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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1987-1989

02/03/1987 || Reagan's Job Ratings At Lowest Level In Four Years.
02/04/1987 || Deukmejian, Cranston And Wilson Favorable Job Ratings Unchanged.
02/06/1987 || Drug Use, Homeless, Traffic Congestion, Education Rank High With Crime, Pollution/Toxics As State's Most Pressing Problems.
02/10/1987 || Hart And Cuomo Lead Pack Of Democratic Presidential Candidate Possibilities. Kennedy And Iacocca Exert Strong Pull When They Are Listed.
02/11/1987 || Deukmejian As A Favorite Son Candidate For GOP Presidential Nomination Places Second Behind Bush.
02/12/1987 || Favorable Image Ratings For Six Democrats Aiming For Higher Office.
03/06/1987 || High Level Of Economic Optimism Beginning To Erode.
03/25/1987 || High Level Of Anxiety About Various Threats To Children.
04/15/1987 || Californians' View Of Reagan's Job Performance Continues On Downward Trend.
04/17/1987 || Three Out Of Four Willing To Take Drug Test But Only One-Half Believe It Will Reduce Drug Use.
04/22/1987 || Voters And Non-Voters Like Idea Of Allowing Independents To Vote In Either Major Party Primary Election.
04/24/1987 || Deukmejian Continues To Get Favorable Overall Job Rating. Seen As Doing A Good Job In Seven Specific Issue Areas But Scores Poorly On Toxic Chemicals. Gets Mixed Or Low Ratings On Eight Other Issues.
04/30/1987 || Public More Disposed To Loosen State And Local Government Purse Strings. Increase In Readiness To Pay Additional Taxes For Needed Services.
05/05/1987 || Large Majorities Continue To Approve Of Unrestricted Abortions During The First Trimester. Medi-Cal Abortion Payments To Indigent Women Still Favored.
05/11/1987 || California Public Extremely Concerned But Not Panicking About Aids. Unusually Strong Support For More Tax Funding Of Aids Research, More Mandatory Testing And More School Education About The Disease
05/18/1987 || Californians Favor More Restrictions On Smoking In Public Places. Would Approve Big Boost In Cigarette Tax.
05/25/1987 || Many Californians See Commercial Air Travel As Less Safe Today Than Five Years Ago.
06/01/1987 || Voters Like The Idea Of' An Early 1988 Presidential Primary But Not If It Costs A Lot Of Money.
06/08/1987 || Californians Overwhelmingly Support A Person's Right To Die.
08/04/1987 || Decline In The Public's Favorable View Of Reagan. Strong Sentiment For His Successor To Change Direction In National Policies.
08/06/1987 || Slippage In Public's Appraisal Of Deukmejian's Job Performance. Wilson's Ratings Remain Quite Favorable . No Change In Public's View Of Cranston.
08/11/1987 || Non-Candidate Cuomo Ahead Of Democratic Field Of Presidential Possibilities. Jackson, Dukakis And Schroeder Lead Among Announced Candidates.
08/12/1987 || Bush Maintaining Lead In GOP Presidential Nomination Race.
08/18/1987 || McCarthy Continues To• Lead Eu In Democratic Senatorial Race. Wilson's Lead Over These Two Democratic Leaders Has Narrowed.
08/25/1987 || Majority Of California Voters Favor Giving $700 Million State Surplus To Schools Rather Than Rebate. Sentiment To Modify Gann Amendment Increasing.
09/01/1987 || Many Californians Think Institution Of Marriage Has Weakened During The Past Decade.
09/07/1987 || Public Believes That People Have Become Less Honest. Large• Proportions Admit To Committing A Variety Of Dishonest Acts.
09/22/1987 || Californians Foresee A Serious Water Shortage. Support Building More Water Storage Supply Facilities But Want Conservation Steps Explored First And Guarantees That S.F. Bay And Delta Will Be Undamaged. While Highly Supportive Of Farming's Need For Water,
10/15/1987 || Californians Support The New Immigration Law But Still Feel Illegal Immigration Is A Serious Problem
11/13/1987 || Consumer Confidence In California Remains At A Very High Level. Large Majorities Say They Plan To Spend As Much Or More On Christmas As They Did Last Year
11/09/1987 || Recent Drop In Reagan's Ratings Have Stabilized. However, Half Of The Public Feels He Does Not Understand The Problems Facing The Country.
11/18/1987 || Jackson Leads Dukakis And Other Announced Candidates For Democratic Presidential Nomination. However, Cuomo Would Lead If He Were Running.
11/19/1987 || Bush Leads Dole In GOP Presidential Field. However, Dole Does Better Than Bush When Matched Against Democratic Candidates
11/24/1987 || Wilson Leads McCarthy By Nine Percentage Points. Press Trails McCarthy By Wide Margin In Democratic Primary.
11/26/1987 || Sharp Moderation In Public's Negative View Of Jerry Brown. Expectation That He Would Do A Good Job If He Returned To Politics
12/02/1987 || Voters Don't Think Clergymen Should Be In Politics. Only Small Proportions Of Voters Think Jackson Or Robertson Qualified To Be President Or Vice President.
12/04/1987 || News Organizations Probing Too Far In Private Lives Of Candidates. Most Believe Press Is Responsible, But TV Seen As Less So In Political Coverage Than Newspapers And News Magazines.
12/09/1987 || Big Increase In Gun-Owning Households. Gun Owners Feel Safer Having A Gun And Believe It Reduces Their Chance Of Being A Crime Victim.
12/11/1987 || Public Evenly Divided On Surrogate Motherhood. However, Large Majorities Believe That A Surrogate Mother Should Not Be Allowed To Break Agreement And Keep The Baby.
12/16/1987 || Tradition And Public Sentiment Does Not Favor A Congressman Being Elected President.
01/08/1988 || Where Californians Stand On A Variety Of Issues That Will Bear On This Year's Presidential Election.
02/01/1988 || State Evenly Divided Between Democrats And Republicans. Unregistered Voters Do Not Represent A Vast Reservoir Of Strength For Democrats. Women Identify More As Democrats And Men As Republicans.
02/25/1988 || Dukakis Moves To Front Of Democratic Pack In California. Jackson Slips As Gephardt Gains. Hart Support Plummets. Cuomo Appeal Still Very Strong.
02/26/1988 || Bush's Margin Over Dole Declines Among Republicans. Robertson And Kemp Trail. Robertson Appeals Strongly To GOP Evangelicals But Still Only A Minority Supports Him.
02/27/1988 || Dole Is Stronger Than Bush When Paired Against Democratic Candidates.
03/01/1988 || McCarthy Holds Big Lead In Democratic Senate Race. Wilson Continues To Lead McCarthy In General Election Match-Up.
03/03/1988 || No Change In The Relatively Highly Favorable Job Performance Ratings Achieved By Reagan, Deukmejian, Cranston And Wilson.
03/08/1988 || Four Democratic 1990 Gubernatorial Possibilities Feinstein, Honig, Van De Kamp And Davis Well Known And Highly Regarded.
03/10/1988 || Underlying Public Attitudes Toward Some Tax And Government Spending Matters Relating To Two June Ballot Measures Designed To Alter Gann Appropriation Limitations .
03/15/1988 || Underlying Public Attitudes Toward Political Campaign Financing Reform Proposals.
03/17/1988 || Overwhelming Disapproval Of Prop. 69, The Initiative Which Would Require Disclosure Of Aids Patients And Test Results To State Officials.
03/23/1988 || Taking Care Of Homeless Seen As A High Importance Issue. Large Majorities Willing To Pay $10 A Year In Additional Taxes To Provide Food And Shelter.
03/30/1988 || Personal And State's Economic Well-Being Remains High, But Expectations For The Coming Year Are More Mixed.
04/13/1988 || Dukakis Leading Jackson 44% To 33%. Both Have Added To Their Totals As Democratic Field Has Winnowed. Gore Trails With 4%.
04/14/1988 || Big Increase In Favorable Perceptions Democrats Have Of Jackson And The Effects Of His Candidacy.
04/15/1988 || Bush Trails Dukakis By 10 Percentage Points. Leads Jackson By 14.
04/18/1988 || Dole As GOP V.P. Nominee Adds Most Strength To Ticket. Howard Baker, Deukmejian, Kirkpatrick And Kemp Also Seen As Strong V.P. Assets.
04/19/1988 || Wilson Moves Out To A 14 Percentage Point Lead Over McCarthy In U.S. Senate Race.
04/21/1988 || Strong Initial Support For Five June Statewide Bond Proposals.
04/22/1988 || Sentiment Running Strong Against Prop. 69, The Aids Initiative
04/25/1988 || Initial Sentiment In Favor Of Two Campaign Spending Reform Initiatives--Prop. 68 And 73
04/26/1988 || Initial Support For Props. 71 And 72 Which Would Change Gann Spending Limits, But Not Many Voters Aware Of The Measures.
05/25/1988 || Dukakis Leads Jackson By A 57% To 28% Margin Among California Democrats.
05/26/1988 || Dukakis Leads Bush By 13 Points. Both Democratic And Republican Voter Support Levels For Bush Are Much Lower Than They Were For Reagan In 1984.
05/27/1988 || Dukakis Scores Much Better Than Bush On A Wide Range Of Image Items.
05/28/1988 || Five Bond Proposals Are Favored By Voters, But Low Interest, Low Turnout Could Effect Election Outcome.
05/30/1988 || Very Low Awareness Of Two Campaign Funding Reform Initiatives, Props. 68 And 73.
05/31/1988 || Props. 71 And 72 Not Generating Much Voter Interest.
06/01/1988 || Low Level Of Voter Interest In Prop. 69, The Aids Initiative.
06/02/1988 || Wilson Enlarges Lead To 19 Points Over McCarthy.
06/06/1988 || Estimate That Less Than 5.7 Million Californians Will Vote Next Tuesday. This Figure Represents Only 30% Of Citizens Eligible To Vote--Another All Time Low For A Presidential Primary.
06/10/1988 || Large Majority Of Voters Believe Car Insurance Rates Much Too High. Blame Insurance Companies, Trial Lawyers And Drivers For High Rates.
07/15/1988 || Californians Have Mixed Views Of The Effect Of The State's Expanding Minority Population
08/02/1988 || Reagan's Job Performance Ratings Remain At Relatively High Level.
08/03/1988 || Dukakis Leads Bush By 16 Points. Neither Deukmejian, Dole Nor Kemp As GOP V.P. Nominee Provides Much Help For Bush.
08/04/1988 || Deukmejian Continues To Get Good Overall Job Marks. However, On A Number Of Issues His Ratings Are Relatively Unfavorable.
08/05/1988 || Wilson's Lead Over McCarthy Narrows To 14 Percentage Points.
08/09/1988 || Initial Positive Voter Reaction To Four Of The Five Auto Insurance Initiatives. Only Prop. 104 (No-Fault) Is Generating Early Negative Reaction.
08/10/1988 || Initial Sentiment In Favor Of Prop. 95 (Housing And Nutritional Assistance), Prop. 97 (Cal-Osha), Prop. 98 (School Funding) And Prop. 99 (Cigarette And Tobacco Tax).
08/11/1988 || Majorities Initially Supportive Of Nine Statewide Bond Measures.
08/16/1988 || Initial Favorable Voter Reaction To Two New Aids Initiatives, Props. 96 And 102.
09/15/1988 || Big Previous Dukakis Lead In California Has Vanished.
09/17/1988 || Quayle Hurts GOP Presidential Chances.
09/21/1988 || Insurance Reform Initiatives Props. 100, 103 And 106 Generating Majority Support. Negative Response To Prop. 104. Prop. 101 Vote Divided.
09/22/1988 || Decline In Voter Approval Margin Of Prop. 99, Cigarette Tax Increase Initiative.
09/23/1988 || Voters Express Sharply Differing Perceptions Of Dukakis' And Bush's Strengths And Weaknesses.
09/24/1988 || Support For Prop. 102 Declining.
10/19/1988 || Bush Moves To A Nine Point Lead Over Dukakis Following Last Week's Debate.
10/20/1988 || GOP Ticket Leading Despite Heavy Quayle Drag.
10/21/1988 || Wilson Maintains Substantial Lead Over McCarthy Despite Increase In Size Of Undecided Voter Group.
10/24/1988 || Voter Confusion, Doubt And Uncertainty Creating A High Degree Of Negative Reaction To Each Of Five Competing Auto Insurance Reform Initiatives.
10/25/1988 || Decline In Support For Prop. 102, The Aids Reporting Initiative.
10/26/1988 || Declining Levels Of Support For Props. 95, 97, 98 And 99.
10/27/1988 || Public Still Supports Nine Statewide Bond Issues, But At Lower Levels Than Before.
11/04/1988 || Bush Leads Dukakis By 6 Points Among Registered Voters And 8 Points Among Likely Voters. Democrats Would Be Ahead If Bentsen Were The Presidential Nominee.
11/04/1988 || Wilson Leads McCarthy By 14 Points Among Registered Voters And 16 Points Among Likely Voters.
11/04/1988 || Increasing Negative Voter Sentiment Against Insurance Reform Initiatives. Prop. 103 Clings To Slim Lead.
11/05/1988 || Growing Tide Of "No" Votes On Prop. 102 Puts Outcome In Doubt.
11/04/1988 || Still Majority Support For Props. 95, 97, 98 And 99, But Negative Trend On The Increase For All Measures Except Prop. 97.
11/05/1988 || Voters Support Each Of 9 State Bond Measures, But At Varying Levels.
11/07/1988 || Despite A Record Number Of Almost 10.3 Million Californians Casting Ballots, The Proportion Of Citizens Voting Will Be The Lowest Since 1924.
02/07/1989 || Public Has Favorable Expectations Of The Kind Of Job Bush Will Do As President
02/08/1989 || Wide Differences In Identification And Image Appraisals Of 41 Political Personalities.
02/09/1989 || Wilson Strongest GOP Gubernatorial Candidate. Feinstein, Van De Kamp, McCarthy Close Together In Preferences Among Democrats.
02/10/1989 || Public Thinks Jerry Brown Will Do A Better Job As Democratic State Chairman Than He Did As Governor.
02/14/1989 || Passage Of Prop. 103 A Good Thing, But Public Is Skeptical That Insurance Rates Will Go Down.
02/16/1989 || Public More Disposed To Tax Itself For Needed Public Services.
02/21/1989 || Large Majority Of California Public Continues To Support Pro-Choice Position On Abortion.
02/23/1989 || Strong Support For Prisoners Working For Pay.
02/02/1989 || Voters Prefer That Party Candidates For Governor And Lt. Governor Run Separately Rather Than As A Ticket.
03/03/1989 || Illegal Drug Use, Aids And Crime Top Public Concerns.
03/10/1989 || While Public Still Has A Very Positive View Of The Initiative Process, There Is Considerable Support For Some Changes In The System.
04/27/1989 || Bush's Job Performance Not Measuring Up To Expectations. Deukmejian's Favorable Image Declines
04/28/1989 || Wilson Bests Feinstein, Van De Ramp And Davis In Simulated 1990 General Election Trial Heats
05/02/1989 || Voters Evenly Divided On Gas Tax Boost. Oppose Excluding Transportation Outlays From Spending Limit. Favor Bond Issue For Mass Transit.
05/04/1989 || Big Drop In Californians' Rating Of State As A Place To Live.
05/09/1989 || Voters Largely Uninterested And Unaware Of Legislative Redistricting Matters
05/11/1989 || Public Most Concerned About Air Travel Safety But Are Not Flying Less
05/17/1989 || Californians Dissatisfied With Media In Presidential Election Night Reporting. Supports Banning Projections And Favors Uniform Poll Closing
05/24/1989 || Overwhelming Public Support For Random Drug Testing
06/01/1989 || Declining Sense Of Economic Well-Being
07/26/1989 || Most Disagree With Court's Webster Decision. Public Even More Disposed To Favor First Trimester Abortion Rights. Heavy Support For Medi-Cal Abortion Funding.
07/27/1989 || Voters Evenly Divided On June Ballot Proposition Which Would Boost Gas Taxes And Raise The Gann Spending Limit.
07/28/1989 || Majority Of Californians Disagree With Supreme Court's Flag Burning Decision And Would Approve Constitutional Amendment Making Such An Act Illegal.
08/01/1989 || Wilson And Van De Kamp Leading In 1990 Gubernatorial Primary Races. Wilson Ahead Of Van De Kamp And Feinstein In Simulated General Election Match-Ups.
08/02/1989 || Public Skeptical That Passage Of Prop. 103 Will Reduce Auto Insurance Rates. Wide Open Race In Next Year's Insurance Commissioner Election.
08/03/1989 || Voter Sentiment Fluid And Uncrystallized In Next Year's A-G, Lt. Governor And State Treasurer Races.
08/08/1989 || Many Do Not Think State And Local Politicians Are Honest. Most See No Difference Between Democrats And Republicans In Regard To Honesty And Ethics.
08/10/1989 || Sharp Increase In Opposition To Offshore Oil Drilling. Majority Opposes Building More Nuclear Power Plants.
08/16/1989 || Strong Support Among Democrats And Republicans For Moving Up California's Presidential Primary Election From June To March.
08/24/1989 || Only Small Proportions Of The Public Can Name Their Congressional, State Senate Or Assembly Representative.
10/27/1989 || Californians Overwhelmingly Want World Series To Continue.
10/31/1989 || People In All Parts Of The State Think That A Major Earthquake Will Occur In Their Area, But Few Worry A Lot About It. Heavy Approval Of A Temporary One-Half Cent Sales Tax Increase For Repairs And Safety Modifications To Existing Bridges, Freeways, And Roads In All Parts Of The State.
11/01/1989 || Increased Voter Support For June 1990 Traffic Congestion Relief And Spending Limitation Ballot Proposal.
11/03/1989 || Favorable Job Performance Ratings For Bush, Deukmejian, And Wilson. Unfavorable Appraisal Of Quayle. No Change In Cranston Ratings.
11/03/1989 || Van De Kamp Has Bigger Lead Over Feinstein In Democratic Gubernatorial Primary And In A Virtual Tie With Wilson In Simulated General Election Contest.
11/08/1989 || Democratic Candidate Possibilities For State Insurance Commissioner Run Stronger Than Republicans. Gillespie Has High Identification But Heavy Negative Image.
11/09/1989 || Early Measurements Of Candidate Awareness And Preferences In Next Year's Attorney General, State Treasurer, Lt. Governor And Sec'y Of State Races.
11/17/1989 || Majority Opposes Laws Which Would Make It More Difficult To Get An Abortion. Issue Could Be Significant In Next Year's Gubernatorial, State Legislature, And Congressional Elections.
12/01/1989 || Wide Differences In Identification And Image Appraisals Of Forty Political Personalities.
12/21/1989 || Big Plunge In Public's Appraisal Of Alan Cranston. Majority Of Voters Not Inclined To Vote For Him If He Should Seek Reelection.
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