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Developing an Information Infrastructure
The University of California Data Archive & Technical Assistance (UCDATA) and the Instituto de Información Científica y Tecnológica (IDICT) have been funded by the Social Science Research Council to carry out a project to exchange scientific and technological knowledge through key staff visits, lectures and professional meetings in Cuba and the United States. The second and related objective of the project is to assess the potential for long-term cooperation. The IDICT is interested in working with UCDATA to develop its data archiving and research dataset development capabilities. UC DATA is interested in serving as the US Archive of Public Use Cuban datasets.

In pursuit of these objectives, Mr. Garriga, Director of the Instituto de Información Científica y Technológica (IDICT) and Ms. Escalona, Director of database development of IDICT, are on a one-week visit of UC DATA and UC Berkeley. They will present an overview of the Cuban system of science and technology and the role of the IDICT. All interested individual are cordially invited to attend.
2008/01/29 10:10:42