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California Welfare Recipients and Spells on Aid - Survival Analysis Using Data from the California Work Pays Demonstration Project
Susan Ayasse Grand
April 1995

Levels of Public Assistance in Los Angeles County: Differentials by Immigration Status
Mike Clune, Cindy Peete
April 1995

Predicting Hunger and Overcrowding: How Much Difference Does Income Make?
Jane Mauldon
May 1995

Has the Decrease in the AFDC Benefit Reduction Rate Increased Work Effort? An Analysis of the California Work-Pays Demonstration Project for 12/92 - 6/94
Mary Sprague
July 1995

Work and Car Ownership Among Welfare Recipients
Paul M. Ong
August 1995

Defining Welfare Spells: Coping with Problems of Survey Responses and Administrative Data
Henry E. Brady, Samantha Luks
September 1995

Institutional Paradoxes: Why Welfare Workers Can't Reform Welfare
Marcia K. Meyers, Bonnie Glaser, Nara Dillon, Karin MacDonald
February 1996

Subsidized Housing and Work Among Welfare Recipients
Paul M. Ong
February 1996

Characteristics, Welfare Use and Material Hardship Among California AFDC Households with Disabled and Chronically Ill Family Members
Marcia Meyers
March 1996

More Information and Better Choices: What Low Income Women Seek from Family Planning Services
Carol Chetkovich, Jane Mauldon, Claire Brindis, Sylvia Guendelman
June 1996

Training Workers for Welfare Reform: An Agenda for Social Work
Daniel Coleman
February 1998

The Impact of Child and Adult Disabilities on the Duration of Welfare Spells
Henry E. Brady, Marcia Meyers, Samantha Luks
February 1998

Tracking the Impact of SSI Program Changes: The Impact of the Zebley Decision on Transition into SSI
Henry E. Brady, Eva Y. Seto, Marcia Meyers
August 1998

''Pencils Down!'' The Negative Effect of Welfare Reform on Opportunities for Higher Education
Anita K. Mathur
December 1998

Child Care Subsidies and the Employment of Welfare Recipients
Marcia K. Meyers, Theresa Heintze, Douglas A.Wolf
August 1999

Reproductive Goals and Behavior Among Teen Mothers Receiving AFDC
Jane Mauldon, Nicole Maestas
June 1997

Conveying the Benefits of Employment: A Comparison of the Organizational Settings of California's AFDC and GAIN Programs
Christopher Jewell, Bonnie Glaser
September 2000

Health Status, Health Insurance, and Worker Mobility: a Study of Job Lock in California
Michael Brunetti, Kamran Nayeri, Carlos E. Dobkin, Henry E. Brady
December 2000

The Cost of Voting: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Henry E. Brady, John E. McNulty
July 2004

Voting System Performance and the March 2, 2004 California Election
Henry E. Brady
May 2004

Punchcard Performance and the October 7, 2003 Recall Election
Henry E. Brady
October 2003

Counting All the Votes: The Performance of Voting Technology in the United States
Henry E. Brady, Justin Buchler, Matt Jarvis, John McNulty
September 2001

What happened in Palm Beach?
Henry E. Brady
November 2000

Report of Voting and Ballot Form in Palm Beach County
Henry E. Brady
November 2000

Mapping the Buchanan Vote Escarpment in Palm Beach County
Henry E. Brady, Laurel Elms
March 2001

Developing an Information Infrastructure for Cuban Science and Technology
Nicolas Garriga Mendez, Caridad Ileana Escalona Guerra
March 2003

American Sociological Review, April 2002, Report: Why More Americans Have No Religious Preference: Politics and Generations.

Working Paper: Different Places, Different People: The Redrawing of America's Social Geography

Working Paper: What Americans Had: Differences in Standards of Living

Working Paper: Religious Diversity in America, 1940-2000

Working Paper: Maximally Maintained Inequality Revisited: Irish Educational Mobility In Comparative Perspective

Working Paper: American Households Throughout the 20th Century

Working Paper: Money and Morale: What Growing Inequality is Doing to Americans' View of Themselves and Others

Working Paper: How Class Works in Popular Conception

Working Paper: The Overworked American Family: Trends and Nontrends in Working Hours: 1968-2001

Working Paper: Tightening Up: Social Mobility in Russia, 1988-2000

Working Paper: Educational Progress for African Americans and Latinos in the United States from the 1950s to the 1990s: The Interaction of Ancestry and Class

Working Paper: Education: Relative and Absolute Measures
Jon Stiles

Working Paper: Time Bind and God's Time
Michael Hout Claude S. Fischer Nancy Latham
March 2001

Working Paper: Ever-More Rooted Americans
Claude Fischer
November 2000

Comparing Costs of Delivering Medical Benefits: Group Health and Workers’s Compensation
Frank Neuhauser
October 2009

Unchurched Believers:Fewer Americans Have a Religion But Religious Beliefs Haven’t Changed Much
Michael Hout Claude S. Fischer
December 2009

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