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UC DATA’s data holdings are primarily in the areas of Political, Social and Health Sciences. The data collection includes datasets produced by UC DATA as well those provided through membership consortiums and licensing agreements.

Holdings from all of these sources are freely available, in some cases after an initial registration, to faculty, staff and students at UC Berkeley.

NOTE: If you are logging in from off-campus, downloads require IP authentification using the campus Library Proxy Service.

Before you begin looking for data:
  • Define the research question(s) you want to answer.
  • Identify a number of key words or search terms to begin your search.
  • Clarify and make a realistic estimate of the time you can devote to finding and analyzing your data.
  • Identify the resources you have to conduct your analyses.
  • Identify what kind of data best fits your research questions and time and resources. Consider reading What is Data? - a helpful clarification of data types by Vanderbilt University librarian, Sue Erickson.
  • Be patient. Finding the right data for you can be an iterative process. One resource may lead you to another, better, one, and so on. One keyword search may reveal a better key word, and so on.

Where to begin looking for data:

Here are three good ways to start:

Go to ICPSR. ICPSR is the world's largest archive of digital social science data. You can search by key word or browse a list of subjects.

If you are looking for public opinion data, go to The Roper Center, or The Field Poll.

Browse through our Web Portal. This is a compilation of other useful on-line data and statistics sources, organized by subject. Each subject page contain links which will take you off this site to other on-line resources. See Site Policies for a brief discussion on your responsibility as a data user.

Tips on searching:
Search in UC DATA to search this site for our data holdings, links to other data resources, and UC DATA publications, and reports. Use the left hand navigation map to navigate to data holdings, publications and reports directly.

Other Resources: Use the search engines at the originating archives. They are tailored to their specific collections, and will ensure you accessing the most up-to-date information.

ICPSR: The ICPSR web site allows you to search by keywords in the Title, by the Principal Investigator (PI) or the full Abstract. The Roper web site provides Title/Abstract keyword searching, as well as restriction options for Date Range, Country, Survey Organization, Sponsor, and Type of Sample. The Field Polls search site allows you to search by keyword and year.

Other Data Archives: Use our Advanced Search Tools section to search across multiple data archives at once -and- to access search tools and mechanisms developed by other organizations.
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