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California Department of Finance - Research
This site leads to many State of California demographic, economic and financial data resources.

California Department of Finance - Data Source Handbook, 2006
The Data Source Handbook, produced by the Demographic Research Unit of the California Department of Finance is a broad, well organized detailed list of data resources in the State of California, including nearly 100 pages of data resources under 38 topic headings.

California Legislative Analysts Office
Provides a link to historical data publications on finance and budgeting in the State of California.

California State Senate's Office of Research

Statewide Database
The Redistricting Database for the State of California, includes voting, registration and geographic datasets for the State of California for statewide elections beginning in 1992.

California Labor Market Information
Current and Historical Data about Employment and Earnings in California from The Employment Development Department.

California Health Interview Survey
The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) is the most comprehensive source of health information on Californians. CHIS is conducted every two years with many core questions repeated in each survey for measuring significant shifts over time. New questions are also added each survey year to address emerging concerns that are important for planning and policy development. Topics covered include health status, health conditions, health insurance, access to and use of health care, public program eligibility, child care, employment, and demographics.

This site provides links to education data for California.

California Department of Education
This site, maintained by the California Department of Education, provides links to a number of data extract tools and reports on data systems on education in California. From this site, users can find a school’s scores on standardized tests from the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program and download micro-data or “Research Files”; and navigate to the Data & Statistics section.

The site also contains non-data resources such as information on state adopted content standards and curriculum frameworks.

California Postsecondary Education Commission Online Data
Fully customizable data reports on Higher Education Enrollments, Transfers to Higher Education, and Degrees Awarded/Completions for Public Postsecondary Education Systems in California.

California public school student data files obtained from the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) data collection. Includes (among many other items) school enrollment by grade, ethnicity, and gender, high school graduates by ethnicity and gender, dropouts by grade, classified staff, enrollment in selected high school courses, and vocational education enrollment.

Counting California
Counting California is intended to provide a central place for access to public use data compiled by federal, state, and local agencies. The site is currently in progress. At this time, it provides access to tabulated data from the California Department of Health Services, California Department of Finance, and the U.S. Census Bureau; On topics like including agriculture, finance, law, education, public utilities, social services and more. The site has functionality that allows users to tabulate data by topic, geography, title, and agency.

California Department of Finance – Demographic, Economic and Financial Research
The California Department of Finance – Research provides data files, reports, forecasts, and analyses.

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System

California Department of Social Services

Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

Healthcare Atlas Mapping Software, sponsored by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
The Healthcare Atlas is an interactive, Internet GIS mapping application that enables users to find and get information about hospitals and healthcare facilities. The application provides detailed information about hospitals, including license information, finance and utilization data, and annual patient summary reports. Patient origin and market share maps can be created dynamically with the California Healthcare Atlas. Maps can also be printed or saved.
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