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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1975-1977

Field Poll Press Releases 1975-1977
01/03/1975 || If Every Adult Had Voted Brown Would Have Won By Larger Margin
03/13/1975 || Public Buying Congress' Ideas Much More Than They Are President Ford's On What To Do About Economy And Energy
03/14/1975 || Growing Belief That Nixon Has Paid Enough Penalty Although Feeling Persists That Justice Was Not Done When He Escaped Trial
03/18/1975 || California's New Governor Public Has High Expectations Of Brown's Performance 0 His Staff And Agency Appointments Praised
03/19/1975 || If It Came To A Choice Californans Opt For A Clean Auto Exhausts Rather Than Gasoline Economy
03/20/1975 || 1976 Democratic Presidential Race -Part I Wide Range Of Recognition For 28 Possible Democratic Candidates
03/21/1975 || 1976 Democratic Presidential Part Ii Favorable Image Ratings Of 28 Possible Candidates Not Always Related To How Well Known They Are
03/25/1975 || Public Support For Capita Punishment Highest In 20 Years
03/27/1975 || Large Majorities Of Public Including Gun Owners Favor More Control And Ownership Restrictions
04/01/1975 || Big Increase In Pro-Abortion Sentiment
04/03/1975 || Public Sentiment In Favor Of Allowing Incurably Ill Patients To Refuse Life Prolonging Medication And To Get Life Ending Medication If Requested
05/28/1975 || Public Does Not Favor Leniency For Patty Hearst If She Is Found
05/29/1975 || Public Confidence In Institutions Continues To Decline
05/30/1975 || Brown's Job Performance Rated Very High By Public
06/03/1975 || Barry Goldwater, Jr And Houston Flournoy Lead GOP Hopefuls For U.S. Senate Race
06/06/1975 || 1976 U.S. Senate Race Part Ii Flournoy Makes Best GOP Showing Currently Against Democrat Tunney In 1976 Senate Race Pairings
06/10/1975 || Reagan Outpolls Ford Among Republicans As First Choice Presidential Nominee
06/11/1975 || Kennedy Overwhelmingly First Choice Of California Democrats
06/12/1975 || Ford Defeats Kennedy, Muskie, Jackson And Wallace In Current Presidential "Trial Heats"
06/18/1975 || Ford Would Make Strong Showing Against Democrats Even If Reagan Or Wallace Runs On Third Party Ticket
09/01/1975 || Ford's Job As President Does Not Inspire Enthusiasm Among California Public
09/03/1975 || Reagan Has Lost Ground In Quest For GOP Presidential Nomination. Now Trails Ford Among California Republicans
09/04/1975 || Reagan Heavily Preferred Over Rockefeller As V.P. Nominee
09/05/1975 || "Non-Candidate" Kennedy Still First In The Hearts Of California Democrats. Brown Makes Strong Showing In Early 1976 Democratic Presidential Nomination Voter
09/08/1975 || Foreign Policy Is Too Important To Leave To Presidents, The California Public Believes
09/09/1975 || Goldwater Stretches Lead For GOP Senate Nomination Following Flournoy's Withdrawal
09/10/1975 || Flournoy's Decision Not To Run For U.S. Senate Removes Formidable Obstacle To Tunney's Re-Election Chances. Goldwater, Jr. Trails Incumbent Senator By 16. Percentage Points
11/21/1975 || Public's Approval Of Job Ford Is Doing Continues To Drop. Brown's Ratings Still At Unprecedented, High Level. Cranston Has Relatively Good Ratings.. Tunney's Ratings Declining.
11/25/1975 || Reagan Moves Ahead Of Ford Among California Republicans
11/26/1975 || Kennedy, Brown, And Humphrey I Lead Democratic Pack For Presidential Nomination
11/27/1975 || California Public Divides Almost Evenly On New York City Aid. City's Bad Image Countered By Fears Of Adverse Financial Percussions If It Defaults
11/28/1975 || Ford Trails Kennedy And Brown In General Election Trial Heats For The First Time
12/02/1975 || Goldwater First Choice Among GOP. Hayden Trails Tunney By Wide Margin
12/03/1975 || Tunney Leads Goldwater By Six Percentage Points And Other Possible GOP Candidates By Larger Margins
12/09/1975 || Public Opinion Evenly Divided On Controversial Nuclear Power Plants Measure
12/11/1975 || Public Divided On Question Of Whether To Lower The Size Of Majority Needed In Legislature To Pass Business Increases. Favor Two Third Majority For All Taxes
02/24/1976 || Reagan Moves To A Big Lead Over Among California Republicans
02/25/1976 || Brown And Humphrey Lead Democratic Pack Of Presidential Hopefuls
02/26/1976 || Ford Has More Bi-Partisan Voter Appeal Than Does Reagan
03/01/1976 || Finch And Hayakawa Leading In GOP Senatorial Race. Tunney Maintaining Large Lead Over Hayden.
03/02/1976 || Tunney Holds Leads Over Finch And Hayakawa In U.S. Senate Race
03/04/1976 || Nuclear Power Plants Initiative Gaining. Increasing Public Attention But California Public Continues To Be Divided Fairly Evenly On Measure
03/05/1976 || Proposition 5 Public Unaware Of Proposed Change To Lower Vote Requirement For Business Taxes
03/09/1976 || Majority Of California Democrats Would Countenance A Presidential Move By Jerry Brown
03/10/1976 || Downward Slide In Financial Well-Being Of California Families Had Slowed And Optimism About The Future Is On The Upturn
03/11/1976 || Job Lay-Offs In Last Year Have Affected Almost One-Fifth Of All California Families. Being Too Old Or Too Young Big Handicap In Getting A Job.
04/08/1976 || Public Supports Jury Verdict In Patty Hearst Case
04/09/1976 || Public Thinks Nixon Has Not Been Penalized Enough And Take A Dim View Of A Possible Return To Public Life
04/13/1976 || Brown's Personality And Style Continue To Give Him High Public Marks As Governor
04/14/1976 || Support For Governor Jerry Brown As A Presidential Candidate Has Surged Since He Declared His Candidacy
04/15/1976 || Ford Regains Lead Over Reagan In California
04/16/1976 || Proposition 15 Awareness Rising And "No" Voters Outnumber "Yes" Voters At This Time
04/20/1976 || Hayakawa Now Leading In GOP Senate Race. Finch Second.
04/21/1976 || Little Change In Democratic Senate Race. Tunney Leads By Same Wide Margin.
04/27/1976 || Abortion Attitudes In California Continue To Liberalize. Issue Could Become Important In Presidential Race
05/04/1976 || California Public Is Feeling More Lenient On Amnesty For Vietnam Draft Evaders And Army Deserters
05/12/1976 || Reagan Regains Lead Over Ford In Contest For California Delegates To GOP Convention
05/13/1976 || Carter Gains But Brown Still Leads By Wide Margin In California Democratic Race
05/14/1976 || Republican Chances For A November Presidential Victory Diminish. Reagan Weaker Than Ford Against Leading Democrats
05/18/1976 || More Negative Than Positive Sentiment About Proposition 15 Considerable Public Conflict And Confusion Over Nuclear Power Issue.
05/19/1976 || Democratic Senate Race No Longer Static. 'Hayden Gets Significant Surge Of Support.'
05/20/1976 || Hayakawa And Finch Slipping, Now Tied. Bell's Gains Make It Three-Man GOP Senatorial Race
06/03/1976 || Reagan Widens Lead Over Ford In GOP Presidential Race
06/04/1976 || Brown Continues To Hold Lead Over All Democratic Rivals
06/04/1976 || Big Surge To "No" Side In Proposition 15 Fight
06/04/1976 || Hayden Continues To Narrow Gap. Now Trails Tunney By 13 Points.
06/04/1976 || Hayakawa Retakes Lead Over Finch In GOP Senate Race. Bell's Support Still Growing
06/07/1976 || Hayden Closing with a Rush. Trails Tunney by 7 points. Finch and Hayakawa Tied Again with Bell Close Behind. Reagan Leads Ford, Brown Maintaining Lead. Big Plurality of No Voters in Prop 15 Battle
06/10/1976 || Humphrey Might Have More California Support That Carter But Brown Is The Clear Democratic Favorite. Reagan Has Less Across The Board Appeal Than Does Ford.
06/11/1976 || In Pre Election Test California Republicans Favored Proportional Representation Over Winner Take All Systems
08/17/1976 || Carter Has Big Early Lead In California Over Either Ford Or Reagan. Brown Primary Voters Rallying Behind Carter.
08/18/1976 || Reagan And Connally Are The Two Most Preferred Vice Presidential Possibilities Should Ford Win Presidential Nomination
08/19/1976 || Tunney And Hayakawa Locked In Tight Race U.S. Senate Seat
08/24/1976 || Jerry Brown Still Highly Regarded But Public's Love Affair With The Governor May Be Cooling
08/25/1976 || Analysis Of Factors Which Jerry Brown Gain Positive Image And Issues Most Likely To Give Him Trouble Help Image
10/07/1976 || Tunney Has Slight Lead Over Hayakawa
10/12/1976 || Less Than Half Of Public Aware Of Proposition 14. Plurality Currently In Favor Of Measure. Many Opinion Cross-Currents In Evidence. Outcome In Doubt
10/13/1976 || Mondale Adds A Little More Strength To The Democratic Ticket Than Does Dole To The GOP Ticket.
10/14/1976 || Ford And Carter Now Deadlocked In Presidential Race Standings
10/15/1976 || Proposition 14 Big Increase In Awareness. Those Now Opposed Outnumber Those In Favor By A 5-3 Margin.
10/16/1976 || Tunney And Hayakawa All Tied Up In A 43% -43% Split
10/29/1976 || Ford Takes Six Point One Week Before Election
10/29/1976 || Tunney Has 2 Point Lead But Senatorial Election Outcome In Considerable Doubt
10/29/1976 || Proposition 14 Farm Labor Battle Intensified. "No" Vote Still Ahead But Gap Has Narrowed
10/29/1976 || Proposition 13 Pre-Election Opinion Running Strongly Against Greyhound Racing Measure
04/22/1977 || Brown's Public Approval Still High But Growing Body Of People Have Negative Feelings About Him.
04/26/1977 || Water Shortage And Water Rationing Shortage Seen As Serious By Public In All Parts Of State. If Required, Majority Say Ration Statewide Not Just Water Short Areas. Public Willing And Able To Cut Water Consumption By 25% But A 50% Cutback Would Encounter Resistance.
04/27/1977 || Survey Reveals Extent Of Public Identification And Degree Of Favorable Image For Sixteen Political Figures.
04/28/1977 || Younger Currently Leads Davis And Wilson In Name Recognition And GOP Voters Preference For 1978 Governor Nomination Race.
05/03/1977 || Criticism Of Brown May Be But No Republican Comes Close To Matching Him In Current Preference For Governor
05/12/1977 || Declining Level Of Public Confidence In Institutions Appears To Have Stabilized. On The Upturn In Some Cases.
05/19/1977 || California Still Ranks High As One Of The Best Places To Live.
07/20/1977 || Capital Punishment Still Overwhelmingly Supported
07/22/1977 || Public Less Sympathetic To Nixon Than They Were Before Nixon-Frost Interviews.
07/27/1977 || Public Thinks Patty Hearst Bank Robbery Sentence "About Right" But Feels Probation In L.A. Sporting Goods Store Case Too Lenient
07/29/1977 || Californians Say They Are Experiencing Improvement In Financial Status. Guardedly Optimistic About The Next Twelve Months. Concerned More With Inflation Than Unemployment.
08/12/1977 || California Public Sharply Divided Over Homosexuals And Their Way Of Life
09/30/1977 || Of All Governmental Levies, Property Taxes Seen As Too High By Large Majority Of Californians
10/04/1977 || Public Strongly Against Mandatory Retirement. Favor Allowing People To Work As Long As They Are Able
11/03/1977 || Californians Lukewarm In Appraisal Of President Carter's Job Performance
11/04/1977 || Panama Canal Treaties Not Supported By California Public.
11/08/1977 || Public Still Views Brown Favorably But Criticism Of Governor Growing
11/15/1977 || Brown Maintaining Large Leads Over Possible 1978 GOP Opponents
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