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The UC DATA Mission Statement
Our mission is to:
  • Excel at the provision of the broadest possible range of numeric social science data to faculty, staff, and students at UCB;
  • Provide and support careful and thorough analysis of issues, problems, programs and populations by drawing on the best data resources and methods available;
  • Broaden use of social science data analysis and collaboration through outreach efforts to the campus community;
  • Support users' efforts to meaningfully use data by providing consultation and assistance; and
  • Be a "good citizen" in the data archive community, the census data center community, and the academic community by sharing resources and expertise for the benefit of all.

We carry out our mission by serving:

    UC Berkeley Faculty, Staff and Students: UC DATA provides:
    • access to data resources we have collected or obtained through organizational memberships
    • classroom seminars detailing the availability of, and means of access to, machine readable social science data.
    • individual level consultation on finding data, reading data into statistical packages, translating data between packages, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of data.
    • notification and limited financial support for students attending the ICPSR Summer Program,
    • assistance to faculty and departments attempting to develop and/or share their own data resources.

    Clients and/or Funding Agencies: UC DATA works to:
    • develop plans for the analysis of issues of interest to state agencies, foundations, and policy makers,
    • gather the data needed to address those analyses,
    • establish and maintain relationships with data providers,
    • conduct analyses and write reports detailing the results of analyses,
    • provide coordination between the UCB Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) and funders to develop contracts,
    • furnish justifications of data use to campus and state Internal Review Boards (IRB)s,
    • establish infrastructure which meets requirements for securing confidential data.

    Professional Archive Communities: UC DATA keeps up-to-date with new technologies, data and standards, and ways to communicate these to users by:
    • taking an active role in professional data archive organizations,
    • maintaining the State Data Center list serve,
    • participating actively inlocal, regional and national SDC meetings,
    • serving on boards of national data organizations such as ICPSR and IASSIST,
    • working with expert committees such as the DDI Alliance.

    Survey Research Center Affiliated Faculty, Staff and Students: UC DATA provides:
    • support and installation of hardware and software,
    • access to the internet.

    For The General Public: UC DATA provides
    • research or data discovery assistance to members of the general public, on a time-available basis, either in our role as a State Data Center (SDC) or through referrals from other sources.

Some of our activities:
  • In UC DATA's role as a data archive, and as part of the Survey Research Center at UC Berkeley, we produce large-scale social science databases for the research community.
  • As a part of the Census Bureau's State Data Center (SDC) program, UC DATA serves as the regional center for distributing U.S. Census data in California, and remains current with the Bureau's surveys and data.
  • UC DATA utilizes local, state, national, and international data to support graduate and undergraduate instruction in the social sciences and related fields, aids academic and nonacademic researchers, and helps clients, including business, industry, and government access and reformat quantitative data.
  • UC DATA administers the UC Berkeley site of the California Census Research Data Center. The California Census Research Data Center (CCRDC) is a partnership between the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the University of California. Under this partnership, the Census Bureau provides access to non-public microdata from its economic and demographic data programs for research conducted in the CCRDC's laboratories at UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Information from the annual report:
Since 1962, UC DATA has supported and continues to support a diverse and active research agenda. Summarized information from one annual report gives example of this.

Summary of 2002-2003 Annual Report
Director of SRC: Henry Brady
Assistant Director of SRC: James A. Wiley
Director of UC DATA: Henry Brady
SRC Business Manager: Amy Kimball
Manager of Survey Operations: Donna Eisenhower

Executive Committee: 7
Instructional SRC Faculty: 14
Visiting Scholars: 7
Graduate Students: 78
Undergraduate Students: 49
Non-UCB Users: 278
Staff: 64
Grants and Contracts: 29
Proposed and/or Funded Contracts and Grants: 20
Number of Publications (books and monographs): 5
Book Contributions: 31
Journal Articles and Invited Papers: 33
Reports and Policy Briefs: 21

2002-2003 Research Activity of Affiliated Faculty
  • Hout: completes major Russell Sage Foundation project cataloging social and cultural trends in America during the last century
  • Maccoun: studying drug-use and drug policy in American and around the world
  • Fligstein: studying growing inequalities in working conditions and job satisfaction
  • Brady: completes Counting All The Votes, studying impact of income inequality on political participation
  • Lee: studying Asian American and Latino identity formation and the relationship between ethnic and political identity
  • Sniderman and Piazza: complete Black Pride and Prejudice, studying race and immigration in Europe
  • Sanchez-Jankowski: studying poverty and violence in inner-city schools
  • Waquant: studying the logics of racial domination and new forms and mechanisms of urban poverty
  • Lucas: studying the impact of tracking in schools
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