ABSTRACT:  County and City Data Book Consolidated File, 1944-1977: County Data


The County and City Data Book consolidated files reflect data from County and City Data Books since 1944 for cities and since 1947 for counties.  Both files contain data from all County and City Data Books through 1977.


Items which comprise the County and City Data Book are gathered together from many sources of statistical data.  The items selected are those for which the statistics represent generally useful summary measures which are available in comparable form for all counties or for all cities.


Many statistics are derived from censuses of population, housing, governments, manufactures, retail trade, wholesale trade, selected services, mineral industries, and agriculture.  In addition, data from the following governmental and private agencies are included: Civil Service Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Home Loan Bank Board. International City Management Association, Administration on Aging, Federal Power Commission, Public Health Service, National Center for Education Statistics, Social Security Administration, Social and Rehabilitation Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, American Medical Association, American Hospital Association and Elections Research Center.


The information in this file was obtained from past files of the County and City Data Book. This is the first time that all data from past files have been consolidated in a single file.