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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1967-1970

Field Poll Press Releases 1967-1970
02/02/1967 || Public Divided , But Generally Backs Regents Firing Of Clark Kerr
02/03/1967 || California Public Supports Budget Cuts And Tuition Fees For University And State College'
02/07/1967 || Spirited Contest Shaping Up For Kuchel's Senate Seat
02/09/1967 || "Public More Critical Of LBJ's Vietnam Policy. Decline In Support For More Military Pressure
02/14/1967 || California Public Today Does Not Favor Lowering Voting Age
04/04/1967 || California A Melting Pot--Three Out Of Four Adults Were Born Elsewhere Poll Finds
04/05/1967 || Most Californians Very Pleased With The State But Trouble Brewing As Population Grows
04/18/1967 || California Public Wants More Say About How State University And Colleges Are Run
05/09/1967 || Liberalizing Abortion Laws Is Favored By An Overwhelming Majority Of California Voters"
05/10/1967 || Majority Of Public Opposes Cuts In State Mental Health Program
05/11/1967 || Reagan's Job Rating With Public So Far Tops Brown's Rating When He Served As Governor
05/12/1967 || Public Doesn't Want Reagan To Seek Presidential Nomination"
05/16/1967 || Kuchel Leads Other Republicans But Could Face Bitter Battle In Primary Elections"
05/18/1967 || Brown Leading Democratic Contender For Kuchel's Seat
05/23/1967 || Republican Presidential Field Wide Open. Romney Bests Johnson In Trial Heat. Wallace's Presence Hurts Romney More Than LBJ
05/25/1967 || Public Divided On State Income Tax Withholding
05/30/1967 || Public Favors More Day And Night Horse Racing
07/06/1967 || Johnson Likely To Win Support Even In Four-Way Contest For Delegates
07/07/1967 || Reagan Gaining Credibility As Presidential Candidate Among Rank And File Californians.
07/11/1967 || Reagan Gets High Marks On Performance As Governor
07/12/1967 || Kuchel Improves Standing Over Conservative Candidates.
07/13/1967 || Brown Most Popular Possibility For U.S. Senate Among Democrats.
09/21/1967 || Romney Slips And Nixon Takes Clear Lead Among California GOP.
09/22/1967 || Rockefeller Only Republican Who Can Top LBJ Today In California
09/23/1967 || Kuchel Strengthens Position With Voters
09/25/1967 || Reagan Honeymoon With Public May Be Coming To An End
09/26/1967 || Trend Of Public Opinion Running Against Military Effort In Vietnam
11/17/1967 || California Public Believes There May Be Some Truth To Pearson Charges About Moral Lapse By Former Reagan Aides And Feels Governor Will Be Hurt By His Handling Of Situation
11/18/1967 || Public's General Appraisal Of Reagan Stays Near September Level Despite Much Recent Controversy"
11/21/1967 || Nixon Still Leads As Republican Contender For Presidency, But Rockefeller Gains In Latest Survey Of Californians
11/22/1967 || Johnson' S Popularity Sags In California
11/23/1967 || Rockefeller Only GOP Candidate Who Could Beat LBJ If Election Were Held Now''
11/24/1967 || Wallace On California Ballot Does Not Yet Have Significant Effect On Outcome
11/29/1967 || Kuchel Continues To Lead In Republican Senate Race With Rafferty"
11/30/1967 || Kuchel Tops All Democrat Contenders In Senatorial Trial Heats
01/06/1968 || Trend Of Public Opinion Favors Tax Withholding
01/30/1968 || Republicans Cool To Reagan Plan To Run As Favorite Son
02/01/1968 || 'McCarthy Makes Weak Showing Against President Johnson"
02/02/1968 || Johnson Tops All Republican Contenders Except Rockefeller In California Poll'!
02/08/1968 || Decline In Public's Rating Of Job Reagan Is Doing
02/08/1968 || Kuchel's Lead Over Rafferty In Senate Race Narrows
02/27/1968 || Public Favors Taking Hard Line With Campus Demonstrators But Still , Favors Academic Freedom And Tax Support Of Colleges
03/19/1968 || Kennedy Leads Johnson And McCarthy In Three-Way Race
03/21/1968 || Nixon Has Commanding Lead Among GOP Voters
03/22/1968 || Johnson's Popularity At Low Ebb -Rockefeller Stronger Than Nixon Against Democrats But Margins Are Small"
03/23/1968 || Rafferty's Bid To Overtake Kuchel Lagging. Senator's Preference Margin Increases
03/25/1968 || Cranston Leads Democrats But Kuchel Still Tops All Comers In Senatorial Race
03/26/1968 || Majority Supports Pay-As-You-Go State Income Tax
03/30/1968 || Bobby Kennedy's Popularity High And Rising In California Today
04/18/1968 || Those Who Are Aware Of Kerner Commission Report Agree With Its Conclusions And Recommendations
04/02/1968 || Californians Say Give U.S. Cities First Priority On Our Money And National Effort
05/23/1968 || Despite McCarthy's Gain Kennedy Still Leading In California Democratic Race
05/24/1968 || Nixon Favored By Most Of California Republicans
05/25/1968 || Rockefeller And McCarthy Strongest Republican And Democratic Candidates
05/27/1968 || Kuchel Facing Formidable Challenge Than Rafferty
05/28/1968 || Cranston Leads Demos But Kuchel Strongest General Election Senatorial Candidate
05/30/1968 || Public Increasingly In Favor Of' State Income Tax Withholding
05/31/1968 || ''Reagan's Popularity Plummets"
06/04/1968 || Voters Grumble As They Face Limited Primary Ballot Choices
07/14/1968 || Californians Favor Stricter Gun Control Laws Than Those Now Being Considered By Congress And State Legislature
07/18/1968 || Reagan Recall Move Would Lose By A Large Margin If Public Were Voting Now
07/19/1968 || McCarthy And Rockefeller Have More Voter Appeal Than Humphrey And Nixon
07/22/1968 || McCarthy Or Rockefeller-Led Fourth Party Would Obtain Sizeable Vote And Leave November Election Outcome In Doubt"
07/23/1968 || Cranston Leads Rafferty By Seven Percentage Points Early In Campaign
07/27/1968 || Selection Of Vice-Presidential Candidates All Important In 1968
09/23/1968 || Nixon Has Strong Lead Over Humphrey. Wallace Attracts More Democrats Than Republicans. Residual Support For McCarthy Still A Factor In Humphrey's Poor Showing
09/24/1968 || Cranston Maintains Lead Over Rafferty. GOP Not United Behind State School Superintendent
09/28/1968 || Both Veep Candidates Low In Public Interest--Muskie More Help To His Ticket Than Agnew To His
09/26/1968 || Humphrey's Chief Weakness Is Association With Johnson. Nixon Has More Favorable And Positive Image.
10/01/1968 || Wallace's Appeal Strong Enough To Snafu Presidential Election
10/02/1968 || Nixon Holds Commanding Lead In Final Stages Of Campaign
10/29/1968 || Cranston Leads Rafferty By Seven Percentage Points Among Likely Voters
10/30/1968 || Proposition 1-A Appears To Have Greater Chance Of Becoming Law Than Proposition 9
10/31/1968 || Rafferty Has Sharper Favorable And Unfavorable Image Than Does Cranston
02/25/1969 || Public Favors Bridge Toll Increase Rather Than Sales Tax Hike To Finance Bart Deficit
02/27/1969 || Reagan's Firm College Stand Wins Public Support
03/04/1969 || Public Advocates Taking Harder Line With Student And Faculty Demonstrations Today
03/06/1969 || California Voters Ready To Lower Legal Voting Age
03/11/1969 || Sentiment Divided Over Easing 2/3 Rule For Local Bond Issue Passage
03/14/1969 || Smog Getting Worse Say Californians In All Parts Of State
03/18/1969 || Public Opinion On State Income Tax Withholding Now More Divided
03/20/1969 || Public Today Less Optimistic About Economic Situation
05/14/1969 || Hayakawa Has Gained Large Public Image. Has Substantial Political Credibility"
05/16/1959 || Hayakawa Could Easily Beat Rafferty Now. Would Provide Strong Test To Murphy In Senate Race, But Would Lose To Reagan In Governor Contest
05/20/1969 || California Public Favors Slight Liberalization Of Abortion Laws, But No More
05/21/1969 || 'Majority Of California Public 'Uptight' About Marijuana, But Younger Adults Have More Liberal View Than Their Elders Do
05/22/1969 || Public Sentiment Swings Toward Capital Punishment
05/27/1969 || Public At Odds With Governor Over Withholding
06/13/1969 || People In Many Parts Of State Less Satisfied With California As A Place To Live Today
06/17/1969 || Idea Of Splitting State Still Rejected By Large Majority But Gains Some Support
08/19/1969 || Reagan Still Riding High In Popularity. Large Majority Of Public Say It Will Be Difficult To Defeat Him In 1970
08/20/1969 || Hayakawa Better Known And Well Liked But Democrats Do Not See Him In Governor's Role.
08/21/1969 || 'Reagan Maintains Big Voter Preference Margins Over Any Of Four Possible Democratic Rivals"
08/22/1969 || Murphy Leads 'Democratic Contenders But Many Voters Can't Rate His Performance As U.S. Senator
08/26/1969 || Public Says Moon Landing Program Worthwhile But Wants Future Space Program Spending Cut Back. Domestic Problems Should Get Priority
08/28/1969 || Californians Favor Sex Education Courses In High School. Opposed To Starting Classes In Primary Grades
09/03/1969 || Even Gun Owners Favor Stricter Gun Control Laws In California
09/05/1969 || Majority Approves Giving State Voting Rights To All Who Can Pass Literacy Test In Spanish
09/16/1969 || Dramatic Upswing In Proportion Of Voters Who See Themselves As Politically Conservative
11/18/1969 || Alioto's Political Future Clouded By Impact Of Look Magazine Charges Of Mafia Links
11/19/1969 || Reagan Still Rides Crest Of Popularity Wave"
11/20/1969 || Murphy Now Tops All Potential Democrat Candidates But Could Face Obstacles
11/21/1969 || Race For Attorney-General Office Wide Open
02/18/1970 || 'Reagan Rated Doing 'Good Job' By Public
02/19/1970 || Unruh Leads. Democrats, But Still Not Breathing Easy. Brown And Yorty Loom As Formidable Rivals
02/20/1970 || Reagan Has Large Leads Over Unruh, Brown And Yorty
02/25/1970 || John Tunney Leads George Brown Among Democrats In Ace For U.S. Senate Nomination
02/26/1970 || ''Murphy Has Wide Lead Over Tunney And Brown"
02/27/1970 || Evelie Younger Leads Republican Field In Race For Attorney-General Nomination
03/04/1970 || More Californians Say They Are Worse Off Financially. Situation Similar To 1958 Recession Period"
03/12/1970 || Host Of Domestic Problems Troubling Voters
05/19/1970 || ''Unruh's Margin Over Yorty Widens While Reagan's Lead Over Unruh Narrows"
05/20/1970 || Brown Leads Tunney In Dramatic Reversal Of Democratic Senatorial Standings; Simon Not Doing Well In GOP Primary; Murphy's Lead Against Possible November Democratic Opponents Drops Sharply"
05/21/1970 || 'Younger Leads In Republican Attorney-General Race. Democratic Favorite O'Brien Currently Tops All GOP Possibilities"
05/22/1970 || 'Rafferty Has Commanding Lead In Race For State Superintendent Of Public Instruction"
05/25/1970 || Small Proportions Of Voters Know Anything About Propositions 1, 7, And 8
05/30/1970 || ''Unruh Maintaining Lead Over Yorty One Week Before Primary"
05/30/1970 || Democratic Senatorial Race See-Saw Affair. Tunney Regains Slight Lead On Week Before Primary
05/30/1970 || Simon Gaining But Still Has Long Way To Go To Upset Murphy
05/30/1969 || ''Younger And O'Brien Leading In Attorney-General Race"
05/30/1970 || Rafferty Has :Big Lead In School Superintendent Race -Riles In Second Place
05/30/1970 || Large Segments Of Voters Still Unaware Of Issues Involved In Proposition: 1, 7, And 8
06/02/1970 || Democrats Improve Chances In Senate And Attorney-General Race...Reagan-Unruh Gap Has Narrowed
06/15/1970 || Cambodia Invasion Aftermath Saps Public Unity Behind President's Vietnam Policies
06/16/1970 || President's Credibility And Level Of Support Severely Taxed By Cambodian Invasion
06/16/1970 || Hard Line' Approach To College Unrest Still Popular But Public's Mood May Be Softening Slightly"
08/20/1970 || Reagan Maintains Sizeable Lead Over Unruh
08/21/1970 || 'Murphy Has Narrow Lead Over Tunney In See-Saw Senatorial Race. Cross-Over Voters Hold Key To Election Outcome"
08/22/1970 || Republican Younger Leads Democrat O'Brien In A-G Race
08/25/1970 || Rafferty Has Big Lead Over Riles In State School Superintendent Race
08/26/1970 || Reinecke Leads Alquist For Lt. Governor; Brown Ahead Of Flournoy For Secretary Of State"
08/28/1970 || Reagan's Celebrity Endorses better Known And Have More Box Office Appeal Than Do Unruh's
08/29/1970 || Californians Say Give Top Spending Priority To Law Enforcement And Control Of Air And Water Pollution Programs. Very Little Support For Sst Program
09/08/1970 || Women And Men Say They Don't Want The Midi Lengths
09/17/1970 || Unruh An Unknown Quantity To Millions Of Voters
09/18/1970 || Reagan's Image More Sharply Defined Than Unruh's"
10/15/1970 || Unruh's Campaign Shows No Signs Of Lift•Off Reagan Maintains Big Lead
10/16/1970 || Tunney Moves Into Slight Lead As See-Saw Trend In Senatorial Race Continues
10/17/1970 || Younger Still Leading O'Brien In A-G Race
10/20/1970 || Riles Gaining In School Superintendent Race But Trend Will Have To Accelerate For Rafferty To Lose
10/21/1970 || Leaders In State Races Include Reinecke, Brown, Priest And Flournoy (Houston)
10/22/1970 || Initial Favorable Public Reaction To Prop 18, But Majority Of Voters Unaware Of Measure
10/30/1970 || Reagan Holds 12 Point Lead Over Unruh One Week Before Election
10/30/1970 || Tunney Has 7 Percentage Point Lead Over Murphy"
10/30/1970 || Younger-O'Brien A-G Race Narrowing"
10/30/1970 || Riles Pulls Ahead Of Rafferty In Dramatic Turnabout In State School Superintendent Race
10/30/1970 || Republican Reinecke,Priest,Houston Flournoy Ahead Of Challenger. State Secretary Race Tightening Up
10/30/1970 || Proposition 18 Is Favored, Of Measure But Large Segment Of Voters Unaware Of Measure
11/27/1970 || 18-20 Year Olds Consider Themselves Liberal And Identify Themselves With Democratic Party In Larger Proportions Than Present Voting Population
12/10/1970 || Voter Decisions For Reagan And Tunney Primarily Related To Candidate Image, Personality And Negative Reaction To Opponent
12/11/1970 || Dislike Of Rafferty, Concern About Education Reasons For Riles Victory
12/15/1970 || Agnew On 1972 GOP Ticket Would Be A Drag On Nixon's Chances For Reelection
12/16/1970 || Present Images Of Some 1972 Presidential Candidate Possibilities Reveal Different Profiles Of Favorable-Unfavorable Public Perceptions'
12/17/1970 || 1972 Presidential Trial Heats: Muskie And Kennedy Trail Nixon By Small Margin In First Test Of Strength
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