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A Guide to Numeric Data on the Web
A Guide To Many Digital Social Science Data Sources on the World Wide Web:

As you well know, there are many MANY digital resources out there on the world wide web, but navigating through this maze of sites and pages can be time consuming... and confusing.

There is no need for you to get lost out there. Our archivists' professional connections and years of data discovery service have lead to many credible, useful and verifiable resources. We have compiled them here.

Browse these on-line resources, using the subject areas listed in the BROWSE by TOPIC box to the right. These topical areas sometimes overlap. Each section retrieves a page of descriptions of data resources and hot links directly to them.

Seeking More Data...

Do you know of another great internet data resource? We are always on the look out for interesting data on the web! We'd like to hear about it. Email us with the link!

Breaking News!

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