Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Information Access,

Social Science Information Systems, Semantic Mapping



University of California, Berkeley. Ph.D. in information science, 1993; M.A. in mathematics, 1964.  Harvey Mudd College. B.S. "with distinction" in mathematics, 1962.



University of California (1968-present):

UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance [UC DATA]

     (2005-present) Information Scientist

Research into multilingual information access for European and East Asian languages.  Work on syntaxes for semantic mapping between economic classification systems. Workshop co-chair (with the National Institute of Informatics of Tokyo and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science) for the 2009 workshop Information Access in a Multilingual World. Workshop co-chair for Social Science Data Librarianship, a University Curriculum at IASSIST 2008, Stanford University:

 Designed prototype geographic visual interfaces to California and USA statistical information (see web page for URLs).


(Summer 2010, JAPAN) Visiting Researcher, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan.  Developed evaluation process for specialized geographic and temporal search queries (e.g. “When and where did George Kennan die?”).  Resulted in two refereed papers in computer science workshops (see publications)

(Fall 2008, GERMANY) Visiting Scholar, Department of Information Systems, University of Hildesheim, northern Germany.  Presented lectures on Social Science and Digital Humanities subjects at the University, and on fuzzy search across languages at the German Information Retrieval Conference, Universität Würzburg.  Lectured, consulted with and advised PhD students on research topics.

(Summer 2007, JAPAN) Visiting Researcher, National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan.  Developed Japanese-English bilingual lexicon of technical terms (see publications).


     (1989-2005):  Assistant Director, UC DATA (retired June 2005)

Co-manager of social science and health statistics databases for the UC Berkeley Campus.  Metadata consultant for unique online digital libraries of Census data available on the web PI and project manager for preservation and archiving of historical census data

. Member of the Expert committee of the DDI Alliance, a consortium of social science data archives working on a common standard for XML representation and archiving of numeric Social Science data..

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (1968-1989):  Staff  Scientist, Computer Science Division

      Principal investigator and project manager for numerous multi-million dollar, multi-year government software information systems research and development projects.

Bell Laboratories (1964-1967):  Member of Technical  Staff, Analytical Mechanics Department.


 GRANTS/CONTRACTS as PI, Co-PI or Senior Investigator since 1996 ($3.616 million total as PI or Co-PI):


NEH (National Endowment for Humanities) (with IMLS)

     2007-2010 Context and Relationships: Ireland and Irish Studies                      $350,000 (co-PI)

IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) National Leadership Grant for Libraries,

     2006-2009 Bringing Lives to Light: Biography in Context                           $398,000 (co-PI)

     2004-2006: Support for the Learner: What, Where, When, and Why           $240,000 (co-PI)

     2002-2004  Going Places in the Catalog: Improved Geographic Access    $242,000 (co-PI)

     1999-2002: Seamless Searching of Numeric and Textual Resources            $243,000 (co-PI)

National Science Foundation (Computer & Information Science and Engineering Division)

     2006-2010, Semantics Management and Semantics Service (Eco-informatics Project),

    Berkeley Water Center                                                                           $1M (Senior Investigator)

    1996-2000, Probabilistic Retrieval Using the Method of Logistic Regression $300,000 (PI).


DARPA TIDES program: and Information Management Program

    1999-2004 Translingual Information Management Using Domain Ontologies $430,000 (co-PI)

    1997-2001, Search Support for Unfamiliar Metadata Vocabularies ,             $1,147,000 (co-PI)

University of California: California Digital Library

   2002-2004: Historical Census Rescue Project                                                      $196,000 (PI)

University of California: California Policy Research Center

   2000-2001 Impact of Welfare Reform on Agricultural and Rural California Counties $40,000 (co-PI).

University of California  Institute for Mexico and the United States

   2002-2004: California Latino Demographic Data Book, Third Edition                 $ 30,000 (PI).




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Gey11b            F Gey, “Dynamic Change in Classification Systems: A Preliminary Model for Instance-based Matching,” Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Report, forthcoming, currently available at:

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Contact: e-mail: Ph.(510) 643-1298, FAX (510) 643-8292

UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance, University of California

2538 Channing Way, #5100

Berkeley CA 94720-5100

Service/Synergistic Activities: External curriculum reviewer of new graduate information technology curriculum, University of Aizu, Japan, 2009. External Masters/PhD dissertation examiner, 2007, University of New South Wales and 2006, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Steering committee member for the European language search evaluation forum CLEF (organized under the European Commission DELOS program by the Italian National Research Council:  Minitrack Co-organizer, HICSS (Hawaii Conference on System Sciences), 2000-2007. General Chair of ACM SIGIR’99, the 22nd Annual Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, UC Berkeley, August 1999.  NSF Panel reviewer: Digital Preservation 2004, Information and Data Management, 2002 and 1997.   Conference Review Committees: AIRS 2006 (Asian Information Retrieval Systems), Human Language Technologies conferences, HLT-2005&2006, SIGIR-2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 1996, HICSS 2000-2007, CIKM 2002.

Memberships and Awards:

     Who’s Who In America, 2009. Fulbright Senior Specialists Academic Roster, 2008.

     Life member, IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers), member since 1969

     Association for Computing Machinery, since 1964 – Service Award in 1999 as Chair of SIGIR 1999, the 22nd International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval.  International Association for Social Science Information and Technology (IASSIST), since 1990.