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Assessing the Impact of Proposition 54
During the summer of 2003, research was conducted at UC DATA/Survey Research Center to assess the impact of Proposition 54 on health and health policy in California. The ballot initiative (officially entitled Classification by Race, Ethnicity, Color, and National Origin) would have prohibited state, county, and local authorities (including state and local health agencies and public universities) from collecting and using data regarding race, ethnicity, national origin, or color. Funding for this research was provided by the California Program on Access to Care (CPAC), California Policy Research Center, University of California. The findings from this Study are contained in the CPAC Briefing Report.

In addition to the Briefing Paper, this project produced the California Health Dataset Inventory.

The California Health Dataset Inventory (CHDI) provides researchers with important information on 41 statewide and 38 county health-related datasets. The information included in the CHDI is from UC DATA's survey of 69 unique state datasets and 40 unique datasets from the five counties participating in the study: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Francisco, Solano and Stanislaus. Not every agency agreed to include their dataset in the CHDI. Information on datasets from Alameda County was subsequently collected for inclusion in the CHDI.

The CHDI includes the dataset name, its primary use, the agency that owns and holds it, information on who to contact for more information, and detailed information on whether and how race, ethnicity, national origin and primary language are included in the dataset. For information on the research methods used in the collection of the information in the CHDI, refer to the CPAC Briefing Paper.

For questions about the content, or to request a copy of the CHDI, contact Kamran Nayeri.
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