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Historical Census Rescue Project for Social Science Research
Between 1973 and 1996 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) amassed an enormous collection (about 100 gigabytes of data) of numeric social science statistical data used for government planning purposes by the U.S. Departments of Labor, Energy and Army Corps of Engineers. The collection includes several invaluable historical electronic files (such as 1960 Census summary information and 1970 Census tract digitized boundary files) found nowhere else in the country. Data of this type has been widely used on the UCB campuses for research in Demography, Political Science, City and Regional Planning, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Epidemiology. The California Digital Library and UC DATA have been working to rescue and preserve this data and make it available to researchers at the University of California and elsewhere through the Counting California web site.

UC DATA Research Team
Fredric C. Gey (Project Leader)
Ilona Einowski
Cecilia Jiang (Metadata programming and mapping)
Deane W Merrill (Historical consultant on data and metadata)
Natalia Perelman (Metadata programming, no longer with project)
Aitao Chen (Data and Metadata programming)
California Digital Library Research Team
Margaret Low
Michael Russell
Rosalie Lack (Management)
Patricia Cruse (former Management)

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