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Demographic research, with its focus on population composition and characteristics, provides a well-grounded basis for describing and understanding current populations and geographies.
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American Citizen Participation Study, 1990
Henry E. Brady
March 1995

California Latino Demographic Databook, 3rd Edition: 2004
Fredric Gey, Cecilia Jiang, Jon Stiles, Ilona Einowski
November 2004

California Latino Demographic Databook, 2nd Edition: 1998
Jon Stiles, Jonathan Cohen, Zachary Elkins, Fredric Gey
November 1993

Historical Census Rescue Project for Social Science Research
Fredric C. Gey, Ilona Einowski, Cecilia Jiang, Deane W Merrill, Natalia Perelman, Aitao Chen, Margaret Low, Michael Russell, Rosalie Lack, Patricia Cruse

Asian Pacific Rim Demographic Databook 1995
J. Eric Oliver, Fredric C. Gey, Jon Stiles, Henry Brady

Return on Investment: Educational Choices and Demographic Change in California's Future (2005)
Henry Brady Michael Hout Jon Stiles Shannon Gleeson Iris Hui

USA: A Century of Difference-A Russell Sage 2000 Census Project
Michael Hout, Claude S. Fischer, Jon Stiles
November 2006

California Latino Demographic Databook, 1st Edition: 1993
November 1993

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