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Impact of Welfare Reform on Agricultural and Rural California Counties
Both the average welfare caseload and the monthly variation of welfare caseloads are much greater in agricultural and rural California counties than in urban counties. Our research describes these differences in detail and explores how the demographic and economic characteristics of these counties produce these differences. Special attention was paid to the typical kinds of welfare spells in the various types of counties, the routes onto and off welfare in agricultural and rural counties, and the ways that the seasonality of agricultural employment interacts with welfare. The implications of time limits and work requirements for agricultural and rural counties were considered in detail. Our typology of California counties as urban/rural/agricultural/mixed may suggest diverse and targeted policy responses by lawmakers and administrators.

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Seasonal Employment Dynamics and Welfare Use in Agricultural and Rural California Counties
Henry E. Brady, Mary H. Sprague, Frederic C. Gey, and Michael Wiseman
Published in:
Rural Dimensions of Welfare Reform
Bruce A. Weber, Oregon State University
Greg A. Duncan, Northwestern University
Leslie A. Whitener, U.S. Department of Agriculture, editors

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2007/01/25 14:27:02