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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1994-1995

01/20/1994 || Clinton's Job Ratings Are His Best Yet; Wilson's Ratings Improve, But Still At Historically Low Levels.
01/21/1994 || While Still Ahead Of Garamendi Among Democrats, Brown's Lead Over Wilson Narrows Among All Voters
01/22/1994 || Feinstein Very Favorably Regarded. Has Big Leads Over Each Of Three Republican Senatorial Candidates.
01/26/1994 || Overwhelming Support For "Three Strikes And You're Out" Initiative
02/01/1994 || Fear Of Becoming A Crime Victim Increasing. Most Don't Think Having A Gun Would Make Them Feel More Secure. Guns Now Too Easy To Obtain, But Opinions Are Divided About Whether Stronger Gun Controls Will Reduce Violent Crime.
02/02/1994 || Public Less Willing Now Than Following 1989 Loma Prieta To Increase Sales Or Gasoline Taxes To Pay For Earthquake Relief And Repair.
02/03/1994 || Public Gives Elected Officials High Marks For Response To L.A Earthquake. Wilson Job Ratings Improve.
02/04/1994 || Greater Level Of Worry About Earthquakes. More Residents Considering Moving Out Of The State Because Of Quake Fears
02/10/1994 || Californians Once Golden Image Of The State Has Palled Considerably In Recent Years
02/16/1994 || Californians Remain Gloomy About Their Personal Financial Condition. Increased Concern About Job Security. Still See State's Economy In Bad Times
04/12/1994 || Favorable Public Regard For Clinton And His Job Performance. Only Small Proportion Believe Clintons Committed Serious Whitewater Illegalities. Hillary's Image Has Suffered.
04/13/1994 || Wilson's Improved Job Ratings Appear To Have Eroded Slightly. Feinstein And Boxer's Job Performances Viewed Favorably.
04/14/1994 || Remarkable Stability In Gubernatorial Preferences Over Past 14 Months. Brown Still Leads In Democratic Race. Wilson Still Trails Garamendi And Brown In General Election Match-Ups.
04/15/1994 || Most Republicans Undecided About U.S. Senate Primary. Feinstein Comfortably Ahead Of All GOP Hopefuls.
04/16/1994 || Voters Offer Their Views About The Good And Bad Qualities Of Four Major Gubernatorial Candidates.
04/19/1994 || Low Voter Familiarity With Candidates Running For Many Statewide Constitutional Offices.
04/21/1994 || Initial Favorable Voter Disposition Toward Four June Ballot Bond Measures
05/18/1994 || Unz Tapping Anti-Wilson GOP Votes. Brown Still Leads Democratic Field.
05/19/1994 || Huffington Vaults Ahead In GOP Senatorial Primary; Traub Feinstein By Only 7 Points
05/20/1994 || Public's View Of Clinton Has Declined Somewhat. Compared To Whitewater Dealings, Fewer Say Sex Life Accusations Are Important In Judging Him: As President
05/21/1994 || Races For Statewide Offices Other Than Governor And U.S. Senate Not Drawing Much Interest. Huge Blocs Of Primary Voters Are Undecided
05/24/1994 || Statewide Bond Measures: Voters Disposed To Favor Prop. Lb. Support Levels Declining For Props. La, Ic And Ld.
05/26/1994 || Job Ratings Of Legislature Overall Remain Low, But Opinions Of One's Own State Legislators Are Positive; Overwhelming Disapproval Of Legislative Pay Hike.
06/07/1994 || Today's Voting Participation Rate Likely To Be The Lowest In Post World War It Era.
06/10/1994 || Legal Immigrants Are Viewed Positively, Illegals' Negatively; Broad Support For Measures To Reduce Illegal Immigration; Some Proposals To Limit The Rights Of Illegals Polarize The Public.
07/19/1994 || Majority Of Californians Thinks That Simpson Is Guilty. Plurality Thinks It More Likely To Be "Heat Of Passion" Manslaughter Rather Than First Degree Premeditated Murder.
07/20/1994 || While Brown Clings To Narrow Five-Point Preference Lead, More Voters Expect Wilson To Be Re-Elected Governor.
07/21/1994 || Support For Feinstein Weakening. Huffington Trailing By Just Six Points
07/22/1994 || Brown And Wilson Voters Offer Much Different Reasons For Their Preferences
07/23/1994 || Continuing Erosion In Clinton's Job Performance Ratings. Only 36% Are Inclined To Support A Re-Election Bid.
07/26/1994 || Seven Statewide Races Other Than Governor And U.S. Senator Not Drawing Much Voter Attention
07/28/1994 || Majorities Of Voters Unaware Of Three Of Four Controversial Ballot Initiatives. Early Support For Prop. 184 (Three Strikes) And Prop. 187 (Save Our State).
08/03/1994 || Crime Remains Top State Issue; Many Other Issues Of Great Concern.
09/21/1994 || Prior To Haiti Accord, Clinton's Job Ratings Were Declining
09/22/1994 || Voter Preferences Split Evenly Between Feinstein And Huffington
09/23/1994 || Wilson Moves Ahead Of Brown In Governor's Race
09/27/1994 || Anti-Illegal Immigrant Measure, Prop. 187, Continues To Draw Strong Voter Support
09/28/1994 || Majorities Favor Prop. 184 (Three Strikes), But Oppose Prop. 186 (Single Payer Health). Opinions Of Prop. 188 (Smoking) Are Evenly Split.
09/29/1994 || Voters Giving Little Attention To Statewide Races Other Than Governor Or U.S. Senator
10/27/1994 || Big Drop In Support For Prop. 187, The Anti-Illegal Immigrant Measure
10/28/1994 || Clinton's Job Ratings Improve. Less Positive View Of Hillary Clinton And Her Role In Administration.
10/29/1994 || Democratic Edge In California Congressional Delegation Could Be Reduced After November Elections
10/31/1994 || Feinstein Moves Ahead Of Huffington Going Into Campaign's Final Week
11/01/1994 || Wilson Leads Brown By Nine Points One Week Before Election Day
11/02/1994 || Large Proportions Of Voters Still Undecided On Statewide Races Other Than Governor Or U.S. Senate
11/03/1994 || Prop. 184: Solid Yes Vote; Prop. 186: Big No Vote; Prop. 188: Voters Shifting From Yes To No
11/08/1994 || Today's Voters Probably Will Differ Markedly From The Majority Of Citizens Who Won't Vote. Proportion Voting Absentee Should Set A New Record.
01/13/1995 || Analysis Of Nov. 1994 Election Voter Turnout Up 6 Points. Absentee Voting Reached A New High. Profile Of Voters Contrasts Sharply With The State's Adult Population.
03/02/1995 || Job Performance Ratings. Favorable For Wilson. Clinton's Ratings Improve Slightly. Feinstein Appraisals Rebound To Pre-Campaign Level
03/03/1995 || Dole Leads In GOP Presidential Preferences. Wilson Is Second. Powell A Strong Factor As GOP Or Independent Candidate. Close Results When Clinton Paired Against GOP Candidate Lead.
03/07/1995 || Proposed Anti-Affirmative Action Initiative Generating High Awareness And Initial Support.
03/10/1995 || Voters Want Governor And Lt. Governor To Run Separately And Not As A Ticket.
03/17/1995 || Large Majority Takes Pro-Choice Position On Abortion. Decline In Support For Medi-Cal Abortion Payments.
03/24/1995 || Californians' View Of Their Own Economic Status A Little More Positive Than Last Year. Large Majority. Still Thinks The State Is In Economic Bad Times
03/29/1995 || Strong Public Support For "Passive" And "Active" Euthanasia. Doctor Assisted Suicide Supported In Certain Instances.
05/24/1995 || Wilson's Job Ratings Take A Negative Turn. Clinton's Holding Steady.
05/25/1995 || Dole Continues To Hold Early GOP Lead For President. Wilson A Distant Second.
05/26/1995 || Both Democrats And Republicans Highly Critical Of Wilson Running For President
05/29/1995 || More Californians Now Think Simpson Guilty, Fewer Believe Unanimous Verdict Is Likely To Be Reached.
05/31/1995 || Majorities Disapprove Of Militias, Fear They Pose A Threat; Future Domestic Terrorism Likely, But Public Opposes Giving Go's More Powers To Investigate Citizens To Combat Such Terrorism.
06/02/1995 || Californians Have Polarized View Of Willie Brown's Fifteen Year Record As Assembly Speaker.
06/06/1995 || Voters Continue To Support Anti-Affirmative Action Initiative; While Many Believe Discrimination Exists, Voters Oppose Giving Weight To Race, Ethnicity, Gender For College Or Job Candidates.
06/08/1995 || Californians Have A Less Negative View Of Congress.
06/13/1995 || Motor-Voter Law Likely To Add Significant Number Of Citizens To Voting Rolls. Democrats Unlikely To Gain An Edge.
06/21/1995 || Public Less Gloomy About State Finances. Little Confidence In Either Governor Or Legislature To Do What's Right On Budget Deficit. Public Divided On Whether State Can Afford 15% Tax Cut.
08/29/1995 || While Somewhat Ambivalent, Californians Support More Legalized Gambling If It Produces More Tax Revenue. State Regulation Favored Over Local Control.
09/05/1995 || Clinton's Job Rating More Positive Than Negative. Wilson's Is More Negative Than Positive. Appraisals Of Feinstein Much More Favorable. Boxer's Ratings Up.
09/06/1995 || Erosion In Dole's Support Among Republican Voters. Wilson Now Trails By 12 Points. Considerable Support For Powell If He Were To Enter The GOP Field.
09/07/1995 || Clinton Running Stronger Against Possible GOP Nominees, Losing Only To Powell In Two-Way Match-Ups.
09/08/1995 || Most Californians Say Vice Presidential Nominee Important In Choosing Which Ticket To Support. Lungren Causes Less Polarization Than Wilson As A Potential GOP VP Nominee.
09/12/1995 || Public Favors 10•2 Jury Verdict In Non•Death Penalty Cases. However, Much Smaller Plurality Approves When Execution A Possible Penalty.
09/14/1995 || High Awareness, Majority Support For Anti-Affirmative Action Initiative..
09/18/1995 || Big Potential For Third Political Party In California. Powell Viewed Most Favorably As An Independent Presidential Candidate. While Most Voters Like Perot's Issue Positions, Large Proportion Has A Negative View Of Him
10/02/1995 || Top State Issues: Controlling Aids, Crime, Public Schools, Illegal Drug Use.
12/15/1995 || Dole Leads In A Less Crowded Republican Field. Large Number Of Party's Voters Dissatisfied With Candidate Choices.
12/16/1995 || Clinton Expands His Lead Against Dole, Powell As GOP V.P., Would Add Strength To Ticket, While Wilson Detracts From It.
12/19/1995 || Public Supports Having Reform Party On Ballot, But Not Supportive Of Perot Candidacy. Nader Does Not Do Well As Green Candidate Party Presidential Nominee.
12/21/1995 || Voters Know Little About Four Controversial March Primary Election Initiatives
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