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Asian Pacific Rim Demographic Databook 1995
Despite the growth of the Asian population in the Pacific Rim states of California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washingtion and British Columbia, almost no detailed information about this heterogeneous group is available.
The various Asian immigrant groups to the Pacific Rim states and British Columbia differ in language, culture and immigration experiences. As the Asian American role in American (and Canadian) economic and cultural life increases, detailed analysis of this population is imperative for business leaders, policy makers and the population in general. To fill this information gap, UC DATA in cooperation with the University of California Pacific Rim Research program has developed this databook. Information is provided on who Asian Americans are, where they live and work, their income and poverty status, their household sizes and education, their electoral participation, and the types and scopes of their economic enterprises.

A number of diverse sources were used in the creation of this databook. These include the decennial census from the US Census. In addition, PUMS datasets were used, supplements to the Current Population Survey and other datasets.
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