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Jon Stiles
Current Position:
Executive Director, California Census Research Data Center
Director of Archive Services, UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance

Academic Degrees:
  • University of California at Berkeley: Ph.D. Sociology
  • University of California at Berkeley: M.A. Demography, Sociology
  • University of Colorado, Boulder: B.A. Sociology, Mathematics

Research Interests:
Educational and population dynamics, immigration, race and ancestry, segregation, inequality and stratification, and transfer programs.

Jon Stiles serves the UC Berkeley campus through support of the use of secondary data, both public-use and restricted, and in assisting the management and preservation of primary data for future generations of use. He received his Ph.D in Sociology at UC Berkeley in 2006, and has research interests in educational and population dynamics, immigration, segregation, inequality and stratification, and transfer programs. He has been involved with evaluations of California's Cal-Learn program and the impacts of lifetime caps placed on assistance in public assistance programs in California, examined impacts of PRWORA on immigrants' use of public assistance programs, created statistical profiles of Latino and Asian populations in California, modelled impacts of demographic change in California and its implication for higher education, and tracked changes in the American population throughout the course of the 20th century using decennial census data.


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