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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1964-1966

Field Poll Press Releases 1964-1966
01/17/1964 || Republican Presidential Race Wide Open In California -Goldwater And Nixon Leading
01/20/1964 || Bobby Kennedy And Adlai Stevenson Lead In Democratic Vice Presidential Popularity
01/22/1964 || Rumford 'Fair Housing' Act, Etc.
01/24/1964 || Mosk Gains In Voter Popularity For Democratic Senate Nomination
01/27/1964 || Christopher Leads Race For G.O.P. Senate Nomination
01/29/1964 || Mosk Leads All Republican In Senate Race 'Trial Heats'
01/31/1964 || Johnson Sweeps State Today, Lodge And Nixon Make Strongest Republican Showing
02/04/1964 || Many Californians Expect Johnson To Change Kennedy's Approach Especially In More Friendly Attitude Toward Business
02/06/1964 || Californians Divided Over Changes In Presidential Succession Law
04/03/1964 || Lodge First Choice For Republican Nomination Even Though Name Will Not Appear On Primary Ballot
04/07/1964 || Johnson Leads All Republican Rivals; Lodge Narrows Gap But Still Trails
04/20/1964 || Salinger Leads In Democratic Senate Race
04/09/1964 || Murphy Leads Hall And Kaiser In Republican Senatorial Race
04/10/1964 || Present Indications Are That Winning Victory In Democratic Senatorial Primary Tantamount To November Victory
04/14/1964 || Initiative Amendment To Nullify Rumford Act And Other Anti-Discrimination Laws Gain In Public Favor
04/15/1964 || Majority Favors State Lottery Proposal At This Time
04/16/1964 || Subscription TV Ban Opposed By Californians Today
04/17/1964 || Weight Of Public Opinion Favors Railroad Train Crew Measure --Large Segment Undecided As Yet
05/14/1964 || Lodge Favorite Of State's Rank-And-File GOP In Free Choice Poll; Goldwater Bests Rockefeller In Test For Limited Two Man June Primary
05/15/1964 || Cranston Now Leads Salinger In Democratic Senatorial Primary As Engle Voters Shift Following Senator's Withdrawal From Race
05/18/1964 || Murphy Leads In GOP Senatorial Race But One Out Of Two GOP Voters Undecided
05/19/1964 || President Johnson Leads All Republican Hopefuls By A Wide Margin
05/20/1964 || California Voters Rank Bobby Kennedy Most Popular Running Mate For President Johnson Today
05/21/1964 || California Public Approves Equal Access To Public Facilities And Job Training For Negroes But Feels Negro Leaders "Push Too Hard"
05/22/1964 || Little Resistance By California Whites To Idea Of Living, Working, Going To School With Negroes
05/23/1964 || Public 0pinion On Minority Group Housing Laws Stabilizes, Slight Majority Against Rumford Act And Near Majority Favor Constitutional Amendment To Ban Such Laws
05/25/1964 || California Public Evenly Divided Over Controversial Pay TV Initiative
05/26/1964 || Lottery Idea Losing Favor Among Californians
05/27/1964 || Rockefeller Now Leads Goldwater By Substantial Margin
05/28/1964 || Significant Vote Shift Among Uncommitted Republicans Leads To Rockefeller Gain
05/29/1964 || Salinger And Cranston Neck-And-Neck: In Latest Poll Of Democrats, Murphy Leads GOP
05/30/1964 || Survey Shows Deep Division In Republican Ranks Over Rockefeller- Goldwater Primary Battle
06/01/1964 || Goldwater Narrows Gap But Rockefeller Still Has Lead
06/01/1964 || Lead In Tight Senate Democratic Race Still See-Sawing
06/03/1964 || Can Polls Predict Elections?
09/14/1964 || "Johnson Leads Goldwater By Unprecedented Margin Of Voter Popularity
09/16/1964 || Goldwater Liked For His 'Strong Convictions', Disliked For His 'Contradictory Statements'
09/16/1964 || Johnson Still Walks In Shadow Of Kennedy Image But Has A Reputation For Experience And Leadership Ability"
09/18/1964 || Salinger Leads Murphy In First Trial Heat Since Primary
09/21/1964 || "Many Goldwater Voters Feel News Coverage Of Their Man Has Been Unfair Or Biased"
09/22/1964 || Humphrey Strengthens Democratic Ticket More Than Miller Helps Republicans"
09/23/1964 || Proposition 14 Still Leeds, But Opposition Mounting
09/27/1964 || Pay-TV Amendment Now Trails By Slight Margin But 'Undecided's' Could Swing Balance Either Way
09/25/1964 || State Lottery Proposition Now Trailing In Voter Favor
09/29/1964 || Opinions On Proposition 17 Train Crew Measure Not Jelled
10/14/1964 || No Gain For Goldwater In California: Johnson Still Leads By Wide Margin
10/15/1964 || Murphy Closes Gap On Salinger In Latest Statewide Poll
10/16/1964 || Proposition 14 Favored By Almost Half Of State' S Voters At This Time
10/19/1964 || Proposition 15 Still Trails In Voter Favor
10/20/1964 || Lottery Proposition Support Ebbs --'No' Vote Presently Has Plurality
10/21/1964 || Humphrey Seen As Better Qualified To Take Over As President Than Miller Is
10/22/1964 || California Poll Survey Of Voter Opinion Finds Railroad Train Crew Proposition Fails To Engage Interest Of Many California Votes
10/31/1964 || Ballot Propositions Provide Colorful And Fierce Campaigns, But Weighty Issues Have Voters In A Quandary
10/31/1964 || Tide In Favor Of Proposition 14 Passage
10/31/1964 || Yes On 15 May Have An Edge But Voter Confusion Clouds Outcome
10/31/1964 || Majority Leaning Toward No" Vote On Lottery Scheme"
10/31/1964 || Public Moving Toward Support Of Railroad Train Crew Initiative
11/02/1964 || Johnson Still Leads Goldwater By Landslide Proportions
11/02/1964 || Murphy Draws Even With Salinger As Campaign Enters Final Week
01/22/1965 || California Republicans Want GOP To Be Party Of Moderate Conservatism
01/26/1965 || Californians See Benefits In State Senate Based On Population But Willing To Consider Amending U.S. Constitution To Permit Present System To Continue
01/28/1965 || Don't Divide The State Say A Majority Of Californians"
02/02/1965 || Public Sees Student Demonstrators As Mob Action And Riots. Shows Strong Disapproval Of Student Actions"
02/04/1965 || Public Appraisal Of Brown Ranges Lukewarm To Negative
02/09/1965 || Californians Rate Johnson As Doing A Good Job
02/11/1965 || Reagan And Kuchel Best Known GOP Figures For 1966 Gubernatorial Race
02/16/1965 || Brown Trails Kuchel And Christopher In Popularity Measurements But -Leads Reagan, Rafferty, And Shell
02/19/1965 || Most Californians Favor Keeping Initiative Process
04/08/1965 || Brown-Unruh Feud Divides Democrat Rank-And-File. Few Expect Peace Before Election
04/13/1965 || Little Sympathy Among California Public For Berkeley Student Demonstrators"
04/15/1965 || Ease Bracero Ban If Higher Food Costs Will Result From Hiring Domestic Harvesters Says California Public
04/20/1965 || Californians Rate Six Republican Candidates For Governor
04/21/1965 || Reagan Has Considerable Appeal Among Republican Rank And File
04/22/1965 || Brown Gets Only Lukewarm Support From Democrats
04/23/1965 || Brown Trails Kuchel, But Leads Reagan In Early Test Of Strength
04/27/1965 || Majority Of Californians Favor Senate Representation On Basis Of Population
04/29/1965 || Anti-Capital Punishment Sentiment Growing
08/09/1965 || Reagan Tops List Of Seven Possible Republican Gubernatorial Prospects
08/10/1965 || Reagan Tops Kuchel Today In Two-Man Run Off For Republican Gubernatorial Nomination
08/11/1965 || Kuchel Runs Much Stronger Than Reagan Against Brown
08/12/1965 || Cranston And Yorty Top Choices Of Democrats If Brown Decides Not To Run
08/17/1965 || "Most California Republicans Identify Themselves As Conservative , But Recognize That Conservative Candidates Unlikely To Win"
08/19/1965 || "Ultra Conservatives Hinder Party Today, Most GOP Members Say"
08/25/1965 || Majority Of Californians Believe There Is Great Threat To U.S. From Internal Subversions Today, But Anxiety Not Increasing Significantly
08/26/1965 || Majority Of Californians Disapprove Of John Birch Society
11/11/1965 || California Poll Finds Strong Public Support For Vietnam Policy
11/15/1965 || California Public Has Little Sympathy For Anti-Viet Nam Demonstrations
11/15/1965 || Large Field Of Republican Hopefuls Jockeys For Position In Gubernatorial Race
11/16/1965 || Reagan And Christopher Front Running Contenders For GOP Gubernatorial Nomination
11/17/1965 || Brown Leads Reagan; Trails Christopher And Knight"
11/18/1965 || Rank And File Demos Have No Clear Preferences Yet For Alternate If Brown Does Not Run
11/19/1965 || Yorty Runs Stronger Than Brown Against Republican Candidate
11/24/1965 || Most Whites Blame Lawlessness And Outside Agitators For Watts Race Riot-Negroes Cite Unemployment And Slum Conditions"
11/25/1965 || California Whites Feel Watts Riots Called Attention To Bad Slums But Also Lost Sympathy For Civil Rights Cause"
11/30/1965 || Public Image Of Seven Top California Office Holders Rated
12/06/1965 || California Public Very Cool To Idea Of Divided State
02/15/1966 || Christopher Moves Into Stronger Contending Position Against Reagan For Governor Nomination
02/16/1966 || Brown Tops Reagan Today But Trails Christopher In Voter Preference"
02/17/1966 || Brown Tops Yorty Today By Wide Margin For Democratic Party Nomination
02/18/1966 || Yorty Runs Stronger Race Than Brown Does Against Christopher And Reagan
02/22/1966 || Anderson For Lt. Governor Helps Brown Candidacy, Voters Say
02/23/1966 || Voter Images Of Reagan, Brown And Christopher Shown
02/24/1966 || Unfavorable Public Image Of Birch Society Growing, Poll Finds
03/01/1966 || California Poll Finds That Cdc Endorsement Will Help Democratic Candidate For Governor
03/03/1966 || Little Public Support Today For Liberalization Of Divorce Laws"
04/07/1966 || Republican Rank And File Still Split Between Reagan And Christopher
04/08/1966 || Anderson Has Big Lead Over Braden And Hand
04/12/1966 || Brown Leads Yorty By Two-To-One Margin Among Democrats
04/14/1966 || Brown Trails Christopher, Ties Reagan In State-Wide Voter Popularity Today
04/19/1966 || Voters Rate Kind Of Job Candidates Would Do If Elected
05/24/1966 || Reagan Widens Lead Over Christopher For Republican Gubernatorial Nomination
05/25/1966 || Brown Maintaining Strong Lead Over Mayor Yorty"
05/26/1966 || Brown Trails Christopher By Big Margin, Reagan By Smaller Margin Today
05/27/1966 || Anderson Still Leads In Lt. Gov. But Lead Over Brown Narrows Race
06/02/1966 || "Highlights Of Voter Opinion Trends In 'Governor, Lt. Governor Races"
06/14/1966 || Surprising' Primary Election Results Foreshadowed In Pre-Election Surveys Of The California Poll"
06/23/1966 || Reagan Zooms To Big Lead Over Brown
06/24/1966 || California Voters Concerned With Many Issues. Most Presently Rate Reagan Better Able To Handle Them
06/28/1966 || Majority Favor Testing Constitutionality " Of Proposition 14 In Higher Court; Oppose Rumford Act"
06/29/1966 || Anderson Leads Finch At Start Of General Election Campaign
06/30/1966 || Incumbents Lynch, Cranston, And Jordan Lead Today In Poll On Top State Offices
07/01/1966 || Kuchel Tops Yorty In Voter Preferences Today Tor 1968 Senatorial Race
07/26/1966 || Poll Finds Majority Favors Liberalization Of State Abortion Laws
09/01/1966 || Brown Gains On Reagan And Cuts Gap To 3 Percentage Points. November Election Real 'Horse Race'
09/02/1966 || Incumbents Hold Big Lead In Races For Three Out Of Five Top Statewide Offices
09/06/1966 || Strong And Weak Points Of Brown, Reagan Analyzed"
09/07/1966 || Candidates Should Go Slow In Choosing Party Leaders To Campaign For Them. Some Will Do More Harm Than Good
09/08/1966 || Bobby Kennedy Could Beat LBJ Today In California For 1968 Nomination
09/09/1966 || Californians Favor More Military Pressure In Vietnam, Think JFK Would Have Done Much Better Job In Handling Situation
09/15/1966 || Public Opposed To Rumford Act. Want Repeal Or Modification"
09/20/1966 || Large Majority Of California Public Today Favors Gun Restriction Law"
09/22/1966 || Trend Of Public Opinion Against Capital Punishment Halts. Majority Still Favors It"
10/11/1966 || Brown Slips. Now Trails Regan By 7 Percentage Points
10/12/1966 || White Backlash Hurts Brown's Election Chances
10/13/1966 || Incumbents Continue To Lead In Five Major Statewide Races
10/14/1966 || Reagan Followers More Concerned About Consequences If Their Man Losses, But Less Confident Of Reagan's Chances
11/04/1966 || Reagan Maintains_ Lead Over Brown. Strong Late Surge For Finch In Lt. Gov. Race. Incumbents Leading In Others.
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