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California Welfare Time Limits Study
Berkeley Policy Associates is leading a team of researchers, including UC DATA and the Survey Services Facility of the Survey Research Center at UC Berkeley and MDRC, to evaluate welfare time limits in California. This three-year study is sponsored by the Welfare Policy Research Project of the University of California Office of the President and the Hewlett Foundation. The study consists of examination of implementation of the CalWORKs 60-month time limit as well as the impact of this time limit on families receiving assistance.

Four key research activities will inform the study:
(1) two waves of recipient surveys in six California counties;
(2) analysis of statewide and county administrative data;
(3) two rounds of in-depth field research conducted in six California counties;
(4) two waves of an implementation surveys to all 58 California counties.

UC DATA is managing and analyzing the administrative data used in this study. The administrative data are being collected from several statewide databases as well as from the six research counties: Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento and Tulare.

The Survey Research Center's Survey Services Facility (SSF) will be conducting two waves of recipient surveys. These surveys are designed to capture information about recipients and their families as they approach the 60-month time limit, and a year later when the time limit will have passed.

Key research questions include:
(1) What do CalWORKs recipients understand about the time limit?
(2) How are counties preparing for and implementing the time limit?
(3) What are the characteristics of families that reach the time limit and how do they compare with those who do not?
(4) How do family well-being and economic outcomes for families who exhaust their time on assistance compare to those who leave prior to reaching their time limit?
(5) How has imposing the time limit impacted the CalWORKs caseload? and
(6) Does the time limit impact child welfare indicators (e.g., child abuse or neglect, foster care)?

Dr. Jane Gilbert Mauldon, Associate Director of the Survey Research Center and Associate Professor of Public Policy is Co-Principal Investigator of this study with Dr. Johannes M. Bos, CEO of Berkeley Policy Associates.

For additional information about this study, please contact:

Berkeley Policy Associates: info@bpacal.com
UC DATA:ucdata@berkeley.edu
SSF: info@src.berkeley.edu
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