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Data Source Handbook, 2006
The Data Source Handbook, produced by the Demographic Research Unit of the California Department of Finance, covers subject areas that are related to the people of California. It is broad, well organized and detailed, including nearly 100 pages of data resources under 38 topic headings.

Geographic Areas Reference Manual, 1994
The Geographic Areas Reference Manual describes in great detail the basic geographic entities the Census Bureau uses in its various data tabulations and documents the purposes, definitions, standards, criteria, and procedures used to select, define, delineate, and revise these geographic entities.

Current Population Survey Design and Methodology, 2006
In this paper, staff of the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics provide data users with a thorough description of the design and methodology used in the CPS.

1990 Census and Census 2000 Industry and Occupation Classification Systems
This paper describes the changes in the industry and occupation classification systems used in the 1990 Census of Population and Housing (1990 Census) and the classification systems used in Census 2000. As a result of these changes, many 2000 industry detailed categories and major groups and most 2000 occupation detailed categories and major groups are not comparable to similar categories and groupings in the 1990 and earlier censuses. Included are detailed tables called "crosswalks" which show the proportional flows for individual industry and occupation categories between the two census years. The crosswalks in this report enable analysts to convert the 1990 data at any level of detail into the newer Census 2000 classifications.
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