public Opposes Sunday Closing Measure

03/26/1963 || Majority Oppose Political Party Identification For Local Offices, Poll Finds'

03/28/1963 || Engle Runs Ahead Of All :Major Republican Challengers For Senate Seat At This Time

04/05/1963 || California Public Favors Banning Billboards On Interstate Highways

07/29/1963 || Goldwater First Choice Of California Republicans

07/30/1963 || Kennedy Tops All Republican Contenders For 1964 By Wide Margin: Goldwater Gains While Rockefeller Slips In Voters Favor

08/02/1963 || Engle Still Leads In Trial Heats For Senate Seat; Knowland And Christopher Strongest Republicans

08/07/1963 || Majority Of Californians Not Aware Of Denial Of Job Opportunities To Negroes, But Many Would Approve Of Extra Job Training For Minorities

08/08/1963 || Majority In California Approve Anti-Discrimination Law But Feel Negro Leaders Pushing Too Hard

08/21/1963 || State Lottery Seen As Good Idea By Majority Of Californians

10/08/1963 || Public Supports View That One U. S. Senator Should Come From North And One From South, But Has Little Knowledge Of Geographic Origins Of Present Office Holders

10/09/1963 || Mosk Leading Public Choice Today To Fill Senate Seat If Engle Decides To Resign

10/10/1963 || Shell Strongest Republican Contender For Republican Senatorial Nomination At This Time. Christopher A Close Second

10/11/1963 || Mosk Makes Best Showing Against Republican Contenders For Senate Seat If Engle Resigns

10/14/1963 || Goldwater Still First Choice Of California GOP Members, But Rockefeller Narrows Gap Slightly

10/15/1963 || Kennedy's Job As President Rated Less Favorably Today. Gov. Brown's Standing Unchanged"

10/17/1963 || Kennedy's Lead Narrows Slightly Over Goldwater And Rockefeller"

10/28/1963 || California Public Assesses Role Of U. So Senator: He Should Think For Himself, He Should Put Emphasis On National Over State Welfare, And He Should Spend Limited Time On Foreign Affairs"

12/05/1963 || Majority Of California Public Feels Senator Engle Should Wait And See If He Can Resume His Seat

12/06/1963 || Christopher And Still Top Choices Of Republicans For Senate Race. Mosk And Engle Lead Democrat Choices

12/20/1963 || Engle And Mosk Top Leading Republican Contenders In Trial Heats For U.S. Senate Seat

12/24/1963 || Public Favors Retention Of 2/3 Majority Vote To Pass Local Bond Issues"
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