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California Latino Demographic Databook, 3rd Edition: 2004
In the last thirty years, the Latino population of California has grown markedly, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of the total population. In 1970, the 2.4 million Californian Latinos represented less than one eighth of the total Californian population. The almost eleven million Californian Latinos counted in the 2000 Census represented almost one-third of California's residents. By 2015, almost forty percent of all Californians are projected to be Latino. The size and growth of this population prompted, in 1993, the first edition of the California Latina/Latino Demographic Data Book. The first edition sketched a portrait of California's Latinos in terms of their social, economic, and demographic characteristics. The subsequent release of more detailed and comprehensive 1990 Decennial Census data and other sources permitted a more detailed look at California's Latinos which we provided in the second edition (1998). The release of the 2000 decennial census has provided the impetus for an updated third edition which attempts to characterize the current California Latino population. This edition isentirely web based with only extracts made for an overview as a printed publication.
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