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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1971-1974

Field Poll Press Releases 1971-1974
01/19/1971 || "Part I: Self-Styled Conservatism The Dominant Mood Of California Electorate Today"
01/20/1971 || Part Ii: What Liberals And Conservatives Believe: A Study Of Contrasting Attitudes About Political Issues"
01/19/1971 || California Public Growing More Tolerant Of Marijuana
01/20/1971 || Reagan's Voter Popularity Slips
01/22/1971 || California Adults Favor Giving Vote To 18 Year Olds In State And Local Elections
01/24/1971 || Record Number Of Californians Find Current Personal Financial Condition Less Rosy
01/29/1971 || Public's Censure Of Students Easing. Blame Now Directed To Faculty And Administrators"
03/11/1971 || Public Blames Courts And Parents For Failures In Dealing With Causes Of Unrest And Violence Praises Police Role
03/16/1971 || Few Differences Exist In Democratic Voter Images In Kennedy, Humphrey, And Muskie. Yorty's Image Least Favorable
03/25/1971 || "Poll Tests Strength Of Possible Republican Challengers To Nixon In '72."
05/11/1971 || Nixon Popularity Slips In California; Now Trails Muskie And Kennedy
05/12/1971 || Poll Examines Effects Of Fourth Party Candidate -72 Pres. Election"
05/13/1971 || Nixon's Vietnam Policies Getting Further And Further Out Of Step With A Growing Majority Of Californians
05/14/1971 || Public Feels J. Edgar Hoover Should Resign: Approves Of Some Types Of Surveillance
05/15/1971 || Considerable Latent Voter Sentiment For Legalized Gambling
05/18/1971 || Legalized Prostitution Has More Support Than Opposition
05/20/1971 || Nader Well Known And Highly Regarded But California Public Thinks He Shouldn't Run For Political Office
05/28/1971 || Poll Finds Wide Differences In Credibility Ratings Of Some Political And Communications Leaders
06/01/1971 || Reasonable Chance California Voters Would Lower Bond Approval Levels To 60%
06/04/1971 || Growing Disenchantment With California As A Place To Live. Almost Half Of Recent Arrivals Would Like To Move To Another State. Oregon Leads List Of Other More Desirable States
09/08/1971 || Kennedy's Appeal To Democrats As Presidential Nominee Currently Very High In California
09/09/1971 || Nixon's Popularity With California Voters Was At Low Ebb Prior To Announcement Of His New Economic And Monetary Program
09/10/1971 || Agnew More Of A Drag Than A Boost As A GOP V.P. Candidate. Reagan An Even Poorer Choice
09/14/1971 || Public Support Of Death Penalty Remains At Relatively High Level
09/15/1971 || Big Gain In Public Approval Of Granting 18-20 Year Olds Rights To Gamble, Drink And Incur Debts
09/16/1971 || Reagan Has Lost Favor With California Voters
09/21/1971 || Growing Support For Idea Of Lowering Local Bond Issue Vote Requirements To 60% Majority
09/24/1971 || Cranston And Tunney Seen As Doing "Fair" To "Good" Job As U.S. Senators"
11/18/1971 || Kennedy's Appeal As Presidential Candidate Slips Somewhat. Muskie Trails But Has Firmest Base Of Democratic Support
11/19/1971 || Nixon Regains Popularity With California Voters; Now Is Topped Only By Kennedy
11/25/1971 || Rockefeller Or Connally Have More Voter Appeal As Nixon V.P. Candidate Next Year Than Agnew Or Reagan
11/29/1971 || Public Favors Wage Price Controls. Hopeful About Economic Well Being Next Year
12/02/1971 || Large Majority Of Californians Want To Speed Up Vietnam Troop Withdrawal
12/07/1971 || California Democrats Prefer Contested Primary. Reject Idea Of Just One Favorite Son Candidacy
12/09/1971 || Large Potential Fourth Party Vote; Presence Would Hurt Democrats
12/14/1971 || California Public's Hating Of U.S. Supreme Court Not Too Favorable
02/16/1972 || Muskie Now Leads Large Pack Of Contenders For California Delegates
02/17/1972 || Democrats Consider Muskie To Have Best Chance Of Beating Nixon
02/18/1972 || Nixon Holds Small Preference Margin Over Muskie And Humphrey
02/24/1972 || Neither McClosky Nor Ashbrook Serious Threats To Nixon's California Republican Following
02/25/1972 || Public Gives Office Of Vice-President New Importance
03/07/1972 || More Prejudice Against A Woman Veep Than A Black Veep, Poll Shows
04/10/1972 || Public Approval Of Nixon's Handling Of Vietnam War At A Low Ebb
05/11/1972 || McGovern Scores Dramatic Rise Among Democrats For Nomination. Is Close Second To Humphrey
05/12/1972 || Kennedy Thought To Have Best Chance Of Beating Nixon By California Democrats. Wallace, Yorty Repel Voters
05/13/1972 || Ashbrook Draws Very Little Support Fran Republican Voter Ranks
05/16/1972 || Mc Govern Now A More Formidable Challenger To Nixon Than Humphrey"
05/18/1972 || Sharp Division In Voter Appraisal Of Agnew As V.P. Candidate
05/23/1972 || Californians Have Long Supported Tighter Gun Controls
06/02/1972 || McGovern Leads Humphrey By 20 Percentage Points"
06/03/1972 || Trend Of Public Opinion Has Swung Against Proposition 9. Measure Headed For Defeat
06/04/1972 || McGovern Equals Nixon's. Popularity Among All Voters
06/08/1972 || Analyses Of California Poll Efforts In Primary Election Campaign
08/24/1972 || Nixon Leads McGovern In Race For California's Large Block Of 45 Electoral Votes
08/25/1972 || Rank And File McGovern Voters Not Confident That He Will Win
08/31/1972 || Nixon And McGovern Supporters Have Different Ideas As To What Issues Are Important
09/01/1972 || Vietnam War Issue Helping Nixon More Than McGovern
09/04/1972 || Nixon's Popularity Not Being Carried Over To California Congressional Races
09/07/1972 || Overwhelming Support For Death Penalty In California
09/08/1972 || Public Reacts Negatively To Proposition 19, Marijuana Initiative
10/17/1972 || Nixon Holds Big Lead Over McGovern As Of Early October
10/18/1972 || McGovern Vote Deficit Due To Big Slippage In Support Among Traditional Democratic Voter Blocs
10/19/1972 || Nixon's Coat-Tails Not Extending To Congressional Races
10/24/1972 || Restoration Of Death Penalty Favored By Voters
10/25/1972 || Public's Disposition Is To Vote No On Proposition 19, Marijuana Issue
10/26/1972 || Voter Consideration Of Statewide Ballot Propositions Slow To Develop
10/27/1972 || Public Rates Cranston Performance Better Than Tunney's, Divided On Reagan's.
11/03/1972 || Nixon Ends October As He Began: 14 Points, Ahead"
11/03/1972 || Sentiment Running In Favor Of Death Penalty And Against Marijuana Measures. ,High Voter Indecision On Propositions 14, 18, 20, 21 And 22.
12/22/1972 || Defections Among Traditional Democratic Voting Groups Key To Nixon's Victory. Unusually Large Number Of Voters Went To Polls But, Did Not Vote For President.
03/06/1973 || Californians Have Positive Rating About Current Financial Condition. Optimistic About Coming Year.
03/07/1973 || "Alioto And Brown Best Known Of Democratic ,1974 Gubernatorial hopefuls."
03/08/1973 || Finch, Younger, Reinecke Best Known Of GOP Gubernatorial Hopefuls
03/07/1973 || ''No Fault Insurance-Part I; Public Offers Reasons For High Automobile Insurance Costs"
03/14/1973 || No Fault Insurance --Part Ii; Public's Understanding Of Various Elements Of No-Fault Automobile Insurance
03/15/1973 || No Fault Insurance--Part Iii: Large Majority Of Californians Approve Of No Fault Automobile Insurance
03/22/1973 || Crime And Fear Of Crime Number One Community Problem In California"
03/23/1973 || 'One In Three Californians Claim To, Have Been Victimized By Crime During Past Year"
05/26/1973 || Public Was Highly Skeptical Of Nixon's Statements That He Knew Nothing About Watergate Break-In And Subsequent Cover-Up
05/28/1973 || Public Inclined To Praise The Press For Its Handling Of The Watergate Affair
06/01/1973 || Publics Rating Of Reagan's Job Performance
06/05/1973 || Democrats Are More Satisfied Than Republicans That Present 1974 Gubernatorial Candidate Possibilities Represent Best Qualified Men Their Party Could Nominate
06/08/1973 || California Public Sharply Divided On Its Views Of Reagan And Agnew As
06/26/1973 || Air Pollution . . . Part 1 Public Thinks Problem Is Serious. Believes Automobiles Chief Cause And Increasingly Concerned About Public Health Implications.
06/27/1973 || Air Pollution . . . Part 2: Californians Not In Sympathy With Car Manufacturers Position On Automotive Exhausts. Do Not Want To See Clean Air Standards Lowered Or Timetable Slowed Down
06/28/1973 || Air Pollution . . . Part 3 To Reduce Air Pollution Public Ready To Accept Drastic Steps Short Of Being Prohibited From Driving
07/03/1973 || Public Has High Opinion Of The Value Of A College Education
07/04/1973 || Public Does Not Have Strong Confidence In Society's Basic Institutions
08/31/1973 || Nixon's Handling Of Domestic Economy Bigger Factor Than Watergate In Public's Unprecedentedly Low Appraisal Of His Job Performance
09/02/1973 || Despite Heavy Impact Of Watergate Hearings Public Opinion Unchanged: Nixon Guilty But Should Not Resign Or Be Impeached•
09/05/1973 || Brown, Alioto, Moretti Run One Two-Three In Democratic Voter Recognition And Preference
09/06/1973 || Reinecke, Finch, Younger Are Best-Known And Are Seen Most Favorably As Candidates For Governor By GOP
09/07/1973 || Prospects Of Republicans Maintaining Control Of The California Statehouse After Next Year's Election Do Not Look Very Favorable At This Point
09/12/1973 || Cranston Has Large Lead Over Possible GOP Rivals
09/14/1973 || Public Opinion Overwhelmingly In Favor Of Alaska Pipeline
11/01/1973 || Overwhelming Majority Of Californians Think Watergate Special Prosecutor Should Be Independent Of Executive Branch
11/02/1973 || Public Disagrees Sharply With President Nixon's Charge That Watergate Television Coverage Has Been "0utrageous, Vicious And Distorted.
11/13/1973 || Public Believes Agnew Was Guilty. Many Think Penalty Not Harsh Enough
11/02/1973 || Brown, Alioto, And Moretti Lead In Voter Awareness And Levels Of Favorable Regard By Democrats
11/29/1973 || Voter Perceptions Of Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates
11/30/1973 || Increase In Republican Voter Awareness And Favorability Of Four GOP Gubernatorial Candidates
12/11/1973 || Reagan And Kennedy Lead In 1976 Presidential Sweepstakes But Both Men Have Large Blocs Of Detractors
02/25/1974 || California Public’s Job Performance Rating Of President Nixon Reaches New Low
02/26/1974 || Brown Leads By Wide Margin In Democratic Gubernatorial Race
02/27/1974 || Brown Enjoys Largest Plurality Of Any Democrat When Paired Against Reinecke Or Flournoy In Gubernatorial Race
03/01/1974 || In Barring Hayakawa, State Supreme February 28, Release) Court Eliminated Leading Contender In GOP Senate Race
03/01/1974 || Majority Of Public Wants Nixon Resign Or Have Congress Bring Charges And Take Impeachment Vote
04/13/1974 || Majority Of Californians Favor Amnesty For Vietnam Draft Evaders Provided They Accept Some Form Of Alternate Service.
03/15/1974 || Ten Gallon A Week Gasoline Ration Would Pose Serious Problems To Six Out Of Ten Motorists.
04/23/1974 || Reinecke Support Among GOP Voters Has Dropped Sharply
04/24/1974 || Brown Still Leading In Democratic Primary But Margin Over Rest Of The Field Has Narrowed Considerably
04/25/1974 || Despite Republican Troubles Democratic Gubernatorial Victory In November Not A Certainty.
04/26/1974 || Prop. 9 Has Won Early Rounds In Gaining Voter Acceptance But Test Yet To Come
05/13/1974 || Public Opinion Has Hardened Against President Nixon. 65% Want Him To Resign Or Congress To Proceed With Impeachment Process
05/14/1974 || Flournoy Moves Ahead Of Reinecke In GOP Gubernatorial Primary Race
05/15/1974 || Brown Continues To Maintain Wide Lead Over Moretti. Alioto Remains In Third Place
05/16/1974 || Just 31% Of Public Know Enough To Vote On Proposition 9. Among Th Is Group Preference Running Better Than Three To One In Favor
05/17/1974 || Voters Low Awareness Of Democratic A-G And Republican Senatorial Primary Contestants
05/27/1974 || Kennedy Leads In Public Preference For The 1976 Democratic Nomination. Reagan Favorite Of GOP But Fares Poorly In Current Tests Of Strength Against Leading Demos
05/29/1974 || California Public Is Getting Critical Of News Bias In Watergate Coverage, But Most Of Public Rejects Idea That Press Is Merely Public Is Saturated With Watergate News
05/31/1974 || Brown And Flournoy Maintaining Leads In Governor Primary Races. Heavy Voter Support For Prop. 9. Norris-Bugliosi Democrat A-G Race Close
06/07/1974 || Brown Has Only A Narrow Preference Margin Over Flournoy As General Election Campaign Begins
08/08/1974 || Overwhelming Majority Want Nixon Out Of Office, More Preference For Impeachment And Conviction Rather Than Resignation. Little Sentiment For Granting Him Immunity Or Right To Practice Law When He Leaves.
08/22/1974 || 1974 Gubernatorial Race - Democrats Unified Behind Brown Flournoy Trails By 14 Percentage Points
08/23/1974 || Cranston And Younger Have Big Re-Election Campaigns
08/24/1974 || Democratic Party Candidates Lead In Lt. Governor, State Controller, Secretary Of State And State Treasurer Races.
08/27/1974 || Reagan's Performance As Governor Rated Higher By California Public Than Pat Brown’s Was
09/01/1974 || Public’s Financial Mood Part 1 Public More Pessimistic About Financial Outlook Than At Any Time In Past 13 Years
09/02/1974 || Public’s Financial Mood Part 2 What Are Californians Doing About Rising Prices? Most Are Cutting Down Utilities, Economizing On Food, And Spending More Time At Home
10/08/1974 || Brown Continues To Lead Flournoy In Governor's Race
10/09/1974 || Senate And A-G Races Cranston And Younger Maintaining Large Leads Over Rivals Richardson And Norris
10/10/1974 || Public Disapproves Of Nixon Pardon, Preferred A Trial, Nearly Half Would Have Approved Of Jail Term If Nixon Had Been Judged Guilty
10/11/1974 || Democrats Dymally, Cory, Unruh And Fong Leading In Lt. Governor, State Controller, Treasurer And State Secretary Races
10/14/1974 || Sentiment Is Running In Favor Of Prop. 17 Among Small Proportion Of Public Which Has Made Up Its Mind
10/21/1974 || Reagan Would Start Out Underdog If He Decides Seek U.S., Senate Seat By Mervin D. As To In 1976
11/01/1974 || Flournoy Pulls To Within 8 Percentage Points Of Brown One Week Before Election
11/01/1974 || Cranston And Younger Maintaining Large Leads Over Rivals Richardson And Norris With One Week To Go In Campaign
11/01/1974 || Narrowing Dymally Lead In Lt. Governor Race. Cory, Unruh, And Fong Maintaining Preference Margins In State Treasurer And State Controller Races.
11/01/1974 || Just 40% Of Voters Well Enough Informed To Vote On Prop.17. Opponents
11/04/1974 || While Preference Gap Between Brown And Flournoy Has Narrowed Most Voters Feel Brown Is Going To Win
11/18/1975 || Public Opinion Divided On Congress Should Approve V.P. Nomination
11/19/1974 || Ford's Public Image Still Dominated By Watergate Factors
12/27/1974 || Either Reagan Or Wallace As A Third Party Presidential Candidate Could Make A Significant Dent In Relative Strength Of Democrats And Republicans In 1976.
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