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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1981-1983

Field Poll Press Releases 1981-1983
02/03/1981 || Public Has Great Expectations About Job Reagan Will Do As President. Holds Dismal View Of Carter's Job Performance.
02/05/1981 || Public Gives Brown A "Fair To Middling" Job-Rating. Views Cranston's Performance In Favorable Terms But Has Negative View Of Hayakawa.
02/10/1981 || Voter Familiarity Levels And Image Ratings Obtained For Twenty-Seven Political Figures Who May Be Running For State Wide Office In 1982.
02/11/1981 || Curb Is Best Known Of GOP Gubernatorial Candidates And Has Early Lead. Deukmajian And Wilson Not As Well-Known But Have Better Image Ratings Than Curb.
02/12/1981 || Hayakawa Trails Goldwater In Early Preference Test For 1982 GOP Senatorial Nomination.
02/18/1981 || Bradley Tops Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee List If Brown Does Not Run.
02/19/1981 || Brown And Tunney Lead 1982 Democratic Senatorial Field
02/25/1981 || Public Sharply Divided On Peripheral Canal. South Heavily In Favor, North
03/24/1981 || Public Favors Prohibition Of Early Network Presidential Election Projections. Supports Changes In Voting Hours To Allow For Simultaneous Poll Closing In All Time Zones.
04/21/1981 || Reagan Receives Record High Marks For Job Performance For Period Between Inauguration And Assassination Attempt
04/23/1981 || Brown's Image Rebounding From April 1980 Low Point. Cranston's Image Most Favorable Ever. Hayakawa' S Ratings Very Negative.
04/28/1981 || Curb Leads Deukmejian And Wilson In GOP Governor's Race.
04/29/1981 || Bradley Has Big Lead In Democratic Gubernatorial Race And Is Currently Favored Over Three Leading GOP Aspirants.
04/30/1981 || Goldwater Leads In Republican Senate Race. McCloskey In Second Position Ahead Of Hayakawa
05/01/1981 || Brown Leads Democratic Field For U.S. Senate Nomination. He Also Leads Goldwater And Hayakawa But Trails McCloskey.
05/06/1981 || Strong Pro-Canal Trend In Southern California Offsetting Fierce Opposition In The North.
05/12/1981 || California Public Would Allow L.A. Move For Oakland Raiders. Favors Compromise Where Raiders Stay In Oakland And New Team Formed To Play In L.A.
05/14/1981 || If Had To Choose Between Having Schools Teach Evolution Or Creationism Public Favors Evolution, But Strong Sentiment To Allow Schools To Teach Both.
05/20/1981 || While Identifying More With Players Than Team Owners In Baseball's Free Agent Compensation Dispute, Public Disapproves Of Strike
08/18/1981 || Reagan Riding Very High In Public's View Of How He Is Handling Presidential Job.
08/19/1981 || Most Of Those Who Have An Opinion Of Secretary Of The Interior James Watt Have Unfavorable View Of Him.
08/20/1981 || Brown's Job Performance Ratings At A Very Low Point. Once Favorable View Of Governor's Attributes And Personal Characteristics Now Has Become Highly Negative.
08/25/1981 || Curb And Deukmejian Locked In Close GOP Governor's Race.
08/26/1981 || Bradley The Man That Any Democrat Or Republican Has To Beat In 1982 Governor's Race.
08/27/1981 || Goldwater, Hayakawa, McCloskey And Wilson Closely Bunched In Republican Senatorial Race
08/28/1981 || Brown Trails Goldwater, McCloskey And Wilson. His Lead Over Hayakawa Sharply Trimmed.
09/02/1981 || Small Statewide Plurality In Favor Of Peripheral Canal Construction. Wide Sectional Differences In Public Opinion.
11/04/1981 || Deukmejian Pulls Ahead Of Curb In GOP Governor Race
11/05/1981 || Bradley Maintaining Leads Over Other Democratic And Republican Candidates For Governor
11/06/1981 || Goldwater, Wilson, McCloskey And Hayakawa Closely Bunched In Voter Preference For GOP Senatorial Nomination
11/07/1981 || Brown Leading In Democratic Senatorial Race But He Trails Goldwater, Wilson
11/10/1981 || Public Abating Its Favorable View Of Job Reagan Is Doing. Lower Income People Largely Negative About His Handling Of Unemployment, Inflation, And General Economic Conditions.
11/12/1981 || Brown Continues To Get Poor Marks In The Way He Is Doing His Job. Public Becoming More Negative In Appraisal Of The Kind Of Job He Might Do As Senator If Elected.
11/17/1981 || Neither Democrats Nor Republicans Like State Legislature's Redistricting Plan
01/28/1982 || Negative View Of Reagan's Economic Policies Causing Decline In President's Job Rating
01/29/1982 || Public Perception Of Governor Brown's Job Performance Remains In A Deep Political Trough
02/02/1982 || Deukmejian Lengthening Lead Over Curb In GOP Governor Race
02/03/1982 || Bradley Continues To Lead Democratic Gubernatorial Rivals. His Lead Over Deukmejian Narrows.
02/04/1982 || Hayakawa's Withdrawal From U.S. Senate Race Boosts Goldwater's Lead
02/05/1982 || Brown Trailing Goldwater, McCloskey And Wilson By Big Margins In Senate Race
02/10/1982 || Peripheral Canal Favored By Narrow Plurality Statewide. Sharp Regional Opinion Differences Exist.
02/17/1982 || Two To One Majority Of Californians Approves Of Message In Proposed Nuclear Freeze Initiative
02/23/1982 || Strong Public Disposition To Overturn Legislature's Reapportionment Laws
02/25/1982 || Cranston Still Enjoying High Ratings As U.S. Senator. Hayakawa's Ratings At A Low Point.
03/30/1982 || Reagan's Job Ratings Have Dropped Sharply. Public Fearful About Effects Of His Economic Policies.
03/31/1982 || GOP Senatorial Race Tightening Up Between Goldwater And Wilson. McCloskey In Third Place.
04/01/1982 || Brown Not Yet Threatened In Democratic Senatorial Primary, But Trails GOP Leaders.
04/02/1982 || Curb Moves Back Into Lead Over Deukmejian
04/03/1982 || Bradley's Lead In Democratic Governor's Race Grows. Maintains Edge Over Curb And Deukmejian
04/07/1982 || John Van De Kamp And Leo McCarthy Much Better Known At Present Time Than Their Rivals In The Attorney General And Lt. Governor Races.
04/08/1982 || None Of Riles' Major Challengers In State School Superintendent Race Is Well Known At Present Time.
04/09/1982 || Peripheral Canal Favored Statewide 46% To 39%. Polarization Between North And South Even More Intense Than Before
04/13/1982 || Bradley Has Well Defined Favorable Image Among All Voters. Curb Better Known Than Deukmejian But Large Proportions Cite Unfavorable Things About The Lt. Governor. Deukmejian Least Known But Favorably Regarded.
04/14/1982 || Brown's Image Well Defined But Has A Negative Cast. Perceptions Of Goldwater, Wilson And McCloskey Less Defined, But Positive.
04/16/1982 || Propositions 10, 11 And 12 Measures Designed To Overturn Democratic Crafted Redistricting Laws Not Generating Much Voter Interest.
04/21/1982 || Strong Public Approval For Nuclear Freeze Initiative. Support Cuts Across Traditional Political And Social Lines.
04/22/1982 || Propositions 7 And 8 Low Level Of Public Attention To Initiatives Which Would Index State Income Taxes And Revise Criminal Justice Procedures
04/23/1982 || Propositions 1, 5 And 6 Prison Construction Bond Issue And Elimination Of Gift And Inheritance Tax Measures Not Generating Much Voter Interest.
04/30/1982 || Strong Public Support For November Ballot Measure Which Would Place Stringent Controls On Handguns
05/12/1982 || Proposition 9 Support For Peripheral Canal Weakening In Southern California Resulting In The "No" Side Leading Statewide For The First Time.
05/13/1982 || Curb-Deukmejian Race Tightens Up Again
05/14/1982 || Goldwater And Wilson Locked In Tight Race For GOP Senatorial Nomination
05/15/1982 || Bradley And Brown Have Big Leads Over Challengers In Democratic Gubernatorial And Senatorial Primary Races
05/18/1982 || Voters Not Yet Paying Much Attention To State School Superintendent Race
05/19/1982 || Attorney General And Lt. Governor Races Not Generating Much Voter Interest
06/04/1982 || Curb Maintaining Lead Over Deukmejian In GOP Governor Nomination Race
06/04/1982 || Wilson Forges Big Lead Over McCloskey. Goldwater Drops To Third Place.
06/04/1982 || Bradley And Brown Leads Diminished But Still Comfortable. Both Lose Ground To Prospective November Rivals
06/04/1982 || Heavy Preference Tide Running Against Peripheral Canal (Prop. 9)
06/05/1982 || Honig Surges To Second Place Behind Riles In State School Superintendent Race, Increasing Chances Of Run-Off
06/05/1982 || Public Awareness Of Many Ballot Propositions Still Relatively Low One Week Before The Election
09/07/1982 || Improvement In Reagan's Job Performance Ratings. Tendency To Blame Carter Administration For Country's Present Economic Problems.
09/08/1982 || Bradley Leads Deukmejian By Nine Percentage Points As Campaign Begins In Earnest.
09/09/1982 || Public's Negative Perception Of Brown Biggest Factor In U.S. Senate Race
09/10/1982 || Brown's Poor Public Image Acting As A Drag On Chances Of His Supreme Court Appointees Being Confirmed On Nov. 2
09/11/1982 || Voters Not Paying Much Attention To Candidates In Attorney General, State School Superintendent, Lt. Governor, State Secretary, Controller And Treasurer Races.
09/14/1982 || Awareness Of Props. 11, 12, 13, 14 And 15 Relatively High At This Stage Of The Campaign.
09/16/1982 || Increase In Awareness And Negative Regard For Secretary James Watt.
09/22/1982 || GOP Voters Would Like To See Reagan Run Again In '84. Kennedy Leads Pack Of Democratic Presidential Hopefuls
10/07/1982 || Bradley Lengthens Lead Over Deukmejian In Gubernatorial Race
10/08/1982 || Democrats Returning To The Fold Has Enabled Brown To Overcome Big Vote Deficit In Race Against Wilson For U.S. Senate.
10/12/1982 || Incumbency, Name Recognition, And Party Designation Are Chief Factors In How Public Is Dividing In Six State Wide Candidate Races.
10/13/1982 || Sentiment In Favor Of Confirming Four State Supreme Court Justices, However, Many Voters Undecided.
10/14/1982 || Being Of Armenian Descent May Be A Greater Drag To Deukmejian's Chances Of Being Governor Than Being Black Works Against Bradley
10/15/1982 || Supporters Of Prop. 11 (Bottle Bill) And Prop. 15 (Handgun Control) Leading Opponents One Month Before Election
10/16/1982 || Strong Support For Prop. 12 (Nuclear Freeze) And Prop. 13 (Water Resources) But Relatively Large Segments Unaware Of Measures.
10/19/1982 || Generating Much Interest. Propositions 9 And 14 Not Slight Favoritism For Both Measures
10/20/1982 || Voters Rate The Importance Of Twenty-Five Campaign Issues.
10/21/1982 || Large Majority Of Voters Unable To Name Their Congressman. Only One Half Can Identify His Political Party.
10/28/1982 || Semi-Final Pre-Election Poll Bradley And Wilson Each Holding Six Point Leads Over Rivals. Prop. 15 (Handgun Control) Opponents Now In The Lead. Preference Margins In Favor Of Prop. 12 (Nuclear Freeze) And Prop. 11 (Beverage Container) Narrowing Sharply. McCarthy And Van De Kamp Leading. Race Between Riles And Honig Tightening.
10/29/1982 || Eu, Cory, And Unruh Have Big Leads In Secretary Of State, Controller, And Treasurer Races. Prop. 13 (Water Resources) Still Favored But Big Increase In Size Out Of "No" Vote. Prop. 14 (Reapportionment) Contest Close
11/02/1982 || Today's Turnout Estimated To Range From 7.0 To 7.7 Million. Voters Under Considerable Cross Pressures Cutting Across Partisan And Ideological Lines
11/01/1982 || Final Pre-Election Poll Bradley And Wilson Maintaining Leads."No" Sides Ahead In Props. 15 And 11 Contests. Opposition To Prop. 12 Growing.
02/01/1983 || Bradley's Narrow Loss Attributable To Success Of Republicans In Getting Party Members To Vote Absentee, Presence Of Prop. 15 On Ballot, Low Turnout Of Minority Groups, As Well As White Racism
03/17/1983 || Public's First Impressions Are Favorable Of Job Performances By Deukmejian And Wilson. Job Cranston Is Doing Continues To Get Very High Marks.
03/18/1983 || Public Rates Unemployment As By Far The Most Important Problem Facing The State Today
03/22/1983 || Among California Democrats For 1984 Presidential Nomination. Mondale And Cranston Leading
03/23/1983 || Most Californians Think Reagan Will Run Again, But Only 39% Ready To Support Him. Bush And Baker Lead GOP Presidential Aspirants Should Reagan Not Run.
03/24/1983 || Public Fairly Evenly Split On Various 1984 Possible Republican Vs. Democratic Presidential Candidate Match-Ups.
03/31/1983 || Voters Supportive Of The Idea Of Changing Primary Election Dates
04/07/1983 || No Previous Governor Started Off So High And Fell So Low In Public Esteem As Did Jerry Brown.
04/14/1983 || Public Recognizes California In Bad Economic Times But Very Optimistic About Things Getting Better During The Next Twelve Months.
04/28/1983 || Public Holding Mixed Views About State And Local Taxes And Government Spending
05/27/1983 || Strong Support For A Legalized State Lottery.
06/03/1983 || Public Sees Benefits Of Prop. 13 Tax Savings Almost Offset By Decline In Government Services
06/30/1983 || A Strong Upturn In Reagan's Job Performance Ratings.
07/01/1983 || California Public Getting To Know Deukmejian And They Like What They See.
07/06/1983 || Cranston Moves Ahead Of Mondale As Front-Runner In California For The Democratic Presidential Nomination.
07/07/1983 || Reagan Is Now Running Stronger Against Possible Democratic Challengers In 1984 Presidential Race.
07/08/1983 || Cranston And Wilson Job Performances Seen In Favorable Light By Californians
07/13/1983 || Many Motorists Admit To Driving When They Knew They Had Had Too Much To Drink And Would Not Have Passed Alcohol Test If Stopped. Nevertheless, Still Want Stricter Drunk Driving Laws.
07/15/1983 || California Public Overwhelmingly Opposed To A Constitutional Amendment Which Would Ban Abortions.
07/19/1983 || Public Critical Of Schools And Wants Major Reforms. Commitment To Public School System Still Very Strong. Clear Willingness To Pay For Sizeable Increase In School Budgets Through Additional Taxes.
07/21/1983 || California Public Almost Universally Supports Allowing Incurably Ill Patients To Refuse Life-Prolonging Medication. Large Majority Also Supports Right' To Demand Life-Ending Medication
09/01/1983 || Marijuana Use Down. Public Favors Strict Enforcement Of Laws. Opposes Legalization Of Pot As A Way Of Getting Tax Revenue.
10/27/1983 || Reagan's Favorable Job Ratings Based Primarily On Improved Economic Conditions, But Handling Of Lebanon And Central America Situations Viewed Negatively. Concern That His Policies Will Lead To War.
10/28/1983 || Public's Favorable Regard For Deukmejian Continues To Grow.
11/01/1983 || Cranston Slips In Democratic Voter Favor. Mondale Regains Lead. Glenn Still In Third Place.
11/02/1983 || Reagan Led Democratic Rivals Prior To Grenada Invasion. John Anderson Third Party Bid Would Seriously Weaken Democratic Chances In 1984 Presidential Race
11/03/1983 || Woman Vice Presidential Candidate Would Help Democratic Ticket More Than The GOP's.
11/08/1983 || High Degree Of Public Interest In Next Year's Olympics, Majority Says It Is A Good Idea And Sees The Events As Being Good For Business
11/17/1983 || Public Dissatisfied With Electoral Process And Party System
11/23/1983 || More Of The Public In All Parts Of The State Thinks An Earthquake Likely In Their Area Disposed To Store And Water As A Precaution
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