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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1978-1980

Field Poll Press Releases 1978-1980
01/20/1978 || Public Strongly Favors Controlling Urban Spread And Protecting Productive Farmland From Housing And Industrial Development.
01/24/1978 || Panama Canal Treaties Opposition Eroding
03/13/1978 || Proposition 13 -Public Opinion Unformed And Unstable On Jarvis-Gann Property Tax Initiative. Minority Of Public Which Has Taken Stand Divides 20% To 10% In Favor.
03/03/1978 || Preferences In GOP Governor's Race Very Fluid. Younger Lead Continues To Diminish.
03/08/1978 || Jerry Brown Still Ahead Of Five GOP Candidates But By Narrowing Margins.
03/09/1978 || Democrats Burke And Pines, Republicans Deukmajian And Browning In Tight Attorney-General Primary Races
03/15/1978 || Dymally Leads In Primary And General Election Contests. GOP Preferences For Antonovich And Curb Evenly Split.
03/15/1978 || Californians Taking Increasingly Negative View Of Jimmy Carter's Job Performance.
03/16/1978 || Public's View Of Jerry Brown's Job Performance Continues To Decline.
03/17/1978 || Public Approval Of Cranston's Job Continues High; Hayakawa's Job Rating Drops.
04/12/1978 || Jarvis-Gann Initiative Voters Becoming More Aware Of Prop. 13. Favorability Margin Drops.
04/13/1978 || Younger, Davis, Maddy Bunched Very Closely In GOP Governor Race.
04/14/1978 || Jerry Brown May Not Have An Easy Time Winning Re-Election Next November.
04/19/1978 || Tight Races For Attorney-General Nominations In Both Parties.
04/20/1978 || Dymally Leads Democrats, Antonovich And Curb Running Close Together In Lt. Governor Nomination Race.
05/17/1978 || Highly Involved California Voters Split 42% In Favor And 39% Opposed On Jarvis-Gann Initiative, Proposition 13.
05/18/1978 || Younger At 27% And Davis At 25% May Be Pulling Away From Other Candidates In GOP Governor Race.
05/19/1978 || Gap In Voter Support Between Brown And Republican Candidates Continues To Narrow.
05/23/1978 || Attorney General Primary Races Feature Two Very Close Contests.
05/24/1978 || Curb Has 5 Point Lead Over Antonovich But More Than Half Of Republicans Undecided In Lt. Governor Race. Dymally Has Large Lead Over Democratic
05/25/1978 || Kennedy Has More Appeal To Democrats Than Does Brown Or Carter For 1980 Presidential Nomination. Reagan Outpolls Ford For GOP Nomination
06/02/1978 || Heavy Tide On The Order Of Seven To Four Running In Favor Of Prop. 13.
06/02/1978 || Younger Lengthens Lead Over Davis And Maddy With One Week To Go Before Election.
06/02/1978 || Attorney-General Races Deukmejian Has Big Lead Over Browning. Pines And Burke Neck And Neck.
06/02/1978 || Curb And Dymally Leading In Lt. Governor Races.
06/06/1978 || Even With Jarvis-Gann On The Ballot, As Many As 60% Of California's Adult Public Will Not Be Voting On June 6.
09/06/1978 || Gubernatorial Race Tight: Narrow Brown Margin Over Younger
09/07/1978 || Lt. Governor And Attorney General Races Close But Many Still Undecided.
09/08/1978 || Democratic Incumbents Eu, Cory, Unruh Have Big Leads In State Secretary, Controller, And Treasurer Races. Plurality Favors Retaining Rose Bird As Chief Justice.
09/12/1978 || Anti-Smoking, Ant Homosexual Teacher, Stricter Murder Penalty Initiatives Presently Have Considerable Public Support.
09/14/1978 || Voters' Perception Of Brown More Polarized Than That Of Younger.
09/14/1978 || Public Almost Evenly Divided On Whether Patty Hearst Should Serve Out Her Prison Term Or Be Set Free.
09/20/1978 || Californians Gave Carter One Of The Poorest Job Performance Ratings Prior To Middle East Summit Talks.
09/21/1978 || Brown Job Ratings Continue To Drop
10/22/1978 || Public Still Takes Negative View Of Nixon Returning To Public Life
10/04/1978 || Brown's Lead Over Younger Lengthens To 14 Points Among Registered Voters
10/05/1978 || Public Opinion Trending Strongly Against Prop. 6, Homosexual Teacher Initiative
10/06/1978 || Curb Pulls Ahead Of Dymally By Two Percentage In Close Lt. Governor's Race
10/07/1978 || Opposition To Smoking Limitation Measure Mounting. Public Now Evenly Divided.
10/10/1978 || Burke Increases Her Lead Over Deukmejian In Attorney-General Race
10/11/1978 || Sentiment For Removing Rose Bird As Chief Justice Is Growing
10/12/1978 || Democrat Ken Cory Maintaining Big Lead Over Republican James Ware In Controller's Race
10/13/1978 || March Fong Ed Leading Margo Sian In Secretary Of State Race
10/14/1978 || Unruh Leads French State Treasurer Race.
10/27/1978 || Poll Data Highlights Significant Differences Between Registered Democrats And Republicans.
11/03/1978 || Brown Has Big Lead Over Younger One Week Before Election.
11/03/1978 || Curb Leads Dymally Lt. Governor Race
11/03/1978 || Burke And Deukmejian Locked In Close Race. Late Campaign Events Will Decide Outcome.
11/03/1978 || March Fong Eu Has Big Lead In Secretary Of State Race.
11/03/1978 || Cory Has Big Lead Over Ware In Controller's Race
11/03/1978 || Unruh Leading French In Treasurer's Race
11/03/1978 || Last August's 17 Point Plurality Edge Favoring Retention Of Rose Bird Down To Just 8 Points One Week Before Election. Outcome In Doubt.
11/03/1978 || During Past 3 Months Public Has Reversed Itself On Prop.5, Smoking Limitation Measure. Now Majority Opposes It.
11/03/1978 || Public Now Opposes Prop. 6 Important: Contract For This Service Is By A Big Margin.
11/03/1978 || Proposition 7 Which Would Important: Increase Penalties For Murder Overwhelmingly Supported.
11/12/1978 || Just About One-Half Of California's 15 Million Adults Will Be Voting (Today) (Tomorrow). One Of The Lowest Participation Rates In Modern Times.
12/19/1978 || Public's Appraisal Of Carter's Job Performance Rebounds From August Low
12/20/1978 || Despite Brown's Big Win In Governor's Race, Kennedy Leads Brown And Carter By A Big Margin For 1980 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Reagan Still Leads Ford
03/07/1979 || California Motorists Admit They Do Not Adhere To 55 Mph Speed Limit. Do Not Think It Saves Much Gasoline. Still Favor Its Maintenance Because They Think It Reduces Accidents
03/08/1979 || Carter's Job Performance Rating Slumps Again In California
03/09/1979 || Majority Of California Public Tolerant Of Abortions Under Certain Conditions But Disapproves Of Abortion On Demand
03/14/1979 || Strong Latent Bi-Partisan Support For Both Federal Budget Balancing And Federal Spending Limitation Constitutional Amendments
03/15/1979 || Many Republican Candidates Vying For 1980 Presidential Nomination Are Little Known In California. Reagan Currently Leads The Pack.
03/16/1979 || Kennedy Overwhelmingly California Democrats For 1980 Nomination
03/21/1979 || U.S. Senate Race The Only Wide Office To Be Contested 1980. Public's Knowledge Possible Republican Senate Candidates Varies Widely
03/23/1979 || Public's View Of Brown Takes Upturn. Favorable Perceptions More Related To Specific Actions In Cutting Government Spending, Implementing Prop. 13 Rather Than Personality And Style Items. Running For President Major Negative Image Factor.
04/04/1979 || Majority Favors Considerable Relaxation Of Marijuana Laws And Penalties. Almost Half Of Public Admit To Marijuana Use.
04/25/1979 || Public Takes Very Affirmative On Allowing Incurably Patients Refusal Rights To Life-Prolonging Medication. Sanctions Patients Right To Get Painless Life-Ending Medication.
05/22/1979 || High Gasoline Prices And Limited Supply Seen As Artificial Situation Created By Oil Companies In Order To Raise Prices. However, Public Does Not Endorse Nationalization Of Oil Companies Because It Feels That A Government-Run Oil Industry Would Worsen Gasoline Shortage
05/23/1979 || Carter's Job Ratings More Negative Than Ever. During Past 30 Years Only Nixon's Ratings Just Before He Resigned Lower Than Carter's. Ratings Also Decline To New Low Level.
05/24/1979 || Kennedy's Support Soars For Democratic Presidential Nomination As Preferences For Carter And Brown Decline
05/30/1979 || Reagan Strongly Preferred Over Ford, Connally, Baker, Bush And Other Republicans For 1980 Presidential Nomination
05/31/1979 || Kennedy Overwhelms Any Prospective GOP Candidate In Simulated 1980 Presidential Pairings
06/06/1979 || Republican Rivals For Cranston's Senate Seat Next Year Not Well Known. Goldwater, Jr., Maddy And Wilson Lead In Recognition And Preferences Among GOP
06/07/1979 || Cranston Currently Has Large Pluralities Of Voter Support Over Each Of Six Possible GOP Rivals In 1980 Senate Race
06/13/1979 || Rent Control Favored By Majority Of Californians
06/14/1979 || Californians Overwhelming Opposed To School Busing
06/21/1979 || Heavy Support At This Time For Gann Amendment To Limit Government Spending
06/27/1979 || Strong Opposition To Lowering Drinking Age To 18
08/31/1979 || Public Thinks Curb's Actions As Acting Governor Should Be Limited When Brown Is Not In The State.
09/01/1979 || Public Thinks Jane Fonda Should Be On The State's Arts Council Even Though Regard For Her Is Sharply Divided
09/06/1979 || Reagan Still Ranks First In The Hearts Of California Republicans. Leads All GOP Contenders By Wide Margin
09/07/1979 || California Republicans Including Those Who Support Ronald Reagan Prefer Proportional Allocation Of Delegates To Presidential Nominating Convention.
09/11/1979 || Public's View Of Carter Continues To Deteriorate. Not Many People Think He Will Do Better In Months To Come. Large Majority Thinks It Would Be A Good Thing If He Didn't Run For Re-Election.
09/12/1979 || Brown's Job Rating Shows Improvement. His Style And Fiscal Policies Are What People Like The Most. .His Running For President Subtracting From His Image As Governor
09/13/1979 || Kennedy Overwhelmingly Preferred For 1980 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Brown Has Small Lead Over Carter If Kennedy Not In Race.
09/14/1979 || Kennedy Swamps Reagan And Any Other Republican Candidate In Current Tests Of Strength. Carter About Even With Reagan But Trails
09/19/1979 || Proposition 4, Gann Spending Limitation Amendment Has Strong Public Support
09/21/1979 || Large Majority Opposes School Busing, But Most Of Public Either Unaware Of Prop. 1 (Robbins Amendment)Or Have Conflicting Views As To Its Effects.
09/26/1979 || Public Has Become Very Critical Of Senator Hayakawa
09/27/1979 || Cranston Riding A Strong Tide I Of Public Approval
12/04/1979 || Current Job Rating For President Carter Has Rebounded Somewhat From August Low. Governor Brown's Rating Unchanged From August But Still Considerably Lower Than Those Found During. First Term.
12/05/1979 || Overwhelming Preference Margin For Kennedy Narrows But He Still Has Substantial Lead Over Carter And Brown.
12/06/1979 || California Republicans Now Favor Ronald Reagan For President Even More Than They Did Before
12/07/1979 || Kennedy Does Better Than Carter Or Brown When Matched Against Republican Contenders. Reagan Strongest GOP Candidate
12/12/1979 || Kennedy Is Seen Favorably As Being Politically Experienced, A Forceful Leader But Chappaquiddick A Big Negative In His Public Image. Carter Viewed As A Hardworking Nice Guy But Lacking In Leadership Qualities
12/17/1979 || Rousselot And Schmitz Are Not Generating Much GOP Support For Senatorial Nomination. Cranston Currently Has Big Leads Over A Number Of Possible Republican
02/21/1980 || Steep Drop In Kennedy's California Important: Support. Carter Now Has Big Lead Among Democrats. Brown A Poor Third
02/22/1980 || Reagan's Previous Big Lead Among GOP Rivals Softens. Bush Moves Into Second Place.
02/23/1980 || Carter Surge Makes Him Strongest Democratic Candidate As Of Now When Matched Against Republicans.
02/26/1980 || Brown's Job Performance Rated More Negatively Than Ever Before. Public Most Critical Of His Presidential Bid.
02/27/1980 || Cranston Leads Gann, McCloskey And Other GOP Candidates In Senatorial Race.
02/28/1980 || Republicans Including Reagan Supporters Favor Doing Away With Winner Take All Presidential Delegate Selection System
02/29/1980 || Public Currently In Favor Of Prop. 9 (Jarvis Limit) Concept By 54% To 34% Margin.
03/04/1980 || Public Favors Rent Controls By A Wide Margin But The Current Opposition To Prop.10 Anti-Rent Control Initiative Is Much Narrower.
03/14/1980 || Home Page Missing
04/11/1980 || Carter And Brown's Job Performance Ratings Decline Sharply
04/12/1980 || This Year's Presidential Prospects Generate More Negative Than Positive Feelings Among Voters.
04/16/1980 || Public Opinion Has Shifted Against The Measure Which Would Cut State Income Taxes( Prop. 9)
04/14/1980 || Home Page Missing
04/16/1980 || Reagan's Lead Among Republicans Increases As Candidate Field Narrows
04/17/1980 || Reagan Moves Ahead Of Carter In A Simulated General Election Test
04/22/1980 || Anderson, As An Independent Presidential Candidate, Would Start Off With Relatively High Degree Of Support California.
04/23/1980 || Image Of Cranston Twice As Favorable As That Of Hayakawa
04/24/1980 || Gann And Yorty Leading GOP U.S. Senatorial Race
04/25/1980 || Growing Opposition To Prop.10 Rent Initiative. Public Not Of A Whole Mind As To Whether Intention Of Measure Is For More Or Less Rent Control
04/29/1980 || Support For Prop. 11, Oil Tax Initiative, Declining
05/20/1980 || Mounting Opposition To Prop. 9, The Measure To Cut State Personal Income Taxes
05/21/1980 || Opposition To Prop. 10, The Rent Initiative, Holds Firm While Support Falls Off Among Voters .
05/22/1980 || Support For Prop. 11' Dropping Sharply Three Weeks Before Election.
05/23/1980 || Carter And Kennedy Tied In Lackluster Democratic Presidential Primary. Reagan Has Overwhelming GOP Lead.
05/24/1980 || GOP Senatorial Preferences For Gann And Yorty Closely Divided. Cranston Leads Both In November General Election Simulations.
05/29/1980 || Anderson Gains As An Independent Presidential Candidate. His Support Is Broadly Based, Cutting Across Partisan And Ideological Lines.
06/03/1980 || Number Of Adults Eligible To Vote In (Today's) (Tomorrow's)Election Is The Highest Ever But The Percentage Of Registered Voters Expected To Cast Ballots May Be The Lowest For Any Residential Primary Since 1960.
06/10/1980 || Voter Familiarity Levels And Image Ratings Obtained For Twenty-Two Aspiring Political Figures.
07/04/1980 || Californians See Present Energy Situation As Serious. Think It Most Important To Cut Back Foreign Oil Imports. Against Building More Nuclear Power Plants In State But Favors Continued Operation Of Existing Plants Including Diablo Canyon. Not Willing To Curtail Growth Of Industry And Housing Development To Reduce Energy Needs.
07/25/1980 || Majority Of California Public Favors Registration And Drafting Of Young Men. Large Segment Believes That Young Women Should Register Also. College And Non College Youths Split On Draft
07/25/1980 || Majority Of California Public Favors Registration And Drafting Of Young Men. Large Segment Believes That Young Women Should Register Also. College And Non College Youths Split On Draft
07/29/1980 || Appraisal Of Carter's Job Performance Continues To Decline Reaching Another Low Point
07/30/1980 || Reagan Has Huge Lead In Presidential Race. Carter Drops To Third Place In Three-Way Race Behind Anderson And Reagan
07/31/1980 || Muskie Currently Runs Stronger Against Reagan Than Does Either Carter Or Kennedy
08/01/1980 || Bush Adds More Strength To GOP Ticket Than Ford Would Have
08/05/1980 || Cranston Has A Two Point Lead Over Gann In U.S. Senatorial Race
08/06/1980 || Strong Early Support For New Anti-Smoking Initiative Prop. 10
08/07/1980 || Brown's Job Rating Improves. Public Inclined To Vote Him As Senator, But Not As Governor In 1982.
08/12/1980 || Strong Support For Equal Rights Amendment In California. Reagan's Failure To Endorse It Might Adversely Affect His Chances If Presidential Race Tightens
08/14/1980 || More Californians Have Guns For Self-Protection But Large Majorities Would Like To See Tighter Restrictions On Purchases And Ownership Of Guns.
08/19/1980 || California Public Against Constitutional Ban On Abortions. Evenly Divided On Continuance Of Medi-Cal Abortions Payments
08/21/1980 || One In Four California Adults Are "Born Again" Christians; Overwhelmingly Support Reagan For President.
08/29/1980 || Statewide Public Divides In Favor Of Peripheral Canal. Overwhelming Support In South Outweighs Negative View In North
09/09/1980 || Reagan's 31 Point Post-GOP Convention Lead Over Carter Drops To 10 Points. Anderson's Support Has Dropped To 18% And His Presence Hurts Carter More Than Reagan
09/10/1980 || Cranston Maintains Big Lead Over Gann In The U.S. Senate Race
09/11/1980 || Two To One Support For Prop.10, The Smoking /No Smoking Section Initiative
09/16/1980 || Carter Continues To Get Low Job Performance Ratings. Public Some What Less Negative About Carter's Job Performance If Re-Elected. Reagan's Anticipated Job Performance If Elected Rated A Little Higher Than Carter's. Expectation Of Possible Anderson Presidency Viewed Less Negatively Than Carter's Or Reagan's.
09/18/1980 || As A Vice-Presidential Candidate Bush More Of A Plus To Reagan Than Mondale Is To Carter. Lucey Subtracts More Than He Adds To Anderson's Chances
09/25/1980 || Public Shifting Away From Support Of The Peripheral Canal. Previous Survey Found Opinion Running Five To Three In Favor. Now Public Is Evenly Divided
10/22/1980 || Presidential Race Tightening Reagan's In California. Lead Cut To Seven Points. Erosion Of Anderson's Support Boosts Carter's Chances
10/23/1980 || Cranston Maintains His Big Lead Over Gann In The U.S. Senate Race.
10/25/1980 || Prop. 10, 1980's Anti-Smoking Initiative Could Meet Same 1978's Prop. Fate As 5.
10/18/1980 || Missing Home Page
10/30/1980 || Public Has Very Favorable View Of Cranston's Job Performance. Rate Hayakawa Unfavorably.
12/16/1980 || Public's Concern About Energy Continues To Increase. Thinks It Important To Reduce Oil Imports And Develop More Domestic Energy Sources. Public Opposes Building Of More Nuclear Power Plants But Still
12/17/1980 || Public Is Optimistic About Gas Important: Line Supplies In The Coming Favors Compliance With Federal Order Requiring Annual Auto Emissions Inspections.
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