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DATA > Field Poll Press Releases 1984-1986

01/26/1984 || While Recognizing Harmful Risks And Results, Public Still Supports A Continued High Level Of Scientific And Technological Effort
02/15/1984 || Mondale Widens Lead Among California Democrats. Cranston's Support Plummets. Jackson Moves Ahead Of Glenn
02/16/1984 || Reagan Starts Off Formal Reelection Important Campaign With Seventeen-Point Lead Over Mondale And Bigger Leads Over Other Democratic Candidates.
02/17/1984 || Reagan's Lead Over Mondale Important Result Of President Seen As Better Able To Handle Domestic Economic Issues.
02/23/1984 || High Degree Of Public Concern About Two State Issues: Crime And Law Enforcement, Schools And Education
02/29/1984 || Strong Sentiment To Restrict Smoking In Public Places.
03/07/1984 || Public Optimistic About Economy Record High Proportions Report 'Improvement In Financial Well-Being.
03/23/1984 || Public Not Overly Attentive To Goings-On In State Legislature And Its Views Of Lawmaking Body Are Somewhat Mixed.
04/19/1984 || Hart Takes Lead Over Mondale In Crucial California Democratic Primary Election Race.
04/20/1984 || If General Presidential Election Were Being Held Now, A Reagan Victory In California Would Be In Serious Doubt.
04/21/1984 || Democratic Voters See Sharp Differences Between Hart And Mondale
04/24/1984 || While Jackson Not Seen As Qualified To Be President, Most Voters Agree That He Has Made A Positive Contribution To The Campaign.
04/25/1984 || Xxx
04/26/1984 || Voters Not Paying Much Attention To Proposition 24, Legislative Reform Measure. Small Plurality In Favor
05/01/1984 || While Expressing Some Concerns About The L.A. Olympics, Public Highly Supportive.
05/03/1984 || Deukmejian, Cranston And Wilson Given Favorable Job Ratings.
05/08/1984 || Public Rates Nixon's Presidency In Negative Terms, But Would Choose Him Over Carter Or Ford For An Important Foreign Relations Task.
05/10/1984 || Public Concern About Energy Has Declined Significantly During The Past Few Years.
05/16/1984 || Xxx
05/17/1984 || Reagan's Boost In Job Ratings Due To Perceptions That He Is Maintaining A Strong Domestic Economy And Keeping The Country Strong Militarily.
05/18/1984 || Mondale And Hart Locked In Tight Presidential Primary Race
05/19/1984 || Reagan Leads Democratic Candidates By Wide Margins
05/22/1984 || Mondale And Hart Projecting Two Different Kinds Of Images To Democratic Voters.
05/23/1984 || Increase In Public's Regard For Jesse Jackson. Mixed Views As To Whether His Active Support For Ticket In November Will Help Or Hurt, But Large Number Thinks Democratic Chances Would Diminish If He Withholds Support And Stays On The Sidelines.
05/24/1984 || Legislative Reform Measure, Proposition 24, Continues To Go Largely Unnoticed 'By California Voters.
06/04/1984 || Mondale Leads Hart By Seven Percentage Points In Poll Taken Between Tuesday And Saturday Before The Election
08/22/1984 || Californians Have Mixed Views Of Labor Unions. Split On How Much Good And Harm They Do. Union Members Frequently Do Not Vote The Way Leadership Recommends
09/14/1984 || Reagan With A 16 Point Overall Lead In State Is Showing• Impressive Strength Among Important Population Subgroups.
09/14/1984 || Reagan's Big Lead Over Mondale Due To A More Well-Defined, Positive Image Of His Performance, Personality And Stands On Issues.
09/18/1984 || Bush A Stronger Asset Than Is Ferraro For Their Respective Tickets. Bush Seen To Be Much More Qualified To Assume Presidency Than Is Ferraro.
09/19/1984 || Prop. 36, The New Jarvis Tax Limitation Initiative, Is Not Generating The Level Of Interest
09/20/1984 || Lottery Concept Embodied In Proposition 37. High Initial Voter Support For
09/25/1984 || Only A Small Proportion Is Aware Of Prop. 39, The. Reapportionment Measure.
09/26/1984 || Proposition 38 Concept Of English-Only Ballots Favored By California Voters.
09/27/1984 || Prop. 40 (Campaign Spending) And Prop. 41 (Welfare-Public Assistance Programs) Not Generating Much Voter Attention
10/17/1984 || Reagan Lead S Mondale By 10 Points, Down From Last Months Sixteen-Point Margin
10/18/1984 || Bush Preferred Over Ferraro If Vote For Vice President Were Separate
10/19/1984 || Voters Closely Divided On Prop. 36 (Jarvis Iv) And Prop. 39 (Reapportionment). Prop. 37 (Lottery) Leads But Opposition Increasing.
10/23/1984 || Reagan Voters Overwhelmingly Confident That Their Man Will Win. Mondale Supporters Much Less Optimistic That Their Man Will Win.
10/24/1984 || Even Though California Voters Prefer Reagan For President, Only A Minority Want To Elect
10/25/1984 || Largest Ever Absentee Vote Expected In November Election.
11/01/1984 || Reagan's Current Lead Over Mondale Is The Same As It Was At The Beginning Of The Year Before All The Heavy Campaigning Started.
11/02/1984 || Reagan's Support Broadly Based Throughout The State.
11/02/1984 || Heavy Campaign Advertising On Props. 36, 37 And .39 Increasing Public Awareness And Causing Shifts In Voting Patterns.
11/03/1984 || While Voter Awareness Of Prop. 41 (Public Assistance), Prop. 40(Campaign Financing) And Prop. 38 (English-Only Ballots) On The Increase, Large Proportions Still Unaware Or Undecided.
11/05/1984 || More Than 750,000 Absentee Votes May Have Already Been Cast. Tomorrow's Second" Election May Find Nine Million Or More People Going To The Polls.
02/12/1985 || Reagan's Job Performance Rating Continues To Rise.
02/13/1985 || Deukmejian's Job Performance Rated Very High By California Public.
08/15/1985 || No Clear Leader Among Nine GOP Senatorial Hopefuls. Each Loses To Cranston In Simulated General Election Pairings.
08/16/1985 || Bradley Showing Considerable Early Strength Against Duekmejian In A Possible 1986 Gubernatorial Rematch.
08/20/1985 || Small Plurality Against Confirmation Of Rose Bird But Large Pluralities Favor Confirmation Of Other Justices.
08/22/1985 || Name Recognition And Image Appraisals For Various Political Figures.
08/28/1985 || Public Prefers Present System Of Governor And Lt. Governor Being Elected Separately. Opposes Idea Of Having Two Top Nominees Running Together As A Ticket In General Elections.
09/06/1985 || Cesar Chavez Widely Known And Has Favorable Image But Public Evenly Split On New Grape Boycott.
10/23/1985 || Big Gains In GOP Identification. Democrats No Longer Have Edge.
11/28/1985 || While Some Quality Of Life Aspects Have Declined. Large Majority Of Californians Think This State Is One Of The Best Places To Live.
12/05/1985 || Public Gives Reagan Very Favorable Job Rating. Deukmejian, Cranston And Wilson Get Good Marks Also.
12/06/1985 || No GOP Senatorial Candidate Has Clear Lead In Crowded Field.
12/10/1985 || Deukmejian Leads Bradley By Eight Percentage Points. But Likely Gubernatorial Candidates Highly Regarded By Voters
12/11/1985 || Plurality Of Sentiment Continues To Run Against Rose Bird's Confirmation
12/13/1985 || Whopping 70% Of California Adults Have Bought A Lottery Ticket. Small "Heavy Players" Portion Accounting For Most Of The Volume
12/17/1985 || More Californians Think Destructive Earthquake Likely, But Only A Few Worry A Lot About It.
12/19/1985 || Public Feels That California Coastal Act High Degree A Good Law. Attaches Of Importance To Its Provisions To Preserve State's Coast.
12/24/1985 || Kennedy Had Been Losing Favor Among California Democrats Before Bowing Out. Hart And Cuomo Lead 1988 Democratic Presidential Field. Bush On Top Among Republicans.
12/31/1985 || Public's Job Performance Ratings And Inclinations To Vote For Van De Kamp, Cory, Honig, Eu, Unruh And Mc Carthy.
01/07/1986 || Californians See Aids As A More Serious Disease Than Cancer. High Recognition Of How•Aids Can Be Spread. However, Significant Proportions Think Aids Can Be Spread In Ways Not Supported By Medical Findings.
02/08/1986 || Curb Better Known Than Other GOP Lt. Governor Contenders But Has The Lowest Image Rating
02/13/1986 || Public Believes It Is Still A Man's World. However, Strong Feel Ingo On The Part Of Both Women And Men To Improve The Status Of Women.
03/31/1986 || Reagan, Deukmejian, Wilson Maintaining Very• Positive Job Performance Ratings. Appraisal Of Cranston Dips.
04/01/1986 || No Clear Cut Leader In GOP Senatorial Race. Zschau Moves Up In Rankings. Increase In Proportion Of GOP Voters Disinclined To Vote For Fiedler. Cranston Still Leads Each GOP Candidate But With Lowered Preference Margins.
04/02/1986 || Deukmejian Widens Lead Over Bradley In Governor's Race.
04/03/1986 || Increase In Proportion Of Voters Disposed To Deny Rose Bird Another Term On State's High Court.
04/08/1986 || Curb Leading Richardson Among Republicans In Lt. Governor Race.
04/09/1986 || Garamendi And Davis Leading Among Democrats, While Campbell And Sebastiani Ahead Among Republicans In State Controller Primary Races.
04/10/1986 || Sentiment Running Strongly In Favor Of Deep Pockets Initiative Among The Minority Of The Electorate That Has Seen Or Heard Something About It
04/16/1986 || Happiness Quotient Of California Public Increasing
04/29/1986 || Californians Very Positive About Their Economic Well-Being. Most Say They Are Better Off Now Than Before And Expect' Improvement Next Year.
05/09/1986 || Public Sees Big Improvement In State's Financial Condition. While Concern About Taxes Continues To Abate. Majority Still Prefers Cutting Spending Rather Than Increasing Taxes If There Were Budget Deficits
05/10/1986 || Reagan. Deukmejian. Wilson Continue To Get Very Favorable Job Performance Marks. Cranston's Ratings Have Improved Somewhat.
05/13/1986 || Herschensohn. Zschau. Davis Lead In Thirteen Candidate GOP Senate Race. Big Regional Differences In Vote Preferences.
05/14/1986 || As Voter Awareness Increases, Support Remains Strong For Prop. 51, Deep Pockets Initiative.
05/15/1986 || State Controller's Race Garamendi Leading Davis And Mc Alister Among Democrats. Campbell Leading-Sebastiani And Stanford Among Republicans. Very Large Proportions Undecided
05/16/1986 || Curb's Lead Over Richardson Has Narrowed In GOP Lt. Governor Race.
05/21/1986 || Deukmejian Widens Lead Over Bradley In November Gubernatorial Race.
05/22/1986 || Voters Continue To Be Strongly Opposed To Retaining Rose Bird On State Supreme Court. Increase In Pluralities Favoring Retention Of Other Justices.
05/29/1986 || Voter Turnout Next Tuesday Likely To Be Lowest In California's History.
06/02/1986 || GOP U.S. Senate Race. Herschensohn And Zschau, Pulling Far Ahead Of' Pack, Are Neck-And Neck Leaders During Final Week Of Campaign. Extremely Unbalanced Sectional, Ideological And Age Distribution Of Vote
06/02/1986 || Big Increase In Negative Sentiment Against Prop. 51 During Recent Weeks.
06/02/1986 || Davis Pulls Almost Even With Garamendi Among Democrats For State Controller, While Campbell Leads Sebastiani And Stanford Among Republicans. Curb Leads Richardson In GOP Lt. Governor Contest.
06/02/1986 || Deukmejian Leads Bradley By 18 Points. Sentiment Continues To Run Heavily Against Retention Of Rose Bird As Chief Justice. Pluralities Favor Confirmation Of Five Other Justices
06/06/1986 || Big Drop In Proportion Of Public Who Plays The State Lottery. Just 12% Of The Public Accounts For 69% Of The Lottery's Total Volume.
06/12/1986 || Large Majority Of Motorists Admit To Exceeding 55 M.P.H. Speed Limit.
06/19/1986 || More Californians Would Pick Nixon Rather Than Carter Or Ford For An Important Foreign•Relations Post.
06/26/1986 || Inclinations Of GOP And Democratic Voters To Support Leading Presidential Candidates.
07/09/1986 || Public Believes That Doctor Bills And Hospital Costs, Are .Unreasonable. Many Low Income People Do Not Avail Themselves Of Needed Health Services Because Of Cost
08/06/1986 || Californians Highly Approving Of Reagan, Deukmejian,• Cranston, And Wilson Job Performances
08/07/1986 || Cranston Has 13 Point Lead Over Zschau Early In General Election Campaign
08/08/1986 || Deukmejian's Lead Over Bradley Drops To 11 Percentage Points
08/12/1986 || Strong Opposition To Rose Bird Continues. Confirmation Of All Other Justices Favored
08/13/1986 || Mc Carthy Ahead Of Curb By Three Percentage Points In Seesaw Lt. Governor Race.
08/14/1986 || Democratic Candidates Leading GOP Rivals In Controller. Attorney General And State Secretary Races.
08/19/1986 || First Report On Public Awareness And Reaction To Five November Ballot Initiatives
08/21/1986 || Voters Say They Would Be Less Favorable To Candidates Who Avoid Or Refuse To Debate .Their Rivals.
08/27/1986 || Name Recognition And I Mage Appraisals Of Various State Political Figures
09/03/1986 || Illegal Drug Use And Toxic Wastes Rank Highest In Degree Of Public Concern.
10/07/1986 || Cranston's Lead Over Zschau Narrows To Five Points' Among Registered Voters And Just Three Points Among Those Who Appear Likely To Vote
10/08/1986 || Bradley Falls Further Behind Deukmejian In Governor's Race
10/09/1986 || By A Five To Three Margin. Voters Still Opposed To Retaining Rose Bird.
10/10/1986 || Mc Carthy Holds Narrow Lead Over Curb. Campbell And Davis In Close Race. Van De Kamp And Eu Have Huge Leads Over GOP Rivals.
10/14/1986 || Crystallized Voter Sentiment Now Running Heavily Against Prop. 61. The New Paul Gann Initiative Which Would Cap State Employee Salaries.
10/15/1986 || Among Those Aware Of. Prop. 64 (Aids Initiative). Sentiment Running Strongly Against It.
10/16/1986 || Prop. 65 Getting Increased Voter Attention With Supporters Having Big Edge
10/17/1986 || Prop. 63. The Initiative Which Would Declare English As The State's Official Language Has Very Large Majority Support.
10/18/1986 || Prop. 62 Not Generating Much Public Attention. Awareness Of Measure Unusually Low With Voters Evenly Divided.
10/31/1986 || Cranston-Zschau Locked In Very Close Race For U.S." Senate.
10/31/1986 || Deukmejian Maintaining Big Lead Over Bradley In Last Preelection Poll Completed Several Days Before The Election.
10/31/1986 || Continuing Strong Sentiment Against Retaining Rose Bird. Plurality Now Against Confirming Reynoso. Weakening Prospects For Grodin's Retention.
10/31/1986 || Mc Carthy, Davis, Van De Kamp And Eu Leading In Lt. Governor, Controller, Attorney General And Secretary Of State Races.
11/01/1986 || Voter Sentiment Continuing To Run Strongly Against Prop. 61.
11/01/1986 || Prop. 62, The Late Howard Jarvis' Local Tax Initiative, Not Getting Much Attention.
11/01/1986 || Supporters Outnumbering Opponents Of Prop. 63, The Measure That Would Declare English The State's Official Language.
11/01/1986 || Voters Continue To Be Aligned Against Prop. 64, The Aids Initiative.
11/01/1986 || In The Prop. 65 Campaign, The Ten To One Ratio Of Support To Opposition Found Last August Has Dropped To Three To Two As Of About A Week Before The Election.
11/03/1986 || While Proportion Of Absentee Voters May Reach A New High In Tomorrow's Election, Overall Participation Likely To Reach Post-War Low.
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