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California Welfare Reform Impact Study
The California Welfare Reform Impact Study is an ongoing project at UC DATA to examine the strengths and weaknesses of non-experimental design methodologies that can be used to measure the impact of welfare reform in California.

The project began with a year long series of seminars given by welfare researchers from around the country. This series gave an overview, synthesis and critique of non-experimental methodologies available to researchers evaluating welfare reform.

Two reports will also be written evaluating the methodologies with data from California. California's 58 counties create a diverse environment in which to seriously examine statistical methods and designs for impact studies. Datasets from the study will be released along with the reports. These data will include program participation, employment, geographic and demographic variables.

Seminar Series
Evaluating Welfare Reform: Non-Experimental Approaches
Fall 2000
Spring 2001

Related Reports
Establishing Causality in Welfare Research: Theory and Application
Interim Report of the California Welfare Reform Impact Study
December 2002

The first report of this study, the Interim Report, examined the notion of causality and how to establish causal relationships with only observational data. This report consisted of three main sections; a theoretical discussion of causality, a methodology overview, and statistical analysis using county level data from California.

Final Report of the California Welfare Reform Impact Study
(To be completed - release date unknown)

Related Data Files
California Welfare Reform Impact Study: County Caseload Data, Public Use Version 1.0
Release Date: May 19, 2003
Codebook CCD10CA.PDF
Comma Delimited ASCII Data File CCD10CA.DAT
Selected Means and Frequencies CCD10MF.PDF
SPSS Code to Read-in Data CCD10CA.SPS
SAS Code to Read-in Data CCD10CA.SAS
STATA Code to Read-in Data CCD10CA.DO
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