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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1990-1993

02/13/1990 || Big Surge In Voter Support For Feinstein In The Governor's Race
02/14/1990 || Large Majority Public Still Highly Critical Of Cranston. Not Inclined To Vote For Him For Another Term.
02/14/1990 || Public Overwhelmingly Favors 15-Day Waiting Period For Sporting Rifle And Shotgun Purchases
02/15/1990 || Several Possible Democratic Candidates Show Up Better Than Cranston In Early 1992 Senatorial Preference Test.
02/16/1990 || Favorable View Of Bush As President Continues. Deukmejian And Wilson Job Ratings Decline. Very Negative Appraisal Of Cranston's Performance.
02/21/1990 || Tight Democratic A-G Race. Not Much Voter Attention Being Paid To State Treasurer, Lt. Gov., State Controller, Secretary Of State Contests.
02/22/1990 || Garamendi Leads All Other Democrats In Insurance Commissioner Race.
02/23/1990 || Voters Evenly Divided On Prop. 111, The Gas Tax Increase And Raise In Gann Spending Limit.
02/27/1990 || Voters Largely Unaware Of Two June Reapportionment Initiatives. Initial Reaction More Positive To Prop. 118 (Flynn Initiative) Than Prop. 119 (Huening Initiative).
02/28/1990 || Voters Support Limiting Terms Officials. Idea Of Elected
03/01/1990 || Democratic And Republican Voters Favor An Earlier Presidential Primary.
04/16/1990 || Voter Attitude Still Thumbs Down On Cranston. Large Majority Not Inclined To Vote For Him If He Should Run Again. Rising Sentiment For Resignation.
04/17/1990 || Van De Kamp And Feinstein Tied In Democratic Voter Preference
04/18/1990 || Voters In A-G, State Large Proportions Of Undecided Treasurer, Lt. Governor, State Insurance Commissioner Races.
04/19/1990 || Sentiment Running In Favor . Of Prop. 111 (Gas Tax) And Prop. 118 (Flynn) Reapportionment Measure. Voters Divided On Prop. 119 (Huening) Remapping Initiative.
05/11/1990 || Feinstein Holds Slim Lead Over Van De Kamp In Governor's Race.
05/12/1990 || Tight Contests For Democratic Attorney-General And State Insurance Commissioner Nominations.
05/15/1990 || With Less Than A Month Before The Election, Voters Not Paying Much Attention To Major Ballot Initiatives.
06/04/1990 || Governor's Race Enlarging Feinstein Lead Over Van De Kamp In Closing Days Of Campaign.
06/04/1990 || Very Close Race For Democratic Reiner And Smith Locked In A Attorney-General Nomination.
06/04/1990 || Press And Garamendi Running Very Close Together For Democratic Nomination. Collis Gaining Ground In Third Position. GOP Voters Inattentive To Republican Contest.
06/04/1990 || Hayes Still Leads Buchanan But State Treasurer Race Margin Has Narrowed Among Republicans. Brown Has Big Lead In Democratic Race.
06/04/1990 || Seymour Has Small Lead Over Lt. Governors Race Bergeson, With 56% Of The State's GOP Voters Inattentive Or Undecided.
06/04/1990 || Increasing Support For Flores Secretary Of State Race In GOP Secretary Of State Contest.
06/04/1990 || Propositions 111 And 108 Supporters Continue To Outnumber Opponents On Prop. 111, Although Lead Is Just 6 Points Among Likely Voters. Prop. 108 Favored.
06/04/1990 || Big Increase In No Vote Props 118 And 119 Sentiment Toward Reapportionment Initiatives.
08/28/1990 || Political Demographic Profile Actual State Democratic Republican Split Much Narrower Than Registration Totals Suggest. Pronounced Differences In Party Identification Between Men And Women, Race, Ethnic, Religious Groups. White Non-Hispanics Account For 58% Of State's Population, But 83% Of The Voters.
06/05/1990 || Today's Turnout May Represent The Lowest Participation Rate In A Statewide Primary Election During The Past Sixty Years.
08/30/1990 || Governor's Race Offsetting Pronounced Gender Biases Resulting In Almost Overall Division Of Voter Preferences For Feinstein And Wilson.
08/31/1990 || Preference Standings In Races For Attorney General, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, Secretary Of State, And Controller.
09/03/1990 || Public Appraisal Of Deukmejian's Job Performance As Governor Less Favorable Than It Has Ever Been.
09/04/1990 || Cranston's Public Esteem And Vote Support Continues To Plunge.
09/05/1990 || Some Softening In Publics Strong Resistance To Offshore Oil Drilling But Large Majority Still Opposed.
09/06/1990 || November State Ballot Will Include Twenty-Eight Controversial Propositions. Voters Face Unusual Array Of Measures And "Counter Measures".
09/07/1990 || Voters Like The Idea Of Limiting Terms Of State Office-Holders. Strong Instinctive Support For Props. 131 And 140.
09/12/1990 || Very Low Awareness Of Props. 136 (State, Local Taxation) And Prop. 139 (Prison Inmate Labor).
09/12/1990 || Appraisal Of State Legislature, Brown And Roberti On A Downward Slide.
09/13/1990 || Declining Majority Supportive Of The Initiative System.
10/11/1990 || Bush's High Marks For Managing Persian Gulf Crisis Offsets Negative And Lukewarm Appraisal Of His Handling Of Budget Deficit And National Economy.
10/11/1990 || Californians Favor Waiting For Economic Sanctions To Work Rather Than Attacking Or Pulling Out Of Iraq.
10/12/1990 || Wilson Has Five Point Lead-Over Feinstein. Debate Did Not Materially Change Relative Standings.
10/13/1990 || Reasons For Supporting Wilson And Feinstein. .
10/15/1990 || Lungren Leads Smith In A-G Race; Brown Has Small Advantage Over Hayes In Contest For Treasurer Democrats Hold Sizeable Leads In Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Secretary Of State And Controller Races
10/16/1990 || Voter Preferences On Prop. 128 (Big Green), Prop 134 (Nickel A Drink) And Prop. 130 (Forests Forever) Vary Considerably Depending On Awareness Of Fiscal Impact Of Each Initiative.
10/17/1990 || Voters Continue To Support Term Limit Propositions 140 And 131.
10/18/1990 || Low Awareness Of Props. 136 (Taxation), 139 (Prison Labor), 129 (Drug Enforcement) And 133 (Sales Tax)
10/24/1990 || Voters Think Most Statewide Ballot Propositions Are Not Understandable To The Average Person. Most Expect To Spend Relatively Little Time Reading The Long November Election Ballot Pamphlet.
10/26/1990 || Where Voters Stand On Issues Not Always Related To Preferences In Governor's Race.
11/01/1990 || Wilson Lengthens Lead Over Feinstein With A Week To Go In Governor's Race.
11/02/1990 || Support Declining On Props. 128, 134 And 130 Along With Their Counter Initiatives. Prop. 140 And 131 Continue To Lead But By Varying Margins.
11/03/1990 || Low Voter Awareness Of Props. 129, 133, 136, 139.
11/03/1990 || Preferences For Statewide Constitutional Offices Other Than Governor.
11/06/1990 || Record Low Voter Participation Level Expected Today.
02/15/1991 || Californians Very Supportive Of U.S. War Effort. Strong Preference To Continue Exerting Air Power Before Using Ground Troops. Optimistic That War Will Be Won In About Six Months.
02/16/1991 || Public's High Regard For Bush's Handling Of Persian Gulf War Outweighs His Not So Favorable Ratings On Domestic Issues.
02/18/1991 || Cranston Still Viewed Most Negatively By Californians. Majority Now Thinks He Should Resign From The Senate.
02/20/1991 || Two Open U.S. Senate Seats In 1992 Attracting Large Number Of Potential Democratic Candidates.
02/21/1991 || Present Voter Support For Possible 1992 GOP Senatorial Candidates.
02/26/1991 || Majority Of California Voters Inclined To Vote For Bush In 1992. Quayle Isa Drag On The GOP Ticket. Either Baker, Cheney, Dole Or Powell Would Add Strength.
02/28/1991 || The 1991 Democratic Presidential Primary Election Not Generating Much Voter Interest. Large Proportions Either Unaware Of Or Disinclined To Favor Most Of The Possible Candidates.
03/05/1991 || Californians Recognize That State And Local Governments Are In Bad Financial Shape, But Resist Tax Increases
03/07/1991 || Californians More Optimistic About Own Economic Condition Than Of The Overall State Economy
06/11/1991 || Taxpayers Speak: Raise Tax Rates On High Income Earners And Business. Reduce Business Lunch Deductions. Don't Cut Schools, Prison Or Afdc Budgets. O.K. To Extend Sales Tax On Some Items And Eliminate Renters' Credit. Sales Tax Increase Of 1/4 Cents Not Favored.
06/12/1991 || Appraisal Of Bush Still High. Boost In Public's View Of Quayle's Performance. Wilson Job Ratings Take Turn For The Worse.
06/13/1991 || Feinstein Has Big Lead Over Davis In Democratic Nomination For The Two Year U.S. Senate Seat. Jerry Brown Has Small Lead In Crowded Race For Six Year Senate Term.
06/14/1991 || Seymour Leads Dannemeyer In GOP Primary For Two Year Senate Seat, But Trails Feinstein And Davis In General Election Match-Ups. Herschensohn And Campbell Divide Evenly GOP Support For Six Year Seat.
06/18/1991 || Large Proportion Of Californians Inclined To Re-Elect Bush. However, Similar Large Majority Wants Bush To Drop Quayle.
06/19/1991 || Bush Has Unusually Large Margins Of Preference Over All 1992 Democratic Candidate Possibilities.
06/20/1991 || Public Disagrees With Supreme Court Decision Banning Abortion Counseling. Wants State To Replace Funds Lost To Clinics.
09/30/1991 || Large Majority Of All Californians Want Wilson To Sign Gay Rights Bill. Only Among Small Proportion Of GOPers Who Are Strong Conservatives Is There Majority Sentiment For A Veto.
10/02/1991 || Public's Previous High Regard For Wilson's Job Performance Takes A Strong Negative Turn.
10/03/1991 || Feinstein Maintaining Lead Over Davis For Two-Year U.S. Senate Seat. McCarthy Increases Lead Over Boxer And Levine Following Brown's Withdrawal For Six-Year Seat.
10/04/1991 || Seymour Continues To Lead Dannemeyer. Campbell Has Edge Over Herschensohn. Feinstein And Davis Ahead Of Seymour In General Election Pairings. McCarthy In Front Of Campbell And Berschensohn.
10/08/1991 || Despite A Slight Easing Of Bush's Favorability, He Is Overwhelmingly Supported For Re-Election In 1992. None Of Nine Possible Democratic Candidates Comes Close To Matching Bush In Voter Support.
10/09/1991 || Cranston Still Viewed Most Unfavorably. Seymour Is Favorably Regarded By The Minority Of The Public Who Can Rate Him.
10/10/1991 || Two In Three Support Testing Of Abortion Pill Ru486
10/16/1991 || Public Enthusiasm For State Lottery On The Wane
10/17/1991 || Current Mood Of The Public Indicates A Hard Fight To Get Voter Approval For Simple Majorities To Prevail In Local Bond Elections
11/01/1991 || Majority Believes Japan-U.S. Relations Are Friendly, But Residual Negative Feelings Stemming From WWII. Public Sharply Divided As To Whether Japanese Government Should Participate In Next Month's 50th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor Attack. Public Views Japan-U.S. Trade Deficit As Very Serious. Despite Belief That U.S. Is Somewhat To Blame For Trade Imbalance, Public Favors Trade Restrictions And Tariff Increases.
11/28/1991 || Majority Of Californians Plan To Cut Back On Their Christmas Holiday Season Spending
12/10/1991 || California Public's View Of The State's Economy And Their Own Present And Future Financial Status Is The Gloomiest Ever Recorded During Past Thirty Years.
12/20/1991 || Public Recognizes State In Poor Financial Condition But Is Resistant To Raising Taxes Or Cutting Back On Programs And Services.
01/22/1992 || Feinstein Maintains Big Lead Over Davis. McCarthy Ahead In Six-Year Seat Contest. Boxer Gains A Little. Levine's Support Still In Single Digits.
01/23/1992 || Seymour Leading GOP Rivals But Trailing Feinstein And Davis. Campbell And Herschensohn Tied. Bono Well-Known But GOP Voters Disinclined To Vote For Him
01/24/1992 || Bush's Popularity Plummets. Majority Of California Voters Disinclined To Re-Elect Him:. Quayles Presence On Ticket Still A Drag.
01/25/1992 || Sharp Decline In Bush's Huge Preference Leads Over Possible Democratic Presidential Rivals
01/28/1992 || Wilson's Job Ratings Remain Negative. Three Previous Governors Had Better Job Ratings Than Wilson After Their First Year In Office.
01/30/1992 || Public Continues To Disapprove Of The Notion Of Dividing California Into Two States -- North And South
02/04/1992 || Public Sympathetic Toward Afdc Families, But Supports Changes In The System: To Reduce Dependency. Majorities Oppose 10% Cut In Monthly Welfare Payments.
02/07/1992 || Public Opposes Some Tax Law Changes Which Would Reduce Or Eliminate Deductions. Accepts Some Revisions In Budget Process And Rejects Others.
02/14/1992 || Views Of Individual Legislators Different Than Overall Images Of Legislative Bodies. Strong Latent Anti-Incumbency Attitudes.
03/24/1992 || Brown And Clinton Evenly Dividing California's Democratic Vote
03/25/1992 || Big Drop In Bush's Previous Leads Over Democratic Contenders Clinton And Brown
03/27/1992 || Feinstein Has Big Lead Over Davis. Gender Not A Factor. Seymour Still Leading Dannemeyer.
03/21/1992 || Further Deterioration In Congress' Standing As A Result Of Bad Check Scandal
04/02/1992 || No Change In Public's Long Standing Overwhelming Support For The Death Penalty
04/07/1992 || Public Approval Of Governor Wilson's Job Performance Still Declining.
04/09/1992 || Public's Present Disposition Is To Approve Two Bond Issues (Prop. 152 And 153) On June Statewide Ballot.
05/12/1992 || California Democrats Unenthused About Clinton, Brown. Wish There Were Other Choices. Support The Idea Of The Party Considering Perot As Its Democratic Presidential Nominee.
05/13/1992 || Esteem For Bush At New Low. While President Has Edge Over Clinton In Two-Way Race, Perot Leads Bush And Clinton In Three Way Race.
05/14/1992 || Perot's Support Widely Based. Cuts Across Partisan, Ideological And Other Demographic Lines. Supporters See Him As An Unconventional Politician Who Can Overhaul Government.
05/15/1992 || Democratic Race For Six-Year U.S. Senate Seat Now A Three-Way Contest
05/16/1992 || Feinstein And Seymour Maintaining Primary Election Leads For "Two-Year" Senate Seat
05/20/1992 || "Yes" Voters Still Outnumber "No" Voters On Props. 152 And 153
05/22/1992 || Wilson's Job Rating Has Improved But Still Remains More Negative Than Positive
05/27/1992 || Slight Easing Of Support For Death Penalty Following Harris Execution
05/29/1992 || Large Majority Of Californians Favor Pro-Choice Position On Abortion. Candidates Stand On Abortion Issue Can Be Important In Determining Election Outcomes.
06/01/1992 || Clinton Leading Brown. Bush Way Ahead Of Buchanan In Presidential Primaries.
06/01/1992 || Boxer And Campbell Holding Narrow Leads Over Rivals In Democratic And Republican Six-Year Senatorial Seat Primaries
06/01/1992 || Feinstein And Seymour Leading Primary Election Opponents For Two-Year U.S. Senate Seat
06/01/1992 || Narrowing Of Pluralities Favoring Props. 152 And 153. Outcomes In Doubt.
06/02/1992 || Perot's Lead Over Bush And Clinton Grows. However, Large Proportions Of Perot's Voters Say They Might Change Mind By November.
06/02/1992 || Today's Voting Participation Rate Likely To Be The Lowest In Last Sixty Years
06/23/1992 || Current Electoral College Vote Dmsion Is Almost Entirely A Perot Vs. Bush Contest, Minimizing The Probability Of House Of Representatives Selecting The Next President.
07/28/1992 || Budget Deadlock Big Factor In Highly Unfavorable Views Of Wilson And Legislature
07/29/1992 || Clinton Vaults Into The Largest Ever Pre-Election Presidential Poll Lead (34-Points). Gore A Big Asset And Quayle A Big Liability
07/30/1992 || Feinstein And Boxer Have Big Leads Over Seymour And Herschensohn.
07/31/1992 || Clinton-Gore Seen As Better Able Than Bush-Quayle To Handle Most Of Nation's Pressing Issues.
08/05/1992 || Despite Recent Major Temblors, California Public Not Too Worried About Earthquakes.
08/01/1992 || California Residents No Longer See The State As One Of The Best Places To Live. Big Increase In The Proportion Rating The State As A Poor Place Or Just Average.
09/16/1992 || Majority Disapproves Of State Budget; Most Give Negative Ratings To All Democratic And Republican Politicians Involved.
09/17/1992 || Clinton Leads Bush By 19 Points In A Three-Way Race With Perot. Bush's Image And Job Ratings Very Unfavorable.
09/18/1992 || Clinton Leads Bush On Most Issues Which Voters Rate Very Important. Clinton Ahead In Most Areas Of The State And Among Most Demographic Sub-Groups.
09/19/1992 || Feinstein And Boxer Holding Sizeable Leads In U.S. Senate Races
09/22/1992 || Three Ballot Propositions (163, 165, And 167) Dealing With State Revenues And Taxation Not Getting Much Early Voter Attention.
09/23/1992 || Initial Voter Favoritism For Initiatives Dealing With Physician-Assisted Death (Prop. 161), Congressional Term Limits (Prop. 164), And Basic Health Care Coverage (Prop. 166).
09/24/1992 || Dismal Job Ratings For Wilson, Legislature And Congress; Ratings Less Negative When Assessing Individual Representatives.
09/25/1992 || If Clinton Elected Voters Would Like To See More Democrats In Congress. Voters Less Disposed To Send More Republicans To Congress If Bush Is Elected
09/29/1992 || Barbara Bush Is A Bigger Election Campaign Asset Than Hillary Clinton.
10/01/1992 || Californians Very Gloomy About State's Economy And Their Own Financial Well-Being.
10/08/1992 || Public Concerned About Many Issues. State Economy, Aids, Public Schools, Crime And Law Enforcement Head The List.
10/09/1992 || Clinton Has 21-Point Lead. Perot's Support Collapses.
10/10/1992 || While Perot Has Lost Personal Support, Voters Feel That His Candidacy Will Help Focus Attention On The Economy And Budget Deficit.
10/13/1992 || Boxer's Lead Over Herschensohn Is Halved To Eleven Points. Feinstein Leads By Sixteen Points Over Seymour.
10/14/1992 || Voter Awareness Remains Low Regarding Props. 163, 165 And 167.
10/15/1992 || Prop. 164 (Congressional Term Limits) Only Initiative Where Voters Have Taken A Firm Position.
10/29/1992 || Political Demographic Differences Between Democrats And Republicans, Voters And Non-Voters
10/30/1992 || Clinton Holds 16-Point Lead Over Bush Despite A Strong Surge For Perot.
10/30/1992 || Boxer's Once Commanding 22-Point Lead Now Down To One Point. Feinstein Maintaining Fourteen Point Lead Over Seymour.
10/31/1992 || Voter Awareness Remains Relatively Low On State Ballot Initiatives. While Support For Prop. 164 Stays Firm, Outcomes Of Props. 161, 163, 165, 166 And 167 In Doubt.
01/29/1993 || Participation Rate Of California Voters In Last November Election Was Up Just One Point Over 1988. Absentee Voting Reached New High. Some Big Differences Between Precinct And Absentee Voters.
02/10/1993 || High Job Expectations For Clinton But Public Was More Optimistic About Reagan And Bush's Ability To Perform When They First Took Office.
02/11/1993 || Downturn In Wilson's Rating Has Bottomed Out. Job Ratings Of Other• State Officeholders.
02/12/1993 || Kathleen Brown Currently Favored Over Garamendi As 1994 Democratic Nominee For Governor. Both Democrats Run Well Ahead Of Wilson In Simulated Match-Ups
02/17/1993 || Californians Continue To Rate Their Personal Financial Condition In Negative Terms. However, Many Expect Things To Get Better In Next Twelve Months.
02/23/1993 || Public Recognizes State's Poor Financial Condition. Little Confidence In Governor And Legislature In Resolving Budget Deficit. Large Majority Support For Extending 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Increase.
03/12/1993 || Big Increase In Public's Desire To Ban Smoking In Many Public Places.
05/26/1993 || Clinton's Job Performance Not Measuring Up To Public's Expectations.
05/27/1993 || No Job Performance Of Any Previous Governor In Past Thirty Years Was Ever Viewed As Negatively As Wilson's Is Now.
05/28/1993 || Public Disposed To Extend Half Cent Sales Tax Increase For Another Year. Against Elimination Of Renter's Income Tax Credit.
05/21/1993 || Upsurge In Ross Perot's Popularity In California.
06/02/1993 || Kathleen Brown Continues To Be Front-Runner For Democratic Gubernatorial Nomination.
06/03/1993 || Feinstein's Performance Viewed Positively. Most Support Her Reelection To The Senate In 1994.
06/07/1993 || Californians Revert Back To A More Gloomy Outlook About Their Own And State's Economic Future.
06/11/1993 || Compared To Boxer, Feinstein Is Viewed Much More Favorably And Seen As Able To Do A Better Job In The Senate.
08/19/1993 || Californians Have Favorable View Of Legal Immigrants. However, Ready To Support Some Proposals Which Would Restrict And Penalize Illegal Immigrants
08/20/1993 || Clinton Getting So-So Job Ratings. Improvement In Wilson Appraisal.
08/21/1993 || Two Definite Impressions Of Clinton's Deficit Reduction Plan: Taxes Will Go Up And Little Or No Deficit Reduction.
08/23/1993 || Improvements In Feinstein And Boxer Job Ratings.
08/24/1993 || Voters Unenthusiastic About Choices For Governor In 1994
08/25/1993 || Less Than One Half Of' Tate's Voters Aware Of School Voucher Initiative (Prop. 174) And Sentiment Is Running 4-3 Against. Lower Awareness Of Props. 170 (Majority Vote) And 172 (Sales Tax).
08/26/1993 || Feinstein's U.S. Senate Reelection Chances Look Favorable
09/27/1993 || California Public's Relationship Between Religion And Politics Quantified. Three Distinct Groups Emerge -Religious Right, Religious Moderates And Secularists. Sharp Difference In Opinions Exist On Social And Political Issues.
10/19/1993 || Strong Negative Tide Running Against Prop. 174 School Voucher Initiative.
10/20/1993 || More Support For Prop. 172 When It Is Seen As Sales Tax Extension Than As It Is Described In Ballot Label. School Construction Bond Issue (Prop. 170) Trailing
10/21/1993 || Big Improvement In Clinton's Job Ratings Among Californians
10/22/1993 || Belief That NAFTA Will Decrease Jobs And Hurt Business Causing Negative View Of Trade Pact
10/23/1993 || Wilson Job Ratings Drop Again; Small Decline In Generally Positive Ratings Of Feinstein, Boxer
10/26/1993 || Strong Disinclination To Reelect Wilson In 1994. Brown Maintaining Lead Over Garamendi
10/27/1993 || Feinstein Has Big Leads Over GOP Possibilities In 1994 Re-Election Bid
10/29/1993 || Perot Has Lost Luster. Decline In The Proportions Who Like Him And Think His Actions Will Help Solve Country's Problems.
11/02/1993 || Large Majority (60%) Against Splitting State In Two. 79% Disapprove Of Three-Way Division.
11/05/1993 || Majority Of Californians Approve Of Clinton's Health Care Reform Package Despite Expectations Their Medical Costs And Taxes Will Go Up.
11/24/1993 || Californians Extremely Concerned About A Wide Array Of Problems; Crime Is Now State's Top Issue
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