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California Work and Health Survey, 1998-2000

The California Work and Health Survey (CWHS) is a telephone-based, longitudinal survey of California adults. It was conducted by Field Research Corporation and funded by the California Wellness Foundation. The survey includes extensive coverage of employment status, recent job loss, working conditions and environment, and of physical and mental health status. Interviews are conducted in English and Spanish.

The data is public use, however researchers who wish to use it must agree to the following:
  1. The data will be used for research or statistical analysis only.
  2. No attempt will be made to ascertain the identity of respondents.
  3. A copy of any publication making use of the data will be sent to the Work and Health Program office, at:
    The California Work and Health Survey
    University of California, San Francisco
    Box 0920
    San Francisco, CA 94143-0920
Dataset Description:

Observations 3,805 respondents, including
  • in 1998: 1,771 interviews
  • in 1999: 1,131 new interviews and 913 follow-up interviews
  • in 2000: 903 new interviews and 1,265 follow-up interviews
Sample Random digit dialing, plus additional sampling of some demographics (see User's Guides)
Source Telephone Interviews
Data Collection Period June 1998 - July 2000


1998 Directory of Topics Surveyed

User’s Guide to the 1998 California Work and Health Survey
User’s Guide 1999 Cross-sectional File/1998-1999 Longitudinal File
User’s Guide 2000 Cross-sectional File/1999-2000 Longitudinal File

1998 Questionnaire
1999 Questionnaire
2000 Questionnaire


1998 Baseline - SAS format
1998 Baseline - SPSS format
1998 Baseline - Stata format

1998-1999 Longitudinal - SAS format
1998-1999 Longitudinal - SPSS format
1998-1999 Longitudinal - Stata format

1999-2000 Longitudinal - SAS format
1999-2000 Longitudinal - SPSS format
1999-2000 Longitudinal - Stata format
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