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USA: A Century of Difference-A Russell Sage 2000 Census Project
The USA: A Century of Difference project was funded by the Russell Sage Foundation, and led by sociologists Michael Hout and Claude S. Fischer at the University of California, Berkeley. Tasked to draw on the 2000 census, this project describes Americans at the beginning of the 21st century. The project reports on how Americans live, work, consume, and pray. And, by drawing on a century of data, it describes how Americans developed came to be who they were in 2000.

In every generation, Americans have worried about the solidarity of the nation. Since the days of the Mayflower, those already settled here have wondered how newcomers with different cultures, values, and (frequently) skin color would influence America. Would the new groups create polarization and disharmony? Thus far, the United States has a remarkable track record of incorporating new people into American society, but acceptance and assimilation have never meant equality. In Century of Difference, Claude Fischer and Michael Hout provide a compelling -and often surprising- new take on the divisions and commonalities among the American public over the tumultuous course of the twentieth century.

A major theme is the tension between diversity and sameness that has persisted throughout American history. Distinct cultural heritages contributed to America and different ways of life emerged throughout its 200 years, and yet Americans coalesce around common principles: belief in God, in democracy, in the just reward for hard work, and in freedom of choice, for example. This project is focused on the American diversity at the turn of the millennium -- ethnic, religious, familial, occupational, and material diversity -- and on America's cultural constants.

Project Publications

Russell Sage Foundation, Publication: Century of Difference: How America Changed in the Last One Hundred Years
Appendix to Century of Difference: Supplementary Material A for Figure 4.2 Chapter 4
Appendix to Century of Difference: Supplementary Material B for Figure 4.2 Chapter 4
Appendix to Century of Difference: Supplementary Figure for Chapter 5
Appendix to Century of Difference: Appendices to Chapter 7
Demography, February 2004 Article: Distinguishing the Geographic Levels and Social Dimensions of U.S. Metropolitan Segregation, 1960-2000
Appendices to Demography, February 2004 Article: Data and Methodology
American Sociological Review, April 2002, Report: Why More Americans Have No Religious Preference: Politics and Generations.
Working Paper: Different Places, Different People: The Redrawing of America's Social Geography
Working Paper: What Americans Had: Differences in Standards of Living
Working Paper: Religious Diversity in America, 1940-2000
Working Paper: Maximally Maintained Inequality Revisited: Irish Educational Mobility In Comparative Perspective
Working Paper: American Households Throughout the 20th Century
Working Paper: Money and Morale: What Growing Inequality is Doing to Americans' View of Themselves and Others
Working Paper: How Class Works in Popular Conception
Working Paper: The Overworked American Family: Trends and Nontrends in Working Hours: 1968-2001
Working Paper: Tightening Up: Social Mobility in Russia, 1988-2000
Working Paper: Educational Progress for African Americans and Latinos in the United States from the 1950s to the 1990s: The Interaction of Ancestry and Class
Working Paper: Education: Relative and Absolute Measures
Working Paper: Time Bind and God's Time
Working Paper: Ever-More Rooted Americans
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