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UC Berkeley PopCenter Gateway to Immigration Data Resources

Population Center Resources: (Im)migration Data Sets
The Gateway to the Immigration Datasets provides researchers, scholars and students with an extensive list of survey and census datasets that contain variables relevant to the study of immigration and immigrants. This inventory of datasets aims to provide scholars of immigration and immigrants with a single place to identify useful sources of empirical data and to encourage others to incorporate immigration variables and concepts into their analysis. It is organized by region, and general content areas. This database was funded by a BPC Pilot Grant.

Immigrant Focused Data Collection Efforts

Mexican Migration Project
The Mexican Migration Project (MMP) was created in 1982 by an interdisciplinary team of researchers to further our understanding of the complex process of Mexican migration to the United States. The project is a binational research effort co-directed by Jorge Durand, professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), and Douglas S. Massey, professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University (US). The MMP's main focus has been to gather social as well as economic information on Mexican-US migration. A comprehensive database is available to the public free of charge for research and educational purposes.

Latin American Migration Project
The Latin American Migration Project (LAMP) is a multidisciplinary research effort between investigators in various countries of Latin America and the United States. LAMP is currently based at Princeton University and the University of Guadalajara. The LAMP was born as an extension of the Mexican Migration Project. LAMP's purpose is to extend The MMP research to migration flows originating in other Latin American countries. LAMP began operations in 1998 with a set of surveys conducted in Puerto Rico. It expanded later with fieldwork carried out in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Haiti, Peru, and Guatemala. In addition, a modified version of the LAMP survey was implemented in Paraguay to study migration from that country to Argentina.

New Immigrant Survey
The New Immigrant Survey (NIS) is a nationally representative multi-cohort longitudinal study of new legal immigrants and their children. The major goals of this effot is oo assess the differences that occur within immigrant lifestyles pre- and post-immigration. Topics include social networks, family reunification, labor force participation, occupational attainment, income, schooling and education, health, housing and social assimilation.

Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study
The Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study (CILS) is a longitudinal study designed to study the adaptation process of the immigrant second generation which is defined broadly as U.S.-born children with at least one foreign-born parent or children born abroad but brought at an early age to the United States. The original survey was conducted with large samples of second-generation children attending the 8th and 9th grades in public and private schools in the metropolitan areas of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale in Florida and San Diego, California.

Center for Migration and Development
The Center for Migration and Development have archived a number of datasets on Colombian, Dominican, Mexican, Salvadoran, Cuban, and Caribbean immigration issues. Topics include migrant adaption, economic, political and socio-cultural transnationalism, and labor force incorporation.

Individual level data from Administrative Sources

Immigrants Admitted to the United States
The Immigrants Admitted to the United States series housed at ICPSR was developed by the United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service. The series was produced annually from 1972 to 2000. Data are furnished on the demographic characteristics of two types of immigrants who were granted legal permanent residence in the United States: New Arrivals and Adjustments.

Vital Statistics Birth Data from NCHS

Vital Statistics Mortality Data from NCHS

Aggregate Data from administrative sources can be found at these sites.

Yearbook of Immigration Statistics

The Pew Hispanic Center

The Pew Hispanic Center
The Pew Hispanic Center's mission is to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the entire nation. The Center has conducted a number of surveys and public opinion polls. These include:
  • Changing Faiths: Latinos and the Transformation of American Religion
  • Survey of Mexicans Living in the U.S. on Absentee Voting in Mexican Elections
  • Survey of Mexican Migrants
  • 2002, 2004, and 2006 National Survey of Latinos

Individual, Survey based data, Immigrant status is identified in a Data Collection effort that is not immigration focused

Decennial Census of Population and Housing

American Community Survey

Current Population Survey

Survey of Income and Program Participation

American Housing Survey

Panel Study of Income Dynamics

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

National Survey of America's Families

General Social Survey

National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

National Health Interview Survey

National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC)

California Health Interview Survey

The Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey

The National Agricultural Workers Survey
The National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) is an employment-based, random survey of the demographic, employment, and health characteristics of the U.S. crop labor force. The information is obtained directly from farm workers through face-to-face interviews. Since 1988, when the survey began, nearly 50,000 workers have been interviewed.
Workers are located at their farm job sites. During the initial contact, arrangements are made to interview the respondent at home or at another location convenient to the respondent. Depending on the information needs and resources of the various Federal agencies that use NAWS data, between 1,500 and 4,000 workers are interviewed each year.
Topics include composition and demographic characteristics of the household, race and ethnicity, primary language, ability to read and speak English, occupation, periods of unemployment, time spent outside of the United States, hourly earnings, health insurance, workers compensation and unemployment insurance, worksite availability of water and toilets, medical history, use of medical services, safety training, housing, income, assets, use of social services, and legal status.

National Survey of SSI Children and Families

ICPSR has over 100 additional studies that include information on immigrant status. Some of these are listed below with their ICPSR study number.

4690 American's Changing Lives Study (Waves 1-IV)
8052 Current Population Survey, November 1979
8901 Current Population Survey, June 1986: Immigration, Fertility and Birth Expectations
9284 Current Population Survey, June 1988: Fertility, Birth Expectations, and Immigration
6056 Current Population Survey, June 1991: Immigration and Emigration
8265 Current Population Survey, April 1983
4572 Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities, 2004
7998 Alien Address Reports, [United States]: 1980 Public Use File
4413 Detroit Arab American Study (DAAS), 2003
9242 Survey of Men Employed in Civilian Occupations in the United States, 1964
8974 English Language Proficiency Study (ELPS), 1982: [United States]
3896 BS News/New York Times Hispanic Poll, July 2003
4205 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, 1997: [United States]
3864 Public Opinion on the Courts in the United States, 2000
9289 National Survey of Hispanic Elderly People, 1988
7556 NORC Amalgam Survey, December 1973 (Grandparent nativity)
7920 Mexican Origin People in the United States: National Ethnic Screening Survey, 1978
7965 Mexican Origin People in the United States: Austin (Texas) Pilot Survey, 1978-1979
6841 Latino National Political Survey, 1989-1990
4216 Community Tracking Study Household Survey, 2003: [United States](Citizenship)
3019 Nature and Scope of Violence Against Women in San Diego [California], 1996-1998
6395 Annual Survey of Jails: Jurisdiction-Level and Jail-Level Data, 1992
4297 Survey of Texas Adults, 2004 (citizenship)
2856 Midlife Development in the United States (MIDUS): Survey of Minority Groups [Chicago and New York City], 1995-1996
6894 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Family Health Insurance Survey, 1993(citizenship)
3572 Health Insurance Coverage Among Working Latinos in California, 2001
2315 National Postsecondary Student Aid Survey, 1987 [Reformatted Files](citizenship)
9520 Massachusetts Nursing Profession Entrants Survey, 1988 (citizenship)
6359 Employee Records of the A.M. Byers Company [Pennsylvania], 1916-1952
6352 Employee Records of the Ford Motor Company [Detroit Area], 1918-1947
6351 Employee Records of the Pullman Car Works [Calumet, Illinois], 1902-1948
9330 Illegal Immigration and Crime in San Diego and El Paso Counties, 1985-1986
2535 Multi-City Study of Urban Inequality, 1992-1994: [Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles]
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